‘House of the Dragon’ Recap And Ending, Explained: Will Rhaenyra Drink The Moon Tea?

“House of the Dragon” has released its fourth episode titled “King of the Narrow Sea.” This episode, directed by Clare Kilner, focuses mainly on Daemon and Rhaenyra’s complicated relationship. Previously, in Episode 3, we saw how Daemon went to the Stepstones to fight against the Crabefeeder’s troops. Later, Laenor Velaryon came with his dragon, and the whole Velaryon army assembled to defeat Crabfeeder’s army. Then Daemon went into the cave where Crabfeeder used to hide and cut him in two halves. The hint, at this point, was apparent, that Daemon would enter King’s Landing sooner or later.


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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 4: Recap

“House of the Dragon” Episode 4 starts with a close-up of the necklace that was given by Daemon to Rhaenyra in the first episode. Later, we find Rhaenyra being forced by King Viserys to pick her “hand.” A line of candidates comes forward and delivers a sort of “intro.” None of them was suitable enough for Rhaenyra, as the candidates were either too old or too young to be the Queen’s Hand. Rhaenyra soon decides to leave the palace, and a fight breaks out between a boy and a man. On her return to King’s Landing, she hears Caraxes’s cry, and later we see Caraxes flying over King’s Landing.


Soon, a crowd gathers in the King’s court to see Daemon confront the King. He came with a crown made of bones (maybe Crabfeeder’s bones) and with Crabfeeder’s hammer. He said that the men in Stepstones acknowledged him as the King of the North Sea (which justifies the title of the episode). He also said that, from his heart, he knew that there was one true King: his brother, Viserys Targaryen. Viserys had no choice but to embrace his brother in front of the crowd. Everyone cheered at the reunion of the brothers.

Soon after, we find King Viserys angry with Rhaenyra for not choosing the hand, as he had arranged the tour, especially for the purpose. However, this argument between father and daughter mends Alicent’s relationship with Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra told Alicent that she wouldn’t be caged in a palace and would never turn into someone who is just meant for producing heirs to the throne. Later, she apologized to Alicent for passing such a comment that eventually hurt her. Alicent was neglected by the King and was married only to produce more heirs to strengthen the throne. We see Alicent handling her newborn baby. However, we don’t see her firstborn in this episode. On the other hand, King Viserys’s wounds look more severe than before, and Alicent takes proper care of him, helping him with his bath.


Rhaenyra came to talk to Daemon and asked about the purpose of such a visit. Daemon neglected her question; instead, he asked her about her marriage situation. She shared her opinion, and there was a considerable discussion in the Valyrian language between them about marriage and politics. Later that night, Rhaenyra returned to her room and found a map drawn on a small piece of paper. With the help of that, she discovered a secret door that led to the dragon pit. There she found Daemon waiting for her. They explored the city at night in disguise. It was not new for Daemon, as he used to visit the brothels at night. But Rhaenyra found it very fascinating. There they saw a street play about Rhaenyra being mocked for being an heir to the throne. She realized how much the people hated the fact that Rhaenyra was their queen. Nobody appreciated it. But, Rhaenyra, even after witnessing such a reaction, told Daemon that people’s opinions mattered less as they were obliged to follow whoever sat on the throne. But, Daemon tried to make her understand that she must consider the people’s opinions if she wants to rule one day.

Later, we are introduced to two parallel sequences, wherein in one, King Viserys forces himself upon Alicent. At the same time, in the other, Daemon brings Rhaenyra to a brothel where he used to spend time with Mysaria. Daemon told Rhaenyra that marriage wouldn’t stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do in her life. She could still sleep with anyone she liked, even after marriage. Then, Daemon kissed Rhaenyra, and she was aroused by her uncle. In the other scene, we see King Viserys having intercourse with Alicent, although she was not into it. She had no feelings for Viserys in the process. Soon, we find Daemon resisting himself from going any further with Rhaenyra and leaving her alone in the brothel. When Rhaenyra left the brothel, a young boy saw her and came to Otto Hightower to pass on this news. Rhaenyra came home angrily and got intimate with Ser Criston Cole. The following day, Daemon was found in a room with Mysaria. The young boy suddenly came and gave Mysaria the coins he had been given for providing the piece of information to Otto Hightower.


