‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review: Where Did Trev Descend To?

Finding lost ones and almost losing the ones you’ve found seems to be the theme of the seventh episode of Invasion, as key characters from different segments of the series strengthen their resolve by extending their circle of trust. Previously, en route to Camp Pierce, where Sarah has been abducted by the military, the Movement convoy got ambushed by hunter aliens. Later, Luke’s psychic connection with the aliens and Aneesha’s bravery allowed Movement members to escape with their lives.


Jamila and co. managed to find Caspar at the hospital in Paris, but Monty seemingly holds the opinion that Caspar is not his old self. At Oklahoma, Trev and county deputy Rose learn about the series of disappearances being linked with alien abduction, and it seems like Rose has lost someone close to her, named Billy, in one of the abduction cases. In the episode titled “Down the Rabbit Hole,” two of the story segments connect with each other, and the central mystery about the alien invasion gets even more intriguing.

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The Epicenter Of The Invasion: What Did Trev And Rose Learn From Caspar’s Notebook?

The series of disappearances around Oklahoma County and the authorities’ apathy regarding the matter bothered Deputy Officer Rose the most. That was until former Navy Seal Trevante Cole arrived and introduced her to Caspar’s cryptic artworks, which directed the duo to another case of disappearance. There, the duo met Martin, one of the two recently abducted townsfolk who had managed to evade capture by aliens, and he stated that Billy was there with them, much to Rose’s shock and delight. Ever since that, she has doubled down on her efforts to find more clues by analyzing Caspar’s artworks over and over, as is seen at the beginning of the seventh episode in Rose’s household.

Using the county map, Rose has pointed out all the locations of abduction cases, which, as Trev notices, form an inward spiral, with the epicenter being linked with the very first cases of disappearance, which were being investigated by Sheriff Jim Bell Tyson on the day of his retirement (season 01). The location is Ben Shelton’s farm, which has been turned into a covert military base after the disappearance of the entire family, and as Trev and Rose reach the location, they realize something of significant importance is being guarded by the military at that place. A well-like hole is seen in the midst of the base, where soldiers are periodically being sent to bring out someone(s), and the entire ordeal is captured on the phone by Rose. Soon enough, the military takes notice of their infiltration and chases the duo through the cornfield, and somehow, Trev and Rose manage to escape with their lives.


A No Show: Has Caspar Really Returned?

The group of teenagers, consisting of Jamila, Alfie, Monty, his sister Penny, and a just-rescued Caspar, venture further inside the hospital and come across the covert ward where Caspar and other young teenagers, children with the special ability to connect with aliens, were being kept. Being comatose during the situation, Caspar was not able to memorize the details about them but states that he had felt their presence and conversations in his mind, which has significantly lessened since they were taken away, which means they have gone somewhere far. Caspar still isn’t sure how he can help avert the alien crisis; however, he is sure of one thing: the rest of them are needed to fight the invaders. Monty starts acting a bit erratic, given the apparent clueless condition they have found themselves in. Initially, their near-impossible plan was to go from London to Paris to rescue Caspar, who might have been the key to stopping the alien crisis. Now, they have to find a group of special teenagers, and they have no idea where to start. However, Penny has collected a catalog of the teenagers, which indicates Orléans to be a possible location for the nearest lab where the teenagers were taken. Jamila convinces Monty, and the rest of the group agrees to head there, using Caspar’s connection as a navigator.

While traveling through the vacant, post-apocalyptic streets of invasion-torn Paris, the group is attacked by hunter-aliens, but Caspar is unable to stop them or make a connection in any way. Thanks to Jamila’s alertness, the teenagers somehow find a secure escape route and are able to flee from Paris, reaching the countryside outskirts to set up camp. Monty can’t help but express his concerns to Jamila that, after recovering from the coma, Caspar has possibly changed and casts doubt about the possible outcome of their mission. Jamila isn’t too alarmed, as she chooses to trust Caspar’s gradual progress. Going to Caspar, Jamila shows him the artwork he made of her previously, playing the song they listened to together, and these act like memory cues as Caspar is able to briefly recalling the past. The duo finally reconnects and shares a kiss, but Monty’s concerned (or jealous) face in the background conveys that there are reasons to worry.


