‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Tipu Protect Ganchi From Atmaram?

In the riveting web of Guns & Gulaabs, episode 4 thrusts its characters into uncharted territory, reshaping their alliances and testing their limits. Arjun Varma’s audacious move to strike a deal with Sukanto sends shockwaves through the underworld, while Jugnu’s calculated disruptions and Tipu’s relentless pursuit of vengeance set the stage for a tumultuous turning point. As the delicate equilibrium between Sherpur and Gulabganj teeters on the edge, alliances are strained, secrets unravel, and bold decisions are made. Episode 4 propels the narrative towards an electrifying crescendo, leaving us on the cusp of a new chapter where the stakes are higher for Arjun and Tipu. Moreover, with Ganchi’s improvement, the show promises to plunge our characters deeper into a maze. Now all the actions will carefully unfold in episode 5 of Guns & Gulaabs.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Tipu Ensure Suryakant’s Safety?

In the midst of his duty to protect Ganchi and his budding relationship with Chandralekha, Tipu remains unaware of the underlying issues within the Ganchi gang. Chandralekha becomes furious upon discovering the gang’s mistreatment of her father, Suryakant, a government farmer who contributes opium to the state. Jugnu’s gang has taken control of Gulabganj’s opium production. Suryakant attempts to intervene, but Jugnu’s men shove him to the ground, hurting him. Chandralekha confronts Tipu, demanding answers, and Tipu tries to reason with Jugnu to rectify the situation and ensure Suryakant’s share, but Jugnu remains unmoved. Tipu feels helpless witnessing the disrespect towards him and Suryakant, in spite of Babu Tiger’s past support for Ganchi’s family.


Despite Jugnu’s earnest attempts to mend fences with Arjun, the stern narcotics officer remains unmoved, steadfastly refusing to extend his hand in reconciliation. Jugnu, burdened by the weight of his father’s legacy, experiences a deep-seated sense of frustration and insignificance. It becomes increasingly apparent that Jugnu’s efforts to assert himself are met with skepticism and resistance. Undeterred by the cautionary words of those around him, Jugnu embarks on a path that diverges from his father’s well-established plans. His defiance suggests a brewing internal conflict where a desire for independence clashes with the pressures of maintaining the family’s influence.

Amidst this backdrop, a poignant subplot unfolds as Jugnu deals with mixed feelings regarding his best friend’s newlywed bliss. Jealousy, stemming from his own unfulfilled aspirations, taints Jugnu’s perspective, compelling him to distance his friend from marital happiness. However, to his surprise, his understanding friend extends compassion and support, embodying a counterbalance to Jugnu’s complicated feelings.


Do People Observe A Shift In Arjun’s Behavior?

Recalling the encounter between Arjun and Pratap at the beginning of Guns & Gulaabs, Arjun took the initiative to continue the conversation and find a solution. They sat down together and meticulously calculated the losses Pratap had suