‘Hide’ K-Drama Episode 4 Recap: What Was Ms. Ha’s Real Identity?

The fourth episode of Hide is full of twists, adding more complexity to the plot. The way Mun-yeong manages to set up Chief Ma for trying to threaten her family for the money is incredible. However, it is revealed that Chief Ma was just a runner in a bigger rat race. He was also trying to survive, and someone even more powerful had been pulling his strings. When Mun-yeong comes face-to-face with Seong Jae, things become more clear to her, and she is then able to take effective steps. Will Mun-yeong be able to protect her daughter, Bom, from external threats? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Jin Wu Blackmailing Seong Jae?

When Mun-yeong came across Seong Jae, she started blaming him for making a fool out of her and abandoning his family. When she asked about the body that he had placed as his own, he said that it belonged to Tae Su, who had died of alcohol poisoning while he was being taken to the hospital. Mun-yeong also asked him why he had shot Jin Wu, and he said that he was blackmailing him. Seong Jae had already paid him 200 million won to Jin Wu for committing perjury but didn’t get to pay the rest. Later, when Jin Wu learned that Seong Jae was alive, he demanded more money. He said that he didn’t want to shoot at Jin Wu, and it was an accident that happened during their scuffle. He said that Jin Wu must not have brought out his name to the police, as he was expecting more money from him. 


Why Did Seong Jae Build An Alliance With Chief Ma?

When Seong Jae’s father asked him to efficiently run the Cha Woong law firm, he was already neck deep in debt. He wanted to deal with the problem of mitigating his debts immediately and formed an alliance with Chief Ma. But Chief Ma kept exploiting his weaknesses rather than helping him. He couldn’t even pay off the law firm’s debts, as then he would be caught taking Ma Gang’s money. He further told Mun-yeong that the 6.5 billion that he had taken from Ma were untouched. Ma had promised to make his death look like an accident for the insurance money if anything were to happen to him. However, he didn’t want to be controlled by Ma any further and, hence, had planned to feign his own death. He also said that when he was unable to handle the situation alone, he had told his mother about the entire incident, and she had decided to help him out. He preferred to live as a dead man rather than drag his own family down on the streets. He also gave Mun-yeong evidence against Ma to help her keep herself and Bom safe!

Why Did Mun-Yeong Want To Separate The Foundation And The Firm?

When Mun-yeong went to meet her father-in-law, she said that their law firm was being jeopardized for the foundation. She also said that the Hawan Village project was only benefiting the corporation. He said that he was about to get an award for social services and didn’t want to ruin that. He also wanted to run for mayor next year and didn’t want to sully his reputation. However, she had been stressing about separating the firm from the foundation, which he refused, but she later stated her authority, saying that she was the CEO and had the right to make that decision. 


What Was Jin Wu’s Motive?

Jin Wu later testified that it was Hwang Tae Su who shot him. Lieutenant Baek found out that Tae Su was a beneficiary of the Cha Woong Foundation housing project. He also realized that no electricity bill was being paid under Tae Su’s name, but utility bills were getting paid. The neighbors said that they had heard Tae Su fighting with a woman when Lieutenant Baek came to the locality. Later, Jin Wu went to Mun-yeong to inform her that the police had almost found her husband’s residence and that she would soon find out who was living there. Maybe he had testified to the police about Tae Su shooting him, as he wanted Mun-yeong to find out that her husband was alive, as he didn’t have any idea that she had already met him. 

Why Did Mun-Yeong Sue Chief Ma?

Chief Ma had gone up to Mun-yeong’s house and threatened her daughter, saying that she wouldn’t be able to see her mother after the next 4 days. He blackmailed Mun-yeong for money again, and this time she decided to file a lawsuit against him. She met Chief Ma and gave him a copy of the complaint, and he said that he was desperate to get the money back as his life was at stake. She said that she wanted 7 billion won in damage charges, and if she won the case, they would be even. 


When the trial began, Mun-yeong started attacking Chief Ma with proofs one after another. She displayed the threats and calls that he had been constantly making to her. She also showed CCTV footage from a dashcam recording of the murder of Park Jae Moon, a resident of Haean Village. Even though it had no connection to the case, she wanted to make sure that Chief Ma was charged with murder. He had run a man over and then asked Kim to take the blame. They waited for 22 minutes for the man to breathe his last before finally calling the police. She testified that her husband, Seong Jae, was also involved in the case, but after defending Chief Ma, he had committed suicide out of guilt. After Chief Ma was arrested for his crime, she sent a message to Seong Jae to come back and turn himself in for his family’s sake. 

What Was Ms. Ha’s Real Identity?

While Seong Jae had gone to withdraw some money, Jin Wu followed him and attacked him from behind. As he was asking Seong Jae about the whereabouts of Tae Su, someone hit Jin Wu from behind. Maybe there was someone else who was also involved in the case and wanted to help Seong Jae escape the public eye. Meanwhile, Ms. Ha (Mun-yeong’s neighbor) invited Mun-yeong to a tea party and gave her a box full of cash. Right at that point, Shin Hwa called Mun-yeong and said that someone had killed Ma Gang in the prison cell. Ms. Ha later told Mun-yeong that she knew all about her husband! Ms. Ha was probably Chief Ma’s boss, and it was she who planned his murder after he got caught. 


What Will Happen Next?

The fifth episode of Hide will bring out the real identity of Ms. Ha. Now that Chief Ma was gone, she would be the one to blackmail Mun-yeong for the money. She will also kidnap Seong Jae and threaten Mun-yeong with killing him if she doesn’t follow her instructions. We are yet to see if Mun-yeong will be able to get out of Ms. Ha’s clutches, just like she has gotten rid of Chief Ha. I suppose it wouldn’t be that easy this time!

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