‘High Desert’ Episode 7 Recap And Review: Does Peggy Get The Money?

A single glance at Ethan has deeply affected Peggy. This is the most vulnerable situation we’ve seen Peggy in all this time. But even then, we do not see her break down. She is rather happy now, and she is even ready to forgive Denny and give him another chance. But this doesn’t change the fact that Denny is a thief who steals money from stores. Denny, despite being a criminal by profession, if that’s even possible, has a very soft spot for Peggy and is a kind person in general. So, he is more than glad to have a second chance with Peggy. Episode 7 of High Desert takes things up a notch for Peggy, both physically and mentally.


Spoilers Ahead


As far as Donatella Scarborough’s case is concerned, Peggy may have found her finger, but it is Carol’s stepdaughter Cooper who has spotted Donatella’s remains using her drone. It has finally served a purpose other than just annoying people by hovering over their heads. Basically, this is what Cooper is doing to Carol—hovering over her head and depriving her of peace. Naturally, they need to inform Nick from the spa about it, collect their reward of $70,000, and then immediately inform the cops before Nick can find Bob and kill him. The fact that they believe Bob killed her means that Cooper must have found Donatella’s remains near where Judy found the finger. And surely, if and when Nick gets to know that Bob indeed killed Donatella, Peggy and Carol will be pretty much helpless on their own unless they inform the authorities. But first, Peggy needs the reward.


Lionel Richie

Peggy shows Donatella’s nail to Nick, who recognizes it in an instant. However, he doesn’t have the reward money, and even if he did, he wouldn’t have given it to Peggy. He thinks Peggy stole the bridge painting, and we know he is right, but Peggy is quick-witted enough to make him believe that there was no way for her to steal the painting from the washroom. And the proof of this is that she walked out empty-handed the last time she was at the spa. She pulled off this miracle by throwing the painting out the bathroom window. She even describes being close to Bob as a strategy that allowed her to find Donatella. While it is true that if she hadn’t gone to Bob’s place, Judy wouldn’t have found the finger, Peggy had nothing to do with the finger’s discovery. There was no strategy. It was just pure luck. And while I am proud of Peggy, I cannot help but laugh at how dumb Nick and his brother are. One doesn’t need any explanation to understand how dumb they are to not know that all one has to do to get the painting out of the washroom without anyone knowing is to literally throw it out of the big window. Anyway, Peggy brings back Lionel Richie as assurance, just as she had promised Carol earlier. Both she and Carol wanted to help the poor creature that had learned nothing other than screaming the naughtiest words and abuses, thanks to the customers at the “spa.” As soon as she gets the reward, Nick can have his deceased sister’s location.


Dianna and Stuart have come over, and this time, Peggy happily hands over the money for her mortgage. She can finally have her home back. It seems that her family is finally getting back together, and nothing can go wrong. But the gunshots from Bruce’s room say otherwise. According to William, Bruce has found out that his wife is cheating on him with another woman. So basically, the case that Bruce handed to Peggy earlier was his own. He wanted Peggy to find out if what he thought was true or not. Well, it is. And unfortunately, Peggy has to pay for it as well because some of the bullets, which Bruce is blind firing, have hit Diane’s car. What could have been Peggy’s redeeming moment becomes a nightmare in less than a minute as Diane and Stuart leave in a hurry to escape death, no less. Even after all this, we get yet another reason to love her more. Before leaving, she tells William and Bruce to send the cops after her. She knows she can handle them, and more than that, she cares for the two guys and doesn’t want them to face any trouble, especially when their business has just started to flourish, and a reward is on the way. And we know that she will sort things out with Diane and Stuart as well. For the time being, she has more crucial things to take care of.


A Butterfly In A Pupa

Peggy’s forgiving Denny for his actions doesn’t mean that she is ready to give them another chance. She is just ready to move on. Her son, Ethan, is now 21 years old. We do not know if she will see him, although it would be nice to see Peggy smile. Denny is there to support her, but he can only do so much when Peggy herself doesn’t want to involve him. And yet there’s this deep understanding between the two that makes him leave without any question the moment she tells him to. Denny loves Peggy a lot, and she knows it. Maybe Peggy loves him too, but she knows where to draw the line. It is at night that Arman and Heather break into her house and hold a knife to her throat, and this is when things get really serious. In High Desert Episode 6, she told them that James Kachel would be wiring the $250,000 within two days. Well, it is day two, and they have come to take their money back. On top of that, Bob is in the wind. So either Peggy has to pay them the money or be sent to Tucson, where she will be cut to pieces. So, the best she can do is improvise, and we all know how good she is at it. Thus, we see a bleeding Peggy gave Denny’s trailer and the money that was inside it that Denny had stolen to the father-daughter duo. But it’s not over, as the money is only half of what she had promised them. They will return to take the rest, and thus Peggy will have to positively collect the reward money from Nick at 7 p.m., as she had told him, or even earlier if possible. Also, James will be wiring the money for the bridge painting. But for now, she needs to be taken to the hospital to treat the wound. But she is adamant. She doesn’t need Denny’s help. She dresses up the wound on her own. But what of the wounds on the inside?

Does Peggy Get The Money?

The last few minutes of High Desert Episode 7 of High Desert are painful, if not tragic, in a very personal way. A call from Ethan, who informs her that James is in jail, has two sides to it. One is that Ethan refuses to come to her, despite her trying to convince him that she is doing a lot better. It seems that her addiction is what distanced her from her son, and he has cut off all ties with her since then. The second is that if James is in jail, the money he was supposed to wire to her will have to wait. Arman and Heather won’t be happy about it at all. All that she can do now is take the $70,000 reward from Nick, hand it to the father-daughter duo, and ask them for more time. But will they give it to her? There’s still time to worry about that. As of now, Peggy needs her mother. It is painful to see her cry while hugging her mother’s clothes. It is at this point that we realize how alone she is, especially without her son, whom she loves so much. The next morning, she can even see her mom and engage in a conversation. It is bittersweet to see the two ladies talk to each other, and Peggy wants to know if her mother remembers her. It is weird just how practical we can get with life, but deep down, all of us crave to know things that we know we can’t know. So we move on. And in the same way, High Desert Episode 7 ends with Nick and his brother arriving at her place and taking her. It is time to find Donatella Scarborough. It is time to earn some rewards. It is time to play life.


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