Did Aneesha Find Sarah In Camp Pierce?

On the other side of the world, Aneesha, Luke, and the Movement forces reach the outskirts of the military base at Camp Pierce, where Sarah is being kept, and they plan to rescue her by forcing their way into the camp premises. However, as Hanley and other members raise their voices against the plan, the situation gets a bit dour. The Movement has lost more than half its members in efforts to rescue Sarah, adding to that, Luke’s connection with the aliens, and the mysterious alien shard—all these aren’t sitting well with the skeptics in the group, even with Rachel, whose child Aneesha rescued in the previous episode. Even after risking their lives, Aneesha and her family haven’t been included in the circle of trust, which leads to Aneesha expressing her frustration and deciding to embark on the mission alone.

The leader of the Movement, Clark, has always remained by Aneesha’s side as a friend and a counselor. Instead of fuming in anger, he advises Aneesha to widen her circle of trust first by showing the group who she truly is. Aneesha shares her life story as a medic and is able to connect with even the most cynical ones, like Hanley. Using Luke and Aneesha as distractions, the rest of the Movement proceeds to surround the short-staffed WDC military at Camp Pierce and easily take control. However, as Aneesha questions the ranking officer about Sarah’s whereabouts, he doesn’t share details, which leads Aneesha to threaten to torture him. Eventually, Aneesha reads a Farsi word for ‘help’ written on the walls of a particular room, which indicates Sarah was there, and the officer reveals that she had been transferred to Project Idabel in Oklahoma. As we know, Oklahoma is ground zero of the invasion, which means the mystical shard Sarah carried with her will be of some use in the vicinity, which is the reason the military took her there. Aneesha and the Movement continue their journey, now heading to Oklahoma to finally rescue Sarah from the clutches of WDC.

Where Did Trev Descend To?

At Oklahoma, becoming fugitive to the state for their previous infiltration, Trev and Rose have to stay the night at Rose’s relative, Marlene’s house. As Rose discusses the prospect of rescuing Billy with Marlene, Trev takes notice, and later, being unable to hold back his curiosity, he asks Rose about Billy’s identity. He learns that Billy is Rose’s husband, who was abducted just as their marriage started going downhill. Being unable to make amends with Billy, who was otherwise a great companion, before they last met, makes Rose feel burdened with guilt and responsibility. To console her, Trev shares his sordid past as well, as to how the death of his newborn son led to an estrangement between him and his wife. Since then, he has been chasing ghosts all around the world, and trying to stop the alien invasion is just a part of it. Their mutual grief brings the duo closer.

The next day, Trev and Rose create a ‘crow-blockade’ to momentarily halt the WDC convoy heading towards the military site Project Idabel, and Trev uses the opportunity to latch onto a vehicle to reach the location covertly. At the site, viewers also see Sarah and the mystical alien shard being carried by WDC into the camp. Later, Rose goes through Caspar’s notebook, and on the last page, she finds a note written by Trev, addressed to her. He thanks Rose for providing him the hope he needed to continue his journey, assuring her that he would find all the missing persons, including Billy, and thanking her once again for guiding him back home. The episode ends as Trevante descends down the central crater hole at Project Idabel, and the upcoming episodes are likely to highlight whether he indeed finds the alien-abducted ones in there or unwittingly gets trapped in even more severe complications.


The upcoming episode is likely to focus on the joint rescue mission as Sarah and the Movement arrive at Project Idabel, where Trev is already on a mission to search for the missing persons. Caspar’s role continues to remain shrouded in mystery, and there is an off chance of his brain being hacked by an alien hive mind after waking up from a coma. Speaking of the hive mind, the next episode definitely veers back to Mitsuki’s exploration of the mothership, as finally, it seems all the strings of different segments are pulling the plot closer.

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Finding lost ones and almost losing the ones you've found seems to be the theme of the seventh episode of Invasion, as key characters from different segments of the series strengthen their resolve by extending their circle of trust.'Invasion' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review: Where Did Trev Descend To?