‘Hazbin Hotel’ Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was The Verdict In Angel Dust’s Case?

The new episodes of Hazbin Hotel are out, and it looks like Charlie has not yet given up on the idea that Hell-dwellers can be redeemed. The next extermination was coming soon, and Charlie needed to get a meeting with Heaven. She didn’t know whom to contact. Previously, she had contacted Heaven’s embassy and had been shunned by Adam. Now she wanted to meet with a higher authority, as she truly believed there had been some progress. She had nothing to show for it, but it was just her wishful thinking on display, and her delusion had to be supported by Vaggie, who hid a terrible secret about her life. The fifth episode introduced us to Lucifer, a depressed dad, trying to live out his meaningless existence who gets surprised when Charlie asks for help.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Charlie Ask Lucifer For Help?

Charlie was worried that if she didn’t find a way to prove that sinners in Hell could be redeemed, then the angel army would never stop coming for the semi-annual extermination. There was only a month remaining, and Charlie had no other option except to speak to somebody in Heaven. Vaggie reminded her of her previous visit and the harsh rejection she had to face from Adam. Charlie could only think of her dad, Lucifer, as he was the only one powerful enough in Hell to get her a meeting with someone in Heaven. Vaggie was not in favor of the plan, as Lucifer didn’t seem to care about Charlie. The truth was that Lucifer thought that Charlie thought of him as a loser, and when he figured that she needed his help, he came running. He was a little disappointed hearing Charlie’s request though, as her dream reminded him of his wife Lilith’s dream, which had been shattered quite brutally. Lucifer didn’t want the same fate for Charlie, but before he could convince her to give up on the dream of saving sinners, he had to deal with Alastor, who was acting as Charlie’s true guardian.


How Did Alastor Push Lucifer Into Helping Charlie?

Alastor’s presence wasn’t directly helping Charlie, as he was trying to start a feud between Lucifer and himself. Lucifer had been away for a while, and Charlie introduced him to everyone staying at the hotel. They all seemed decent, not like dreadful sinners who wanted nothing but death and destruction. He may have actually thought that the idea of the Hazbin Hotel wasn’t that bad, but then Mimzy walked in. She was once Alastor’s lover. Alastor was a feared overlord and was known to have killed several other powerful overlords to get his spot, which is why she loved him. But that’s not what forced her to come to the Hazbin Hotel. She was being chased by demons, and she wanted Alastor to take care of them. He did that, but Lucifer was once again left wondering if folks like Mimzy, who were so selfish that they brought harm to others for their misdeeds, could be redeemed. Alastor kicked Mimzy out, and Lucifer was about to leave as well, but Charlie made the innocent request of just getting one meeting, and that’s it. He didn’t even have to go to the place from which he had been banished. Lucifer agreed, and Charlie planned to have Vaggie accompany her. Vaggie wasn’t too keen on going, as there was a secret she didn’t want Charlie to ever find out.

What Was Vaggie Hiding?

Vaggie had lost an eye, and nobody knew what had happened to her. The story behind the incident was that she was part of the Angel Army but was caught helping one of the demons she was appointed to exterminate. So, as a punishment, her eye was gouged out and her angel badge was taken away. She was left to rot in Hell, which is why she didn’t want to go back to Heaven. Adam blackmailed her the minute he saw her accompanying Charlie. He wanted her to take Charlie back to Hell before she could get a meeting with Sarah, a seraphim. Adam didn’t like the fact that Lucifer had gotten Charlie a meeting with Sarah when Adam had clearly rejected Charlie’s idea. It was like Lucifer had one-upped him, and he didn’t like being sidelined. Adam decided to fight the case against Charlie, and he did have his trump card in case he failed. He could always throw Charlie off her track by telling her the truth about Vaggie. Charlie pleaded her case in front of Sarah and another seraphim named Emily. Emily took quite a liking to Charlie’s idea, but she had no proof that it worked. Sarah asked Charlie to look into Hell and report back to her if she saw anyone down there showing any signs of being worthy of redemption.


Why Was Angel Dust Refusing The Ticket To Heaven?

Angel Dust was an adult film actor, and Adam was quite happy that Charlie had chosen to show his example. Sarah was surprised as well, but she was willing to study his case. Unbeknownst to Angel Dust, he was being watched by everyone from Heaven. He was out partying with his friend and had taken the residents of the Hazbin Hotel to party with him. Niffty, the housekeeper, was there with him as well. There was a lot of debauchery all around, and in walked Valentine, Angel Dust’s boss, who asked him if he could have Niffty for his pleasure. Angel Dust stood up against his evil request and spoke against his authority. He could have only done that if he had a sense of right and wrong and actually cared about it. Valentine beat Angel Dust up, but he didn’t change his stance. He managed to get everyone back to the Hazbin Hotel safely. Adam wasn’t quite sure how Angel Dust could have shown virtues that were reserved for souls in Heaven. This led Charlie to believe that even Heaven didn’t know what got the souls into Heaven or Hell, and yet Adam had used the excuse of damnation to exterminate souls in Hell. Emily didn’t know about the extermination and wanted Sarah to change the laws. But she could only tell her that God had not been kind to Lucifer when he asked him such questions, and she didn’t want to go down that path. Before Charlie left Heaven, Adam told her about Vaggie’s real identity. They both were thrown back into Hell, but one lie had been busted: only the virtuous souls landed in Heaven. What impact that would have on the tussle between Heaven and Hell will be known in the next episodes.

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