‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending: How Does Han Soo Trap Minister Yoo?

Han Soo’s sister, Eun Soo, was being manipulated by Minister Yoo, and in the end, she got trapped by him. She was accused of adultery by multiple court officials, which turned into a political issue. Previously in Joseon Lawyer: A Morality, Eun Soo got a death sentence, and only then did Han Soo find out that his sister had been living miserably, and he had no idea about it. Along with Yeon Joo and Ji Sun, Han Soo had prepared to rescue Eun Soo, but she took her own life to stop being a burden to her brother.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Yeon Joo Want To Marry Ji Sun?

Eun Soo’s death affected Yeon Joo and Ji Sun too, and Ji Sun left his position in the royal court in protest. However, Yeon Joo still asked him to marry her. Her true intention is to get revenge against Minister Yoo, and this time, Ji Sun is not helping her but participating in revenge for Eun Soo. He cherished Eun Soo like a younger sister, and that’s why he cannot turn a blind eye to his father’s behavior anymore. Meanwhile, Han Soo has been drinking alcohol day and night and even tries to commit suicide. It is thanks to Dong Chi that he survives. He is upset that he lost his entire family and that he couldn’t keep the promise he made to his father before he died. He couldn’t protect his mother and his sister. Dong Chi is worried about him, so Yeon Joo gives him an idea to bring Han Soo back to his senses. After Dong Chi fights with Han Soo over drinking, he disappears suddenly, and Han Soo finds a message the next morning to come and get Dong Chi at the merchant’s house. Han Soo gets scared and runs to the merchant’s house, only to find out that Dong Chi is perfectly fine and preparing for Yeon Joo’s wedding. Yeon Joo is glad to see him, but he isn’t glad when he sees Ji Sun. He starts beating him up, and Ji Sun lets him do it because he feels guilty that he couldn’t protect Eun Soo. After both of them are done grieving Eun Soo, Yeon Joo explains her plan to Han Soo.

Yeon Joo plans to expose Minister Yoo in front of the king, the queen dowager, and all the officials who will be present for her wedding. An important witness in most of Minister Yoo’s crimes is Master Cho. Both Yeon Joo and Ji Sun requested him to be present at the wedding, but he wants Han Soo to make a request, and only then will he agree to do it. He has a grudge against Han Soo and wants him to beg him. Han Soo agrees to meet Master Cho, but Master Cho has disappeared. Chu Soo informs Han Soo that some men kidnapped Master Cho and went to the forest, so Chu Soo, Han Soo, and Dong Chi go to the forest in search of him. Master Cho is standing on a melting ice block with his hands tied and his head in a noose. It is a trap, and as soon as Chu Soo goes near him, some assassins start shooting poisonous arrows. Chu Soo somehow rescues Master Cho, but the assassins target Han Soo. It is thanks to Ji Sun, who had secretly followed him, that Han Soo survives, but Ji Sun himself gets shot with the poisonous arrow. Minister Yoo is behind this, and he thinks that Han Soo has been shot. He strikes a deal with Yeon Joo to stop the marriage from happening. He gives her the antidote in exchange for the promise of not showing up to her wedding.

What Document Did Eun Soo Leave Behind?

Yeon Joo takes the antidote hurriedly and rushes to go to Han Soo, only to see Ji Sun lying unconscious instead of him. Not long ago, she had promised to protect Han Soo in front of his family’s memorial, and she was worried that she might have broken that promise. Both Han Soo and Ji Sun are safe, but they are worried that their plan against Minister Yoo might fail. However, they have a surprise factor that makes their plan easier than before. Dong Chi finds the document that Eun Soo left behind on the ship, and it is the letter written by Han Soo’s father to the late king. Han Soo has a plan in mind, and he is sure that it will trap Minister Yoo for good. The letter discusses the new law to stop nepotism and favorable treatment of court officials, and that was the reason why Han Soo’s father and the king had to die. It would have taken power away from Minister Yoo, and that’s why he pressed false charges against Han Soo’s father and also threatened other court officials. Ji Sun writes letters in his father’s handwriting and sends them to all the people who were involved in targeting Han Soo’s father. The letter says that the princess knows about Officer Kang’s murder and that she should also be taken care of. On the wedding day, Yeon Joo collapses before entering the wedding hall, and the physician announces that she has been poisoned. This is where Han Soo’s plan begins.

Yeon Joo’s court maid announces that the perpetrator is among them and points out some officials. The officials get scared and say that they know who the perpetrator is. They take out the letter they believe they got from Minister Yoo and submit it to the king. Minister Yoo refutes the accusation, and that’s when Han Soo arrives at the wedding hall with more proof. He submits his father’s letter to the king and reveals Minister Yoo’s motivation to kill Yeon Joo. Joseon Lawyer: A Morality, Episode 15, ends with Minister Yoo getting trapped from all sides. The queen dowager refuses to protect Minister Yoo and reveals that she knows about Officer Kang’s murder. Moreover, when Minister Yoo says that he hasn’t written the letters, Han Soo turns Ji Sun into a suspect. As both father and son have the same handwriting, one of them must be the culprit. Now, Minister Yoo can either defend himself or his son.

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