After learning about Daemon and Rhaenyra’s intimate relationship, Otto Hightower informed Viserys about it. At first, the King did not believe the accusation against Rhaenyra. Alicent overheard the conversation between Otto and Viserys and confronted Rhaenyra alone. She asked Rhaenyra whether she had had sex with Daemon. Rhaenyra lied to Alicent and told her that Daemon did not touch her. Which was partially true. Daemon never had intercourse with her. But she kept Ser Criston Cole’s identity hidden. On the other hand, Viserys asked the same of Daemon, and Daemon admitted that whatever Viserys had heard was nothing but the truth. He even told him that he wished to marry Rhaenyra. Viserys rejected this at once and told him to leave King’s Landing. Alicent later told Viserys what Rhaenyra had told her, and she also suggested that maybe Daemon was lying.

At the end of the episode, we see Viserys confronting Rhaenyra. Right after Daemon’s return to the King’s landing, we see the council discussing the grave situation with the Sea Snake. As per Otto Hightower’s brother’s news from Oldtown, Lord Corlys was planning to marry his daughter Laena to the son of the Sealord of Braavos. Since House Velaryon was engaging in marriage with the Free Cities, King Viserys had to seek their own marriage pact. This meant Rhaenyra had to be married to Lord Corlys’s son, Laenor Velaryon. Accepting the council’s decision, Viserys informed Rhaenyra of the same. He brought the history of Aegon’s dagger once again into the conversation and reminded Rhaenyra of the secrets he had shared with her about the dream that could destroy the seven kingdoms. He told her that she must marry Laenor to politically strengthen her claim to the throne. Rhaenyra agreed to do so, but there was only one condition. She told him that Otto Hightower was conspiring against her restlessly to make Aegon II the firstborn of Alicent Hightower, the ruler of the Iron Throne. Unless Viserys got rid of Otto Hightower, she would not marry Laenor. King Viserys finally removed Otto Hightower from his position. Lastly, we see Viserys telling the Master to ask Rhaenyra to drink the Moon Tea.

Did Viserys Remove Otto Hightower From The Position Of King’s Hand?

At the end of the episode, King Viserys accused Otto Hightower of treason against the throne. He revealed to him that he now understands why he sent his daughter Alicent to comfort him soon after his first wife, Aemma, died. He told him that he understood that Otto would go to any extent to see one of his bloodlines rule the Iron Throne. Viserys even brought up the mystery of his father, Baelon’s, death in the conversation. Viserys told Otto that the day his father died must have been perfect for him as he was made the Hand of the King. There was a straight acquisition from Viserys’s end that Otto had somehow poisoned his father to death. He also mentioned Vhagar, the dragon of Baelon. When Daemon told him about Otto, Viserys might have understood that he was speaking the truth, but he could not just remove a man from his position who had strong connections in the Old Town. Oldtown is considered the place of faith, and the followers of faith have significant influence over the rulers of the Iron Throne. But, since Rhaenyra had asked Viserys to do his duties as a king, he had to remove Otto as per her wish. Also, it was the only way to make Rhaenyra marry Laenor Velaryon. If she married him, House Targaryen would have its strength back again.

Why Did Viserys Send The Moon Tea To Rhaenyra?

At the end of the episode, we find Viserys sending Master Gerardys to Rhaenyra. The Master was holding a pot and told Rhaenyra that he had personally made it with intense care. Because, if not brewed properly, that drink could result in various physical pains. Rhaenyra could not understand anything, so she asked him about this drink. Master Gerardys told her that the King had ordered him to make the Moon Tea so that any signs of Daemon could be removed, leaving no trace inside her body. Viserys could not leave it to chance as Daemon had already told him he had got physically involved with Rhaenyra. Viserys could not judge who was telling the truth, so to avoid any mishap, he sent the Moon Tea via Master Gerardys to Rhaenyra. Did Rhaenyra drink the moon tea from the pot? The trailers show that Rhaenyra’s children had black hair. So, if she is to be married to Laenor Velaryon and they are to have children, there is no doubt that their hair will grow white as both their parents have white hair. But, if they have black hair, then we can be sure that Rhaenyra did not drink Moon Tea and her children were Ser Criston Cole’s children. However, as per the book, Rhaenyra will carry Ser Herwin Strong’s children (which may have been an alteration from the original text). We also saw him in a scene when Rhaenyra was running in the lanes of the slums. If this happens, we can assume that she had drunk the moon tea. Whatever it is, we will have to wait for at least two more episodes to get to the bottom of these theories.


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