‘Holy Family’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Were Eduardo And Mariana Able To Leave Spain?

Holy Family Season 2 is out, and just like the previous season, there is no room for the characters to breathe.  There are too many aliases that increases the confusion in the narrative. Many incidents take place that change the lives of the characters in the show, further confusing the audience. This article will take the readers towards the conclusion of what we assume is a series finale.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Gloria Get Nico Back?

The second season began with Gloria forcefully bringing back Nico from Mariana, who was willing to give the child away to Natalia. In a fit of anger and desperation, Gloria injured her only daughter and brought all of them back to her home. Natalia was kept as a hostage to make sure Fernando turned up to take his daughter back to Argentina. Fernando was no longer interested in making Nico a part of their lives as much as Natalia wanted. Being a staunch Christian, he did not consider Nico to have been born naturally and would want to steer away from the public.


Gloria and her children were coming to terms with the incident that occurred by her hand, which almost tore the family apart. Eduardo and Mariana slowly came to terms with their mother’s paranoia and found the justification for her reaction to save Nico acceptable. Gloria and Natalia got into ugly spats regarding Nico’s parentage, and it always ended with one of them having to step away and realizing Gloria would have the final word.

How Was Natalia Pacified?

Natalia managed to get hold of Nico and refused to part from him. Natalia had become obsessed with her child, just like Gloria. For Natalia, Nico is part of Santi, and she wants to make the infant a part of her life as much as Gloria does. Natalia was strong and stubborn but a hostage-like situation took place inside Gloria’s home. Natalia was forced to part ways by making her unconscious. Nico was back with Gloria, but Natalia was again without her child and possibly on her way back to Argentina with her father. On the night of New Year’s Eve, Natalia accidentally pushed her father from the terrace of their hotel room. Natalia was tired of others making decisions about the life she wanted to lead with Nico. With her father gone, she finally had the reins of her life back in her hands.


Why Did Mariana And Felipe Reconnect?

Mariana was depressed over Marcos’ death, and she bonded with his brother Felipe over the shared trauma of losing a loved one. They started hanging out and slowly fell in love. Mariana learns she is pregnant with Marcos’ child, and Felipe was elated upon hearing the news, for he believed the unborn child would be the last remaining part of Marcos. Mariana initially wanted to get rid of the child because she did not want to raise the child on her own. She had seen her mother struggle, and Mariana did not want that life.

What Happened To Lorenzo?

Lorenzo was the young child of Blanca, who had been suffering from Down Syndrome since birth. He had the habit of leaving his home in the middle of the night to escape the arguments his parents got into. At the end of the first season, Lorenzo was a witness to the tussle between Gloria and Natalia for Nico at a public park.


One day, Lorenzo’s lifeless body was found in the lake near the park, and Blanca was devastated. The investigation takes the police nowhere because the CCTV footage of the night he was killed was stolen, implying the killer was at large and the boy was murdered. Blanca was having a hard time because she had also asked for a divorce from her husband, and mentally, she was spiraling. Blanca constantly felt guilty for not being a perfect mother.

Blanca was under the false impression that her marriage with Ramon was working and she was in denial about the underlying problems in her relationship. She demanded a divorce because she did not want to pretend her life was perfect. Ramon never understood when things turned ugly between him and Blanca, which was a typical response from a husband who spends most of his time working without worrying about the consequences of his absence. Lorenzo’s death revealed how flawed Blanca’s marriage was, and she tried to go back to work in her previous job as flight crew. Blanca went through a panic attack on the first day after rejoining. Blanca’s mind and body had probably not processed the trauma of losing her child, which manifested in her body and mind spiraling at the wrong place and time.


How Did Natalia Get A Hold Of Nico From Gloria?

Natalia, after her father’s death, hired Chino, a man her father had kept around. He was Caterina’s partner in crime, and it is revealed that she had not died but was only discreetly moved away by Fernando. Nico was seen hanging out with German in his mother’s van when both were kidnapped by Chino on Natalia’s orders. She wanted to trade Nico for Eduardo. Natalia was aware Gloria would choose her older son over the infant. She planned an exchange between her and Gloria, and her mission was a success. Natalia could finally have a future with her son in Argentina without her father around. She was turning into Gloria by obsessively pursuing Nico until her goal was achieved.

