‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episodes 13 And 14 Recap & Ending: Why Does Ji Sun Leave The Royal Court?

Han Soo felt betrayed by Yeon Joo after finding out that she was the princess, and they parted ways. Previously in Joseon Lawyer: A Morality, Han Soo continued to find a way to get revenge against Minister Yoo, but this time without Yeon Joo’s help. He was so enraged that he even tried to drag Yeon Joo and the royal family in his revenge. On the other hand, Yeon Joo had been protecting Han Soo without letting him know. The queen dowager could have killed Han Soo if it weren’t for Yeon Joo’s earnest request and decision to marry Ji Sun. She didn’t stop helping him and tipped him off about Minister Yoo’s secret meeting place.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Eun Soo Get Arrested?

Minister Yoo’s secret meeting place is the courtesan house run by Han Soo’s sister, Eun Soo, and Eun Soo gets startled at the sight of her brother. Thankfully, Ji Sun is already there, and he covers her up when she tries to hide from Han Soo. However, Eun Soo tells Ji Sun later that she has been spying on Han Soo on his father’s orders, and that’s when she finds out that Minister Yoo manipulated her. She is upset at herself after knowing that she helped her real enemy and even endangered her brother’s life. On the other hand, Han Soo finds out that Yeon Joo is marrying Ji Sun to save him from the queen dowager. Han Soo’s anger subsides, and he asks Yeon Joo not to marry Ji Sun. He doesn’t know how they can be together, but he just wants her to be with him. Ji Sun knows the relationship between the two of them, but he still helps Yeon Joo and lies to the queen dowager that they have been spending time together outside the palace. Ji Sun mentions to Yeon Joo about his encounter with Han Soo at the courtesan’s house and how he thinks that Eun Soo seems to care a lot about Han Soo. Yeon Joo mentions that Han Soo had a sister, but she couldn’t be a courtesan. Ji Sun still needs to know the truth, so he starts searching for Han Soo’s sister.

The king is strategizing against Minister Yoo to make his position stronger, and he steals one of the important men from Yoo’s side. With Minister Choi, the king appoints five new personnel, threatening Yoo’s position of power. Meanwhile, Eun Soo has gotten some of the court officials on her side, and from them, she has learned the weakness of Minister Yoo. She needs to find confidential ledgers from Yoo’s house, but she finds a different record instead. She is about to get caught, but Ji Sun saves her once again. He knows now that she is Han Soo’s sister and offers her a safe way to leave the capital with her brother. She agrees with Ji Sun but asks for some time to appear before her brother again. She wants to meet Han Soo with the document she found at Yoo’s house but doesn’t get to meet him, so she just leaves the document on his ship. Eun Soo is happy that she can reunite with her brother, not knowing what’s going to happen to her next. Minister Yoo needs to regain power, and he uses Eun Soo for it. He makes Master Cho kill one of the ministers on the king’s side and frames it as a murder done out of a love conflict. The fake murderer brings up the names of other officials who also have an affair with the same woman, and the king orders the arrest of all the men and the woman, who happens to be Eun Soo. Han Soo finds out too late that the woman in the courtesan’s house and the one who is arrested is his sister, Eun Soo.

Why Does Han Soo Ask Yoo For Help?

Eun Soo has committed the sin of adultery with multiple men, and to set the customs right and set a good example, everyone expects the king to give her a death sentence. Eun Soo is ready to accept punishment for her crime, but Han Soo can’t give up on her. Not after they have just reunited in a cruel way. Ji Sun agrees to help him because Han Soo cannot defend his sister in the royal court, but Ji Sun can. Ji Sun tries his best to defend Eun Soo by following what Han Soo told him, but the king won’t budge. Nothing else matters more to him than saving his sister, so Han Soo gives in to his enemy, Minister Yoo, to help save Eun Soo. Han Soo has to bring the confidential ledgers, the same ones that Eun Soo was looking for, and that Han Soo manages to find. Minister Yoo is impressed and has already come up with a plan. He has gained his power back, and he provokes the king by saying that Han Soo came to him for help because he couldn’t trust the king. The king gets offended and visits Han Soo to tell him that if he had begged him for help instead of Minister Yoo, he could have helped him. However, it is too late now. This is when reality hits Han Soo. He was so blinded by the idea of saving his sister that he didn’t trust his own friend.

The king invites Han Soo to be present during the trial and makes him read the verdict. The king has finalized the decision to execute Eun Soo. Minister Yoo has been playing with the king because, both ways, it is his win. The king pushes away his own people by making an unfair judgment, and Minister Yoo gets back his lost position of power. Even Yeon Joo has had a falling out with the king and is going to help Eun Soo by supporting Minister Yoo’s plan. She won’t mind getting deposed for helping a criminal escape, and after the plan is successful, she is going to take Yoo with her as well. With help from Lord Chu, Han Soo has created the entire escape plan, and Yeon Joo is also going to help them by letting Eun Soo pretend to be the princess.

If Eun Soo manages to escape, both she and Han Soo will have to live like fugitives, and she doesn’t want that for her brother. Everyone is trying to persuade her to comply with the plan, but she only agrees after Yeon Joo talks to her. However, she has a favor to ask of Yeon Joo. Joseon Lawyer: A Morality, Episode 14, ends on a heartbreaking note as, while Yeon Joo leaves to fulfill Eun Soo’s wish, Eun Soo kills herself by stabbing herself with a dagger. She doesn’t want to be a burden to her brother anymore. Thanks to Ji Sun, Han Soo and Eun Soo are able to share the final moment together. Eun Soo asks Han Soo to live happily, and she also thanks Ji Sun for being kind to her when the rest of the world was not. Yeon Joo brings the letter Eun Soo wanted to give to Han Soo, and it turns out to be a suicide letter. For some people, their world has turned upside down, but the king is unbothered. The kingdom is unfair and cannot protect its people. Tired of making things right, Ji Sun leaves the royal court and his position, and the king loses one more of his loyal people.

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