‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 13: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Sophie Bond With Her Father?

The twelfth episode of this season of How I Met Your Father had Sophie begin hunting for her father using the minimal information she had from her mother. After a long search, they come across Nick Foster, whom everyone believes is indeed Sophie’s father. She is unable to make conversation with him due to nerves, but Nick follows her back to Sid’s bar. Sid, on the other hand, realizes his conversation with Taylor is inappropriate, and he cuts off all ties with her. It would be interesting to see where Sophie’s relationship is headed with her supposed father.


Spoilers Ahead

Sophie And Nick’s Day Out

Nick introduces himself as her father, which makes Sophie excited. Sophie did not expect Nick to be this casual about his meeting with her, and they end up spending a day with each other. Sophie realizes she has nothing in common with her father, and this pushes her panic mode button. Being father and daughter, she was sure Nick and she would find they have some common traits, bond over them, and spend more time with each other from here on.


Val And Allen’s Day Out

Val is sure Swish is going to break up with her, and to celebrate that, they go to an open house just to have a look at all the good things in this fancy apartment they cannot afford, sort of like window shopping for homes. Sophie is amazed to know the home belongs to social media star Missy Moritz, and she gets to meet her. Even though she works with celebrities, their presence never ceases to amaze her.

Charlie And Jesse’s Night Out

Jesse is not keen on having a night out on his own, and he asks Charlie to help him meet women. Jesse is tired of being single, and he is hoping Charlie’s charming wingman attitude will help him get some dates. They end up having to switch their accents just to come across as appealing because they strongly believe that women are indeed attracted to foreign accents. Charlie’s British attitude and style of speaking make him very appealing, and that is proof enough. Jesse could only hope this would work in his favor, and it did.


Why Is Sophie Trying Hard To Bond With Her Father?

Sophie and her father end up running a hot dog pop-up at Sid’s bar to bond. The father and daughter only bond over the hotdogs that he sells, and she would want to make maximum use of this. Sophie is trying hard because she did not have a good relationship with her mother, and she believes Nick Foster could be a stable influence on her. Nick is forced to stop selling hot dogs because of a pact he made with another hot dog seller in that area. Sophie confronts this man again as a way to protect her father. The viewers are intrigued by how far Sophie is willing to go to have a strong connection with Nick. The henchman turned out to be an actor hired by her father. Nick’s concerns stem from the fact that all of this is new to him, and he would rather work on the bond by not coming to the city. Nick likes having Sophie around, but since he is of a certain type, he politely asks her to visit him on Long Island. Nick is not trying to run away, but he is trying to have a relationship based on things they both like. Sophie understands his point of view, but her concern comes from the fear that she and Nick have nothing in common to share. It scared Sophie that the bond would fizzle out before it even began. The father and daughter found a middle ground to make this work because this has been one of the best things in their lives so far, and they do not want to let it go.

Do Charlie And Jesse Reveal Their Identities?

Charlie and Jesse end up having a good time with the women they met at the bar by switching their accents. They don’t know how to let go of their accent and tell them the truth. Jesse and Charles are highly emotional men and do not realize their fake persona might just ruin everything. They lie again about being actors and trying out accents just to be able to avoid getting broken up over a white lie. Their conscience makes them reveal their personalities because they do not want to continue dating anyone they like based on lies. The men come out clean by the end of the date.


Val ends up losing the engagement ring given to her by Swish. Val and Ellen find the ring with the social media star and realize what a fraud she is, and they blackmail her into giving the ring back. Val’s terrified reaction to losing the ring maybe proves that she cares for Swish and would not want to hurt him even though she might break up with him very soon. There might be a possibility of Val eventually falling for this guy.

What Can We Expect From Episode 14?

The next episode will have Sophie and Nick again trying to find common ground and bond over the lost years. It will be interesting to see what they discover about each other. Is there a possibility that Nick is bluffing over the fact that he is her father? Only Sophie’s mother could confirm. Charlie will probably continue dating Julia, whom he met through his switching personality trope. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see what turn Swish and Val’s relationship would take.


Final Thoughts

The 13th episode, unfortunately, was lackluster in the humor department because it was easy to get distracted as the various subplots were unfolding. There is nothing in the screenplay that allows the viewer to remain interested for 20 minutes. I wish there was more depth in the character Nick Foster to help us understand who he is as a person. Hopefully, upcoming episodes will do that. The writers and the director should also work on building chemistry between romantic couples that are in the plot or when they introduce any new ones. I look forward to the next episode.

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