‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 14: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Sid And Hannah Move To LA?

The thirteenth episode of How I Met Your Father saw Sophie trying to have a good time with her biological father and making sure they formed a bond and connect regularly. It does not go as planned, but Sophie is happy to be able to communicate with him. Val’s fiancé, Swish, offers to throw an engagement party for them both, much to her dismay. Meanwhile, Charlie and Jessie switch their accents to attract some female attention. They end up revealing themselves, and Charlie continues to meet the girl he met through that date.


Spoilers Ahead

Party Poopers 

Now that Val has realized Swish will not be breaking up with her, she and Sophie have come up with an elaborate plan to make sure Swish freaks out at the idea of marriage and calls off the engagement. Val got engaged to him on a whim, but she never realized the boy would stick around her for this long. She is sure she does not like him but somehow Swish is not getting that indication. He is probably too much in love with her to get her hints. This party, thrown by Sophie, will have everything that would sabotage the engagement. She would have Sid and Hannah as the married couple who are fighting; Jessie as the guy who loves his single life; Ellen as the young divorcee, and Sophie as the older lady representing Val’s age. Val is sure that if she broke up with him the right way, Swish would be devastated because Val thinks a heartbreak at this young age would change his opinion of what he perceives as true love. Val being Sophie joins in, as will any best friend, to help Val get out of the situation because she knows Val is not ready to commit.


Sid And Hannah Fight

As Sid and Hanna prepare to be the old married couple who are always fighting, in that process, their actual problems spring up, including where the couple will move when Hannah finishes her residency. This has been an issue between the two, but they probably never dared bring it up out of fear that it would get ugly. But now that it has come out in the open, Sid is keen on staying in New York, while Hannah is considering going back to Los Angeles. Neither of them are willing to compromise because both are settled into their lives in their respective cities, and they know it is going to be hard for them to make such big changes.

Why Does Val Break Up With Swish? Will Sid And Hannah Move To LA?

As the party at Sid’s bar begins, things do not go as planned. Well, no party ever goes out as planned. Sophie’s ‘I am old, which means Val is also old’ trick does not work out because Swish is weirdly attracted to older women. This might be the reason why he is still into Val and doesn’t want to leave her unless things go sour. Jesse’s ‘I love my single life’ trope does not work on Swish because Jesse is unable to pull off the Casanova act. Jesse is the type of guy who loves being in a relationship, and he has always propagated commitment and marriage. The fake Jesse makes a mess out of the Casanova single Jesse because of the clash of thought processes in his head.


Meanwhile, Val’s super-good-looking parents show up at the party, but Sophie convinces them to reject Swish at any cost. Swish, being a youngster, is also a traditionalist, and Val’s parents’ approval means a lot to him. Swish truly loves Val, and it seems like he would go to any extent to be in her life. But seeing how adorable Swish is, Val’s folks can’t seem to bring themselves to reject him because they feel he is an endearing person. Val’s parents were always vocal about her finding her right guy, and that’s why the moment they met Swish, they felt the need to make him seem like the right person for her. They let Val know that Swish is probably the one for her, and from whatever they understood of him, he will take care of her. Surprised to hear what her parents said, Val walks away from the plan of breaking up with Swish because she thinks that maybe it is time to consider him as her partner. She gives Swish a real chance and does not play around with his feelings after all. She does this because maybe she wants to give love a chance with Swish. If they ever fall in love, things from the past can be forgotten, and they can move on.

Sid and Hannah are still at loggerheads without any definite solution in hand. They both feel their reasons for staying in their cities are right. This is because they have been in a long-distance relationship for too long, in the viewer’s opinion, to think beyond the cities they live in. Sid asks Val’s parents for a suggestion because they seem to be the only long-standing, loving couple around. They let him know that there are no definite answers sometimes; it is just a choice one makes to remain in the relationship out of love. This means that if the love they have for each other is strong, any decision they make will eventually work in their favor. That’s why Sid agrees to be open to the option of moving to Los Angeles because he got into this relationship by agreeing to work through every obstacle. Sid and Hannah have been together for a long time, and problems are bound to come up over time, but just like any other couple in love, they move away from the problems and work on solutions to make each other happy.


Sophie comes across a video of Charlie and Val and requests her to consider having a look at the love and happiness she had. Sophie knew what Charlie and Val had was true love, and she asked her if she felt the same for Swish. If that is the case, she can be with Swish, or else she is wasting her and Swish’s time. Sophie is Val’s friend, and they are like sisters to one another. By helping Val find the right way, she would be doing the correct thing because she knows her very well and would not want her to be upset later in life. Keeping her words in mind, Val breaks up with Swish by communicating her feelings directly to him. She knows he would be heartbroken for a while, but moving on would be the only solution. In the last scene of this episode of How I Met Your Father, Val is happy and single, but, in her heart, she knows she still loves Charlie, and would probably pursue him after all.

What Can We Expect From Episode 15?

In the next episode of How I Met Your Father, we will probably see Val pursuing Charlie and her ways to get rid of Julia from his life. Sophie will also try to find ways to hang out with her father, and hopefully, there won’t be an issue cropping up. Sophie does not want to be heartbroken this time, and she will try her level best to keep her father’s interests in mind. Charlie and Julia might break up. Sid and Hannah may go ahead with the Los Angeles plan, and there will be plenty of hitches along the way.


Final Thoughts

The 14th episode of How I Met Your Father was probably the first episode in this season that did justice to the genre of humor, as there were plenty of comedic scenes that generated good laugh-out-loud moments. For twenty minutes, this episode seemed a bit stretched screenplay-wise because the writers wanted to fit in many subplots for the first time. Hopefully, this style of narrative is not repeated because it affects the engagement parameter of the show. I look forward to the upcoming episodes.

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