‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2, Episode 12: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Sophie’s Father?

The mid-season of How I Met Your Father Season 2 ended with Sophie breaking up with Robert because of his past connection with her mother. But her breakup helped her decide to find her father or maybe try to build a relationship with a man she had never met in her entire life. Val is still engaged to the guy she had just met, and she has no plans to end it. Jesse, on the other hand, finally reveals his true feelings for Sophie, but he is unable to gather the courage to let her know about it. So far, only his sister Ellen and Val know about this secret. Sid meets Taylor; a woman headed to LA as well to meet her boyfriend and the two bond over the strains of a long-distance relationship.


Spoilers Ahead

Sophie’s Dad 

Sophie is on a mission to find out who her dad is, and her first point of contact is her mother. She can only hope her mother will be able to help her with this because nobody other than her has seen her biological father. Sophie is persistent about tracking down her father because, this time around, she wants to know who her other parent is. It is not clear what Sophie’s actual end goal is with this hunt. Maybe she is trying to look for a parental figure in her life because her mother was the exact opposite while she was growing up. Sophie’s mother does not remember the name, but she remembers the tattoo he had on him and the fact that he worked at Lollapalooza. These two clues are mostly not helpful, but Sophie will make the best of what she has in hand.


Looking For ‘ick

Thanks to Val’s research skills, she can deduce three names from the long list of people who worked at the infamous Lollapalooza in 1991. Sophie could only see the barbed wire tattoo and the last three letters of her father’s name. It can be easily assumed that Sophie and her friends are working hard to find out who her dad is. Sophie has good friends who help her with this cause. She is serious about this stuff and will not stop until she finds this person. Sophie, at this point, is unstoppable because she has made up her mind about something crucial for the first time, and she wants to see it through till she reaches the destination. There are Nick Foster, Rick Graham, and Dick Webber Morris. The task of finding these men is divided into three groups of two people, and one group will look at each ‘ick. The irony of the word being ‘ick comes from the fact that it means being creeped out and feeling disgusted by looking at something or someone. Hopefully, none of them will find anything disgusting about Sophie’s father. Nevertheless, Sophie is hoping and praying that one of the three should be her father. She is hoping her situation will not be like that in the famous musical Mamma Mia. In Sophie’s case, she is one daughter looking for her one father.

Who Is Sophie’s Father? Will She Gather The Courage To Converse With Him?

As the three groups begin their quest to find the designated “ick’s,” who could potentially be Sophie’s father, all of them run into hilarious encounters. Sid and Jessie head to meet Rick at a gym, and he happens to be an Asian man. It is easy to conclude that Rick Graham is not Sophie’s dad. With one person checked off the list, the other two groups still have some hope that one of the two men left on the list could be Sophie’s father. Sophie knew tracing her dad would be difficult on her own, and that is why she has friends like Val, Ellen, Jesse, Charlie, and Sid, who would not just get the work done but also help her figure out the roadmap to her discovering a brand-new relationship with her father.


Ellen and Charlie head to meet Dick Webber Morris, and he ends up being someone who runs an adult entertainment business. There is a chance this man could be Sophie’s father because his ethnicity is the same as Sophie’s. The only way to identify him is through a tattoo. The duo realizes that an entertainment show with him would help them recognize if he is indeed her father. Ellen and Charlie come across as clumsy people who are not sure how to take this thing forward with Dick. Their interaction skills are the worst, but they are sure to find out if Dick is the father. Fortunately, with utmost patience, they finally get to know that Dick is not her father.

Sophie and Val can only rely on the last option, which is Nick Foster, who works at a hotdog restaurant. Sophie is hoping this should be her dad because he is the only last possibility. Initially, they thought Nick Foster had passed, and Sophie was very close to giving up on the search she had begun. Maybe Sophie thought losing Nick meant she would never get to interact with her father and let him know about herself. Sophie wants this more than she is leading on. At the graveyard, she sees another man with the barbed wire tattoo offering flowers to Nick Foster’s grave. The group, which has now joined Sophie and Val, follows this man to the same hotdog place. And as it turns out, the man is a sweet person who showcases all the qualities of a good father. The group knows this because they experimented with dad scenarios on him, and this supposed father of Sophie aced every one. Sophie does this because she is willing to raise her expectations when it comes to her father. She never had a steady life with her mother, and by seeing all these qualities in this man, she knows from her heart that he is her father. Sophie is glad her quest is over, and she can only hope things will go her way. She hopes to converse with this man, get to know him, and get to know the life he is leading.


Sophie approaches him alone because this is something she wants to do on her own. Sophie takes one step towards the cashier and backs away immediately when she learns Nick is a Met fan. She meets her friends back at the bar and lets them know she did not converse with him. Sophie reveals she is scared because she and her father will have to learn about each other, and she is not sure if her father would like her for who she is and understand each other’s quirks and tales. Sophie is worried that her father might refuse to acknowledge her and probably won’t be willing to be in touch with her. She is happy and terrified at the same time because she is not ready to hear what her father might have to say. She might have made up all the happy thoughts and conversations she would have with her father. She is mostly afraid to get hurt because she is not willing to be crushed by the expectations she has from this person.The last scene of the 12th episode of How I Met Your Father has the gentleman, whom Sophie thought is her father, come by Sid’s bar to see Sophie. Sophie is surprised, and she is not sure how the man reached this place.He could have followed her to Sid’s Bar. There could be endless possibilities about this man. Maybe he knew she always hung out here, courtesy of being in touch with Sophie’s mother. Sophie did not expect this to happen because she knew she was the one who was used to getting hurt, but this time she walked away before getting rejected by her father. The man showing up could be a sign that maybe he did want to converse with Sophie.

What Can We Expect From Episode 13?

The 13th episode will all be about Sophie and this man, whom she thinks is her father, getting to know each other, if he is indeed her other parent. Sophie would be thrilled, and she would probably go overboard with the meetings she wants to have with her father. She would want the man to know everything about herself, and she would also insist on knowing him. The man, if he is indeed Sophie’s father, would want to know Sophie as well, or he would feel overwhelmed very soon by this piece of information. Sophie’s friends would help her with this situation by not letting it get out of her hands. Sid would probably continue conversing with Taylor because it is obvious that they are attracted to each other, but they are not admitting it. Taylor and Sid might end up having dinner, and for sure, they would sleep with each other, even though they are committed to their respective partners.


Final Thoughts

This episode was enjoyable to watch after the show took a month-long break. The episode did well in the drama department and the comedy department because, in the last eleven episodes, the humor had taken a back seat. It is an interesting approach the friends take to locate Sophie’s father, and the screenplay plays out well. A good start to this edition of the show. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for us this season.

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