Is Gloria Dead Or Alive?

On the day of their departure, Gloria followed Natalia and Nico to the boarding gate in a last attempt to take the child away. It was presumed Gloria booked a flight to Buenos Aires and planned to follow the woman until she gave up Nico. It is ugly to watch both women fight over the custody of the child. Instead of going to the courts, the women resorted to crimes that could put them behind bars for many years. Gloria hired Pedro to help her get Nico to Mariana and Eduardo. Gloria kidnaps Natalia and drives her to a cliffside. We were under the impression that Natalia would be murdered by Gloria, and it would be one of the last ones she would commit before flying to Canada. Gloria was probably done with eliminating people for her sake. She gets into the car again, drives the car off the cliff, commits suicide, and kills Natalia in that process as well. Gloria could not let Natalia live, and killing her would be polluting Santi’s memory as well. Gloria would not be able to live with that guilt. We believe she chose suicide to set herself free from all the crimes she had committed to safeguard her family. She probably did not want the life she led in Madrid to catch up to her in Canada. This forced her to make a difficult choice.


Were Eduardo And Mariana Able To Leave Spain?

Mariana and Eduardo plan to check in at the airport separately to avoid any suspicions. They believed there was nobody who could stop them and Gloria from leaving Spain. Natalia and her father were the only obstacles, and with them out of the picture, their plan was put in motion. Unbeknownst to Mariana, Felipe and the police had found the car that had crashed into Marcos the night he died. Felipe found his brother’s jacket, which he had given to Mariana, and he believed she killed him. Mariana was informed about his assumptions, but she refused to take his threats seriously until he showed up at the airport with the police. Eduardo checked in without worrying about his mother’s absence. Mariana initially refused to board the flight without her mother. Mariana’s concerns for Gloria stem from her not wanting to lose another parent.

Mariana was pregnant and her maternal instincts had kicked in, a reason why she wouldn’t put her child in a precarious position. This thought made her look for her mother everywhere. She was soon approached by Pedro with Nico, who passed on Gloria’s message. Gloria wanted them to leave for Canada, and she promised to reach on the next available flight. Mariana was under the impression that her mother would be by their side, and Pedro delivering Nico to Mariana also did not ring any alarm bells because the young girl was still concerned about her mother’s safety. She was still worried for her mother after plenty of disagreements and arguments with her. They are an example of a dysfunctional family, which is the opposite of what the title of the show suggests.


As the police were approaching, Mariana barely managed to check in and boarded the flight with her brother and Nico. The show ended with Mariana giving birth to her child in Canada, with Eduardo by her side. The children managed to make a life of their own without Gloria by their side. We believe Mariana and Eduardo knew of her passing in a car crash with Natalia. They also knew Gloria did it for the greater good. Gloria wanted her children to have a fresh start in Canada, and for that to happen, they needed to severe ties with people like Natalia who would still find and harm them. Gloria aimed for the children to get away from the cycle of revenge and crimes, which is why Mariana and Eduardo chose to move on. Years later, a young boy came back to the scene of the crash and placed a flower on it. There is hardly any clarity as to whether the young kid who returned years later was Nico or a grown-up Eduardo. We assume it could be Nico because he lost his mother and grandmother on that spot, and he had come back to remember the women he never got to know.

The last shot of Holy Family Season 2 had Eduardo declaring himself to be the father of Mariana’s newborn child. The story of the entire show was convoluted, and this show ended in the same manner, further complicating the narrative. The makers wanted to end the show with shock value, which was at the core of this drama thriller. There was no reason why Mariana and Eduardo would make such a decision for themselves because the latter was gay. Their life in Canada was not supposed to be based on lies. It was very uncharacteristic of the siblings, who did not want to repeat the life they led in Madrid. Holy Family perplexed the audience, but not in a good way.


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