‘High Desert’ Episode 6 Recap And Review: Does Peggy Sell The ‘Waterloo Bridge’ Painting?

Judy has found a finger using her sniffing skills in Bob’s backyard. But Peggy and Denny have to get it analyzed and find out whether it belongs to Donatella Scarborough. If it does, they are in for the reward. If not, they will have to investigate further. They have Bob for that, at least for the time being. But is Bob fit to help them in the investigation? Episode 6 of High Desert shows how Peggy makes use of her skills to save Bruce’s company and Bob simultaneously.


Spoilers Ahead

DNA With Love

Arman and his linebacker daughter, Heather, are back at Bob’s place to take their money back. But this time, he gives them two names: James Kachel, the buyer, and Peggy, Kachel’s associate. So maybe they need to speak to Peggy. Meanwhile, Peggy shows Bruce the finger that is supposedly Donatella Scarborough’s. The finger is their ticket to the reward of $70,000. She got him a security contract for Pioneertown by going behind Owen’s back and speaking to his mother. Owen doesn’t like it, but we all know that this is how Peggy works. She knows which string to pull. In the same way, she knows how to get her hands on the DNA of Donatella’s family. Her friend, who works at a parlor, confirms that the fingernail indeed belongs to the wife of the guy Peggy is dating. Naturally, Peggy doesn’t reveal the name of the guy. But how can one be sure that Bob’s wife and Donatella are the same person?


For all we know, he might have had more than one partner. Peggy arrives at Nick Gattchi’s tanning spa and, using her author theory (High Desert Episode 4), manages to stick a lollipop in his mouth and then pull it out. That’s the DNA for cross-checking with the DNA of the finger. She also finds another gorgeous “Waterloo Bridge” painting (surely another replica by Donatella) in the washroom of the spa (let’s keep this in mind). If Bruce can quicken things up and get the DNA from the finger, they will be a flourishing business in less than a week. During all this time, she has been ignoring Bob’s calls. We know why he is calling. And the reason she isn’t receiving the calls is that she needs a positive ID on her finger to claim her reward before she can meet him. On the other hand, Carol has done the job Peggy had asked her to do (High Desert Episode 5) beautifully; Carol’s stepdaughter has managed to click pictures of the woman in question with another woman, her new girlfriend, with whom she is cheating on her husband. So this case has been taken care of.

A Canon For Mom

Back at her home, she has to deal with Denny’s Qigong, find a replacement for her drug supply that has been denied to her by her treatment center, and stage a play at Pioneertown. Bruce’s case (a woman cheating on her husband) has been taken care of, but her play, she finds out later, now has a cannon incorporated into its storyline, thanks to Owen, whose mother took Peggy’s metaphor literally and wanted to see a cannon. However, she is against it and makes it clear to Ginger as well. While talking to her, Peggy gets lost in thoughts about her mother, and this further reminds her how she will never get her mom back. Ginger may merely look like her mom, but it’s enough to make Peggy feel like she has been cheated on. So Ginger is out of the picture. Maybe she didn’t like what Ginger was doing, or maybe she has had enough of expecting Ginger to be even a tinge like her mother. Sad and in desperate need of recreation, she arrives at Bob’s door after listening to his voice message about having Oxy for her.


Violence Is Triggering

As fate would have it, Peggy arrives at Bob’s home and is taken hostage by Arman and Heather. According to Bob, Peggy can help Arman get his money back. But knowing Peggy, it is not a surprise to see her reveal Arman’s credentials like a sleuth who knows the weaknesses of criminals. So, she has intel that can compromise the father-daughter duo. But that’s not enough. Only when Arman gets assured that James Kachel is wiring $250,000 in 2 days does he decide to spare Peggy from pushing her down the stairs. He needs his money back. Peggy is just there for the Oxy. She mails a picture of the “Waterloo Bridge” painting, which Bob had sent to Denny (High Desert Episode 5), to James Kachel. The FaceTime that follows between her and James proves that they have a history. The guy, Ethan, is probably her son. This makes James Peggy’s potential ex-husband. They are still well acquainted, and James will be arriving in a few days for the negotiations regarding the painting’s price.

Where Is The ‘Waterloo Bridge’ Painting?

Peggy’s friend from the parlor informs Nick Gattchi about the blonde woman who came to her with Donatella’s nail. [It is surreal to see Nick address Peggy as Sylvia Plath (that’s how she introduced herself to him) because the author Sylvia Plath was manic-depressive.] So, it is only natural for Nick to think that the blonde lady killed Donatella or at least knows something about her. To make things worse, the Waterloo Bridge painting in the spa washroom is also missing. High Desert Episode 6 ends with Nick sending a guy to look for Sylvia Plath. If only that were possible.


Peggy stole the painting from the tanning spa. James is coming to buy it. The money will save Bob from Arman as well as help Bruce establish his business. But Nick is after Peggy, who now knows for sure that the finger is Donatella’s. But who killed her? And why? Did it have something to do with the painting? We also want to know more about James and Ethan. Let’s hope that Ethan too comes to High Desert.

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Episode 6 of High Desert shows how Peggy makes use of her skills to save Bruce’s company and Bob simultaneously.'High Desert' Episode 6 Recap And Review: Does Peggy Sell The 'Waterloo Bridge' Painting?