‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 15 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Jesse Really Dead?

The fourteenth episode of How I Met Your Father ended with Val finally breaking up with Swish because she had to be honest about not being in love with him and do the right thing, even if it meant breaking his heart. At the end of the previous episode, Sid finally considers the option of moving to Los Angeles because he loves Hannah, and he has promised to cross every obstacle for their love. What would be the status of their relationship going forward?


Spoilers Ahead

Sophie Gets A Job

The episode begins with Sophie sharing the news of a job prospect as a photographer at Ellen’s office. She hopes Ellen will recommend her for the job because they have been friends for a while, and small favors such as these are expected. Sophie likes the prospect of being Ellen’s co-worker. She is hoping to land a job because she wants a steady paycheck, which proves that she is aiming to work toward a stable life. Ellen is honest with her about how corporate jobs are highly competitive, but she promises to recommend her. She is realistic with Sophie because she is not used to being in the rat race.


Sophie ends up getting the job, much to Ellen’s surprise. Does that mean Ellen was not as excited to have Sophie at the same place of work? Sophie joins the office, only to be told by her boss that Ellen never recommended her for the job. Sophie gets upset, and she has the right to be because, as a friend, she did not expect Ellen to behave like a stranger, and she is curious to know Ellen’s response. She probably felt that as a friend, Ellen would understand her struggles and the requirement of a steady gig, and that’s why this revelation came as a surprise to her.

Sid Is In Los Angeles

As promised, Sid visits Hannah in Los Angeles, only for him to feel lost in her crowd. This was probably the first time he realized how Hannah must have felt with his friends in New York. Sid is happy to try out Los Angeles, and her friend circle will give him the opportunity of showcasing his love for her and wanting to make their marriage work. Sid is a romantic, which is why doing all of this for Hannah comes easy to him. He is a genuinely committed spouse who is willing to start afresh in a new city.


Jesse’s Astrological Prediction

Jesse makes it clear to Charlie and Val that he would never believe in astrological predictions because he thinks the so-called fortune tellers only give out positive news so that people go back to them, especially during hard times in their lives. Jesse is a realist because he believes in hard work and that nothing can be achieved only by planetary movements. Val and Charlie believe in their psychic, Madam Deborah, because they feel the woman has always been accurate with her predictions. Unlike Jesse, they are believers in the unknown. To Val and Charlie’s surprise, the psychic predicted that Jesse would die by that night, and they seemed scared by her words. Val and Charlie would not want this prediction to come true. If it does, they would be blamed for Jesse speaking to the woman.

Why Did Ellen Not Recommend Sophie For The Job?

Sophie and Ellen are assigned to work together on a social media campaign, but since there is friction between the two on the first day itself, it does not go as planned. Sophie is still angry with Ellen for not recommending her for the job, and Ellen is livid because she is trying to apologize, but Sophie will not have it. This was the first time Ellen and Sophie had a tiff.


A frustrated Ellen finally reveals that she could never help a person like Sophie, who has never had a steady job in her life. Ellen’s concern comes across as genuine because she, being new at her job as well, can’t be recommending a friend who has no history of working a 9-to-5 job. This also shows that Ellen probably does not know Sophie as much as Val does. Val probably would have been honest with her at the beginning of the conversation. Ellen, on the other hand, who is not a good communicator, lets this conflict go on for a while till the truth comes out.

Sophie agrees with Ellen’s point of view and gives her word to keep all the personal drama out of the office, be good colleagues, and finish the job assigned to them. Sophie finally understands the importance of working in a closed environment with people around, which means she must stick to a schedule and finish the tasks on time.


Is Jesse Really Dead?

Jesse realizes Madame Deborah’s words might come true because he faces near-death experiences. All of this must be purely coincidental because these occurrences would have happened even if he hadn’t spoken to the psychic. Jesse’s mind along with Val and Charlie’s constant worries, toys with him to think he would die that night. To no one’s surprise, Jesse lives, because he was never going to die. This proves that the words of a psychic should not be trusted, as they will turn anyone into a paranoid freak, just like Jesse had become in the last few hours. Jesse’s skepticism can be questioned here, as can Val’s and Charlie’s faith in their fortune tellers, who just say things that give people a false sense of optimism.

How Does The Episode End?

Sid in Los Angeles is not having a good time; he feels Hannah’s colleagues undermine him as a New Yorker. This feeling of slight insecurity comes from him thinking he probably does not fit in here, and in a bid to prove it, Sid injures himself. Thanks to his wife and other doctor colleagues, they nurse him back to health, making him realize that her friends are not as bad as they seem. Moving to Los Angeles might not be an inconvenient idea after all, as per Sid. He is again allowing himself to be proven wrong. This demonstrates that the man loves Hannah and would do anything for her. To his surprise, Hannah announces she will be moving to New York because she loves him more than living in Los Angeles. This means she could live with him in any part of the world if there is love between the two. Sid and Hannah turn out to be the most uncomplicated couple, even though they are in a long-distance relationship.


The last scene of this episode of How I Met Your Father has Sophie and Ellen’s social media campaign becoming an instant hit. The older Sophie’s son, as well as the audience, do not buy this piece of information because no social media campaign takes off on the first day. It is nothing but pure exaggeration from Sophie’s side to prove that she and Ellen were a good team. This also proves Sophie is willing to come up with any kind of lie for her son.

What Can We Expect From Episode 16?

Episode sixteen will probably have more anecdotes from older Sophie about their life in New York and how Sid and Hannah are on the course of finally living with each other in this city. Will their marriage work? Sophie, too, should have a good time landing a steady job, but it would be interesting to watch how long she can keep it. Viewers won’t be surprised if she discontinues her full-time job. Val and Charlie might find a spark in each other, and there is a chance this season will lead toward the two probably getting back together.


Final Thoughts

The fifteenth episode turned out to be lukewarm because it did not land the humor part, but there was some drama in the form of conflicts between the friends. It was interesting to see writers exploring the dynamic between Sophie and Ellen, an unlikely pair. I wish there was more humor in this episode because the storyline proved there was scope for comedy. It would be interesting to watch humor become a regular part of this situational comedy.

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