‘Hazbin Hotel’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is Adam Dead?

The final episodes of Hazbin Hotel are out, and I found them to be quite exciting, to say the very least. The battle between Hell and Heaven in a musical format with quite a bit of swearing was pretty interesting to see, and even though I didn’t enjoy some parts, the philosophy of the show is something that could have worked in a feature film too. It’s the joy and fun plus the total abandon that animation brings that perhaps the live action may not have been able to match up to. In the previous episodes, Charlie’s plans had failed up to the point that Adam was more eager than ever to come down to Hell with his army and take part in the semi-annual extermination. Now only a few days remain, and we will see how the battle between Hell and Heaven goes down.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Alastor Help Charlie Defend Her Hotel Against The Angel Army?

Charlie had yet to get over the fact that Vaggie was a former angel. This thought was taking a toll on her mind, but she knew she had other things to worry about. Alastor, one of the most powerful overlords in Hell, deemed this opportunity good enough to get Charlie to do something she might not have done otherwise. He was in the soul-owning business, but that was not what he wanted from Charlie. He wanted her to do him a few favors whenever he asked them of her in exchange for information about how angels could be killed. Charlie had made the deal without knowing Alastor’s ultimate goal, and Vaggie was concerned about it. But as things were a little shaky between the two, they didn’t talk about it, even though Vaggie asked her about it. Charlie made it seem she had a lot on her plate, and she was not lying, as Alastor had to show her something in the cannibalistic part of Hell. He took her to meet Rosie, a woman who was like the mayor of the cannibalistic town and was thrilled to see Alastor. The idea was to get the cannibals to fight to save the Hazbin Hotel and kill the angels when they arrived. Rosie was on board with the idea, but she wasn’t really in control of the cannibals. They had to be won over if someone wanted to get something out of them. Rosie asked Charlie to give a speech explaining her agenda and what she needed from the cannibals. Charlie hesitated for a bit, but when she realized she could sing her whole plan out, she explained her ideas perfectly, winning the cannibals over.


Why Did Vaggie Visit Carmilla?

Before leaving, Charlie had mentioned that Carmilla knew how to kill the angels and had urged Vaggie to go to her and figure out what her method was. Vaggie went to see Carmilla, who didn’t take kindly to her visit. She was sure that the angels would kill some demons in the streets and leave, not daring to touch the overlords. Vaggie convinced Carmilla that Adam was furious and that his ultimate goal was to empty Hell forever. He wouldn’t leave the overlords and finish them too. Carmilla sensed an honesty in Vaggie’s voice, and she had figured that Vaggie was an ex-angel because of the weapon she carried and also because of the eye patch, which must be what the angels did to the traitors—gouge one eye out. Carmilla agreed to give away the secret of killing angels in one of the most unique fashions. She tried to kill Vaggie by exposing the weaknesses in her fighting style. The weapons to kill the angels had to be made of angel steel. There was a lot of that left around in Hell from previous exterminations, and as nobody saw angels as vulnerable, nobody bothered to attack them. Even angels came ill-prepared, thinking they were invincible. Vaggie now knew the secret, which she was eager to tell Charlie. Luck was on her side, as Charlie had returned from Rosie’s town after having been convinced by Rosie that Vaggie’s actions showed that she wasn’t a liar and loved Charlie deeply.

Why Did Sir Pentius’ Soul Reach Heaven?

When Adam reached Hell, there was absolute pandemonium. The cannibals and the hotel dwellers were all trying to fight the Angel Army, but it turned out that they weren’t all that great fighters. Sir Pentius was the one who tried to save others by sacrificing his life. He had done so out of love, and perhaps that was why his soul surprised the two seraphims, casually waiting for Adam to return.


How Was Adam Killed?

Adam arrived on the day of the extermination with Lute and the Angel Army. He was aiming to kill as many Hell-dwellers as possible. But he wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Lucifer arrived and defeated him. He didn’t even need the angel steel to put him on his knees. The reason was obvious: Lucifer had a long-standing rivalry with Adam, and he never liked him because of his smugness. Secondly, Adam had tried to kill Charlie, and Lucifer just couldn’t see that happening. Adam had been defeated, but it was Niffty who actually brutally killed him using a dagger made of angel steel.

Why Did Lute Meet With Lillith?

Adam was dead, and Lute was offered a chance to take the body away, sending a message to Heaven that the exterminations needed to stop; otherwise, the consequences would be fatal. It was at the very end of the episode that we got to figure out something rather sinister. Lute went on to meet Lillith, who hadn’t met Charlie in seven years. She was chilling on a beach in Heaven, and it was Lute who talked about a pact that had reached its expiration date. It has got to do something with Adam. Perhaps she was allowed to stay in Heaven so that Adam could flex that fact to Lillith’s husband, Lucifer. But now Lute wanted Lillith to take care of Charlie, as she was meddling with the fabric of existence, trying to change the policies of Heaven and Hell. Lillith’s entrance makes things dangerous and, hence, exciting. It is a fact that Charlie misses her so much that she could do anything for him, and if Lillith is truly working to stay in Heaven, then she might try to deter Charlie from giving up on her dreams of rehabilitating souls, which actually were once seen by Lillith herself. Sir Pentius’ example is sure to come in handy as to how someone from Hell could reach Heaven.


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