‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens Between Arjun And Ramprasad?

In the thrilling fifth episode of Guns & Gulaabs, tensions escalate as Tipu faces a deadly encounter with Atmaram at the hospital. Amidst chaos and suspense, Tipu’s loyalty to Ganchi takes center stage as he risks everything to protect Bunty’s life. The intense showdown leaves Tipu marked as a target on Atmaram’s hit list, setting the stage for an interesting continuation. As the story evolves, Episode 6 promises to unravel new twists in Arjun and Sukanto’s deal. Showcasing the consequences of his outrageous actions without anyone noticing, he takes over the illegal opium as a series of unpredictable situations lie ahead in the town of Gulabganj.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Arjun Progress With His Strategies?

Arjun becomes aware of the growing suspicions, particularly from his close associate, Ramprasad. To address this, Arjun chooses to confide in Ramprasad, sharing his own backstory. He reveals that during his time as a DCP in Delhi, he uncovered corruption involving politicians misusing millions of rupees without consequences. Arjun illustrates the double standards in how the influential escape punishment while those like him face severe consequences for minor wrongdoings. He presents a bold plan to steal opium from those who are already engaged in illicit activities. Arjun gives Ramprasad a choice: support him or report him. Ramprasad, recognizing the significance of the situation, decides to stand by Arjun’s side. Ramprasad emphasizes the urgency due to an upcoming inspection, and they work together to achieve their goal.


On the same day, Arjun seeks out Yamini and makes a surprising confession: he doesn’t hold any resentment towards her, understanding that he must take responsibility for his actions. Arjun’s decision is driven by the uncertainty of the future and a growing realization that he has become a part of the corruption. While expressing his genuine emotions, there’s an undercurrent of Arjun’s motive to prevent Yamini from following Pratap’s orders. Arjun strategically avoids creating unnecessary problems for himself. However, the situation takes a twist when SP Mishra confronts Arjun, revealing his awareness of Arjun’s actions. Mishra confirms that he knows that Arjun never reported anything to the headquarters and also reveals that he knows about Arjun’s secret meeting with Pratap. To make things clear, Mishra issues a stern warning, indicating his intent to jeopardize Arjun’s plans.

At a crucial juncture, Arjun’s and Tipu’s lives intersect on a more intimate level. Tipu becomes suspicious of Arjun’s secretive meetings with Sukanto, sensing that Arjun is up to something significant. To gather more insights, Tipu seeks out Kanshilal, an officer who handles records of illegal opium. When Jugnu proves uncooperative, Tipu takes matters into his own hands, breaking into the factory to procure opium, intending to save Chandralekha’s father from losing his license. However, Arjun and his team apprehend Tipu. During a personal interrogation by Arjun, Tipu candidly reveals his motivations, and Arjun admires Tipu’s honesty and chooses to spare him. The unexpected turn of events leads to a conversation between Arjun and Tipu, where they share their personal experiences, fostering an intriguing connection.


What Happens Between Lalkrishna And Jyotsna?

As Gangaram observes other girls, including Jyotsna, becoming involved in the trio’s personal time with Lalkrishna and Ikhlaq, he starts feeling excluded. This prompts him to seek a girlfriend and confess his feelings to Chandralekha. However, she reacts negatively and gets upset with him. The situation takes a disturbing turn when Jyotsna discovers a sketch on her table the next morning. Lalkrishna confronts Gangaram about it, leading to a fight between them. When Gangaram agrees to apologize to Jyotsna, he publicly reveals that Lalkrishna was aware of the wall sketch he had created. Jyotsna reports the incident to the principal, resulting in the suspension of all three—Gangaram, Lalkrishna, and Ikhlaq—from school.

Gangaram’s lack of attention from his family, coupled with the loss of his mother, leaves him feeling isolated and alone. He takes care of his siblings, often going without enough food and companionship. In this vulnerable state, Chandralekha has a heartfelt conversation with Gangaram. She offers to help him and his two friends, Lalkrishna and Ikhlaq, prepare for their annual exams. Chandralekha’s intention is to see if Gangaram can acknowledge his mistakes, and he does so. This realization makes her happy, knowing he’s aware of his errors. Gangaram’s deep bond with Lalkrishna and Ikhlaq becomes evident; they have been pillars of support in his life. However, as Jyotsna and other girls enter their circle, Gangaram feels overshadowed and neglected.


What Choice Does Jugnu Make For Sukanto’s Deal?

As Ganchi’s gang strives to eliminate Nabeed, Jugnu’s focus shifts towards strategizing about Sukanto’s deal, hoping to make his father proud. Learning from Ganchi’s confidant, Mahendra, about the complex relationship between Ganchi and Nabeed, Jugnu realizes that Ganchi had always intended for him to take over the business. However, Jugnu is troubled by Ganchi’s bias against women, knowing that he never wanted to hand over his business to a girl child. Feeling the weight of his responsibilities and Ganchi’s improving health, Jugnu decides to approach Nabeed personally. Despite Mahendra’s reservations, Jugnu remains determined. When Jugnu proposes collaboration, Nabeed recognizes Jugnu’s inexperience and Ganchi’s unfulfilled hopes. Nabeed deals with the dilemma of partnering with Ganchi’s son, who may inadvertently ruin the business Ganchi has worked hard to build.

In the intriguing conclusion of Guns & Gulaabs episode 6, Tipu returns to meet Bunty, relieved that he managed to evade Arjun’s men at the factory. Sharing his experiences, Bunty delivers a shocking revelation: Jugnu has aligned with Nabeed for Sukanto’s deal. This revelation deeply disturbs Tipu, opening his eyes to Jugnu’s misguided choices. Filled with disappointment and anger, Tipu realizes that Ganchi’s family doesn’t value his sacrifices or his father’s legacy. He recognizes their lack of respect and fears being discarded once his usefulness ends. Motivated by vengeance and disheartened by Jugnu’s betrayal, Tipu determines to seek retribution for his father’s and friend’s deaths independently. With Bunty’s support, Tipu devises a plan, setting the stage for the upcoming episode to unveil Tipu’s bold strategy to dismantle the Ganchi empire.


In episode 6 of Guns & Gulaabs, the series delves into the transformative power of circumstances, illustrating how they can shape a person’s values and actions. With Ganchi’s unexpectedly swift recovery, Jugnu finds himself in a web of errors driven by desperation. Meanwhile, Tipu, once a principled individual, recognizes the impact of his challenging life circumstances, pushing him into uncharted territory. As the series finale approaches, all eyes turn to Tipu and his unfolding strategies. Tipu’s journey from a compassionate soul to a person driven by revenge mirrors the complex interplay between personal choices and external pressures. The episode’s climax promises to unveil Tipu’s meticulously planned moves, shedding light on how he intends to confront Ganchi and his men.

Simultaneously, Arjun stands at a crossroads, poised to execute a pivotal delivery that could reshape his destiny and quell the persistent threat of Pratap’s vendetta against his loved ones. Arjun’s upcoming opium delivery to Sukanto holds the potential to sever the ties that have bound him to a life of deception and trepidation. Yet, as he navigates the shadows, the looming question remains: Can Arjun manage to extricate himself from the clutches of impending danger, or will his aspirations for redemption crumble in the face of mounting challenges? The intertwining fates of Tipu and Arjun cast a spell of anticipation, drawing viewers into the life of Atmaram, who remains at large with a sinister intent to end Tipu’s life. The suspense heightens as Atmaram’s pursuit of Tipu continues, adding an air of tension. As these characters’ destinies hang in the balance, the series propels forward, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the revelation of what lies ahead in the final episode of Guns & Gulaabs.


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