‘House Of Ninjas’ Ending Explained & Season 1 Recap: Did Karen Ito And Haru End Up Together?

A Netflix Japanese thriller, House of Ninjas revolves around the last of the Ninjas or Shinobi clan, the Tawaras, who live an ordinary life, hiding their real identity as ninjas. But, despite trying to stay away from any trouble, they had to take up their role as Shinobis once again in order to fight their evil rival clan the Fumas. Let’s see if the Tawaras would be able to protect the nation from the Fumas and emerge victorious in the fight against them. 


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

The Fumas, the rival clan of the Tawaras had orchestrated an attack on a Governor Candidate, Mukai Toko six years ago. In order to protect Mukai from the attack, the Tawaras got into a fierce fight with the Fumas, but tragically, one of the Fuma members, killed the eldest son of the Tawara family, Gaku. Gaku fell off the ship, and his body was never found, so everyone in his family believed he was dead. This incident had devastated the family ever since, and everyone tried to move on from this trauma in their own way. 


Souichi Tawara, the head of the Tawara family, worked in a brewery, which was their family business, while his wife, Yoko, was a housewife. They had four children of their own: Gaku, Haru, Nagi, and Riku. Haru was able to move on from his brother’s traumatizing death, but Nagi believed that her brother, Gaku, was still alive somewhere. Riku, who was the youngest kid in the family, had no idea that his parents were warriors or Shinobis, so he always had a sneaky suspicion regarding his family.

The Shinobis were a crucial asset for the Japanese government, which even had an organization called BNM (Bureau of Ninja Management) that was in charge of supervising the safety of the last of the Shinobis, the Tawaras. However, while the Tawaras, hailing from the Hatori Clan of Shinobis, were the good guys, some other clans were misusing their skills and powers in order to subvert the entire nation. One of those evil clans was the Fuma Clan, who were the archenemy of the Tawaras. 


Leaving their old profession as the Shinobis, Souichi wanted to live a normal life with his family, but neither Yoko nor Nagi had the same mindset as him. Haru, who also had proper Shinobi training, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, but sometimes he couldn’t help but apply some ninja tactics in order to fight the bad guys in society. On the other hand, Nagi, using her Shinobi skills, stole precious art pieces from the museum. 

Did Karen Ito And Haru End Up Together?

The BNM leader Hamashi asked Souichi to look into a case involving a tragic mass-killing on a cruise ship. Souichi refused to help him, so he hired Yoko as an investigator to look into the incident.


Meanwhile, one day Haru met a girl named Karen Ito, who was an investigative journalist working on that same incident on the cruise ship, which claimed so many people’s lives. Ito wanted to look into the case, as she didn’t believe it was an accident and strongly suspected that someone powerful was responsible for these deaths. Finally, Karen Ito uncovered the truth about a cult named Gentenkai, whose leader Tsujioke Yosuke was from the Fuma Clan. Through Gentenkai, the Fumas were trying to reemerge in Japan to take over the entire nation. Under Yosuke’s supervision, a poisonous plant with yellow flowers had been cultivated, and Ito found out that a toxin powder made from this yellow flower was used as a murder weapon in the cruise ship incident. So Ito and Haru teamed up to put an end to the cultivation of the flowers. However, when BNM came to know that a young journalist, Karen, had been investigating this case and was about to uncover the secrets of this ninja management organization, they wanted to get rid of her. BNM couldn’t risk their ultimate mission, which was to kill the Fumas, so they would go to any length to maintain their secrecy. They strictly asked Haru not to get her involved in this fight between the Hatoris and Fumas. But despite Haru promising that he would cut all ties with Karen, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead of getting rid of her, Haru and his family members hid Karen in their house for a long time, but BNM managed to track her down. Haru had been strictly prohibited from meeting with Karen, so by the end of season 1, we couldn’t see Haru and Karen ending up together. Instead, they began to act like strangers because any chance of a relationship was blocked by a big obstacle. However, Ito wasn’t yet done with her investigation. She found out that the Fumas were actually not after Mukai, but their ultimate plan was the Solar Eclipse Mission, which had the potential to claim numerous innocent lives. 

Was Gaku Alive?

