‘Heartsong’ Ending, Explained: Did Piroz And Sumbul End Up Together?

A musical film will illuminate all the aspects of love, pain, and relationships for the viewers. “Heartsong” on Netflix is a Turkish film that will ring all the bells in your heart! The movie will offer you a distinctive approach to romance and comedy through music. “Heartsong” revolves around the lives of two brothers, Hogir (Ali Seckiner Alici) and Piroz (Erkan Kolcak Kostendil), and their father, Mirze (Bülent Emin Yarar). Moreover, it is a Soner Caner-directed film. He made sure that viewers would get a soothing experience through a hinge of comedy, as the movie will highlight all the conservative problems that the characters will face. On the other hand, the creators have put in a massive effort to develop each character. But guess what? You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the chemistry between Piroz and Sumbul (Hazar Ergüclü). To begin with, Piroz belongs to a family of nomad musicians, and along with his brother Hogir, he earns his livelihood through musical performances at different weddings and funerals. Moreover, his father was deeply in love with Dilo; he would often run away to find his long-lost love. It’s almost beautiful to see the way these three men maintain their relationship, and throughout the whole movie, viewers will be delighted to have them on screen.

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What Happens In ‘Heartsong’ Film?

“Heartsong” begins with a usual musical scenario wherein viewers are introduced to the leading characters of the movie. Moreover, a lot of details are revealed about Mirze and Dilo’s chemistry as well. Things move forward, and Piroz and Hogir are looking forward to attending a wedding. But guess what? Piroz comes across his one true love, and they’re very similar to each other. The duo quickly fall in love, but there’s a catch: Sumbul is the bride! Piroz is heartbroken by this incident, but this doesn’t stop him. Their meeting is cheerful to watch since they both sing their favorite musical patch together. As soon as they lock eyes, Sumbul leaves her husband behind and moves toward Piroz. This creates huge havoc in the wedding, causing massive chaos. On the other hand, Piroz is struck down by Sumbul’s brother Riza. The following day, Hogir is accompanied by an unconscious Piroz and Sumbul, as her fiance is taking her back to Master Seymen, her father.

As soon as Piroz wakes up, he confronts Hogir about their chemistry, and they decide to involve Mirze in it. Back in Sumbul’s house, things become very complicated for her since she is tied in the barn by Master Seymen. Both of them make a deal with Mirze, as they promise him Dilo’s arrival! Mirze is quite happy to know that Piroz has found his Gazelle. The whole tribe travels down to Sumbul’s house to talk about her wedding. But things turn out to be even more chaotic as the whole tribe is beaten up by Sumbul’s brothers and sent back. Moreover, viewers will be confronted with another shocking revelation about Dilo. According to Kalender – a local priest from their tribe, reveals that Dilo is long gone. So, they come up with a plan to create an identical doll to bewitch Mirze.

Well, their plan worked! Mirze becomes extremely happy to see Dilo. Amidst all this chaos, Piroz decides to talk to him about Sumbul. Well, Mirze motivates him to get her back, and Pirzo leaves for her hometown the next day. Master Seymen plans on killing Sumbul to prevent this from happening. Piroz and Kalender come up with a plan to fool her family into thinking that Sumbul killed herself. Well, this became possible because Sumbul’s family believed that she was possessed by an unearthly spirit. After finding her unconscious, they decide to bury her body, and the plan is successfully carried out. Piroz and Sumbul run away and marry in the presence of all the other tribe members. “Heartsong” will give us a deeper insight into how love can move mountains. The couple began to live their lives happily until Mirze decided to run off again.

‘Heartsong’ Ending Explained: Did Mirze And Piroz Finally Make Their Love Stories?

Mirze wants to live his final moments with Dilo, but that’s not possible since Sumbul’s family is heading toward their tribe. They’ve figured out everything, and now Master Seymen wants to kill them. Well, the actual problem arose when Sumbul was spotted by Master Mürsit. He quickly informs Master Seymen, and they’re heading towards the tribe to get vengeance. The whole tribe decides to leave the place and migrate to a different location before her family arrives. To protect them, Mirze decides to stay back while everyone else leaves with Piroz and Sumbul, as this was their only chance to avoid bloodshed. Mirze also informs him about the Kinik Creek and that by crossing it, they’ll be safe from her family’s threat. Piroz tries his best to convince his father, but he is adamant about his decision. Instead, he hands him down the responsibility of looking after everyone.

A heartbroken Piroz decides to listen to his father while leaving him back there. Soon, Master Seymen arrives with his men and demands to know their location. But Mirze keeps them busy, and in this process, they shoot him down. The tribe decides to go back because they want to honor Mirze with a proper burial. They set him down in the burial space that he created for himself and Dilo, and before leaving his grave, Sumbul honors him with a song, while others follow her. Rising from the grave, it’s Dilo and Mirze dancing with each other, as they move to the afterlife together. It seems the whole tribe can see them being with each other finally. The ending of “Heartsong” will give you a very important message. Well, according to the movie, love wins over anything! Director Soner Caner will enlighten your hearts with the strength of love. Mirze sacrificed himself to make sure that Piroz and Sumbul could create their own love story with an open heart. But he enabled that chance for himself too. For years, Mirza spent years sulking over the disappearance of Dilo from his life. But now it is the beginning of two love stories together.

“Heartsong” is a 2022 Turkish Romance Drama film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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