Nagi strongly believed that Gaku was still alive, as six years ago, when a fight ensued between the two clans and Gaku was pushed off a ship into the water, his dead body wasn’t found. His family assumed that they had lost Gaku, except for Nagi. In the meantime, she received a text from an anonymous sender who talked exactly like Gaku. Nagi believed that it was Gaku, who wanted to come back to his family, but it wasn’t Gaku who texted her. It was Ayame, another member of the Fuma clan, who was after the Vision of Calamity Scroll. Ayame wanted Nagi to steal the scroll which contained a family tree of the Hojos, who used to employ the Fumas and wanted to come back in power once again. Nagi managed to steal the scroll from her house, but it wasn’t the one that Ayame was looking for. However, when Nagi realized that the anonymous sender wasn’t Gaku but a woman from their rival clan, it broke her heart.


Gaku, however, was still alive, as after the fight between him and the Fumas, he indeed fell into the water and suffered a grave injury, but he managed to survive. He lost one of his legs and was rescued by the Fumas later. The leading member of the Fumas, Yosuke, raised him to be a fierce fighter instead of killing him. Yosuke wanted to use Gaku as his weapon against the Hatori clan, as well as a human shield for his own protection. But in Gaku’s mind, he had never been grateful to Yosuke.  He just wanted to gain a position of power, which he was able to get in the Fuma clan, so he chose to work for them, but his ultimate goal was to get rid of Yosuke and take over the leadership of the Fuma clan. 

What Happened To Yosuke?

The Tawaras began to work for BNM, whose main objective was to bring down the Fuma empire and kill Yosuke, so the Tawara family was all set to wage war against their nemeses, the Fumas. However, it was a shock when they found out that their own son, Gaku, was a warrior of the Fuma Clan, which turned the fight into a civil war. The Tawaras split into two groups, and while Souichi and Yoko tracked down the location where the poisonous flowers had been cultivated, Haru was tasked with confronting Gaku and convincing him to return to his own family. But when Gaku and Haru had a face-off, Gaku strictly refused to come back as he chose to work for the Fumas. Having no other option left, the two brothers got into a fierce altercation. Yosuke, in the meantime, came to Gaku’s aid and was about to kill Haru, but before he could do anything, Gaku killed Yosuke. Gaku had his eyes on the throne of the Fuma clan, so he made sure that there would be no obstacle on his path to achieving his goal. By getting rid of Yosuke, Gaku would ultimately rise to become the 20th leader of the Fuma clan and carry out their ultimate mission.


What Was The Ultimate Plan For The Fumas?

The Fumas had been working on their ultimate goal, which was the Solar Eclipse. This plan involved the day of the lunar eclipse, when they would poison a great many people in Japan to cause a huge catastrophe. Their objective was to infiltrate the system and take over the authoritative positions so that they could eventually rule the nation and rebuild Japan as the most powerful country amongst all, and for that, they chose to execute such an inhuman act that would claim a lot of innocent people’s lives. However, it was revealed that Mukai had never been their main target, because Mukai turned out to be a descendant of the Hojo family, who used to be the original employers for the Fumas. Through Fumas, Mukai could rise to power once again. It was finally revealed that the Fumas were actually working for the Hojos, and as season 1 concluded, we saw Gaku and Ayame, who were now the lead members of the Fuma clan, carry out their plan to kill all the political figures at a conference to make sure that Mukai would win the election. House of Ninjas season 1 ended with yet another surprising twist, which shocked us as the BNM head, Hamashi, received a call from Ayame, who asked him to follow her commands from now on. Hamashi responded affirmatively, which suggested that he might be unknowingly following the orders of the Fuma clan and would probe the Hatoris to do the same as BNM controls the family. 

What Can We Expect From Season 2?

Even though there is no official announcement of a second season of this series, we are pretty sure that House of Ninjas will come back to the OTT screen with another compelling development in the story. Perhaps, in the next season, we’ll get to see another fierce faceoff between these two brothers, Galu and Haru, who have unfortunately become enemies. Perhaps Hamashi’s treachery with the Hatoris would bring a new dimension to the storyline, making it an engaging watch. So, if Netflix brings it back soon, let’s expect another entertaining thriller from House of Ninjas season 2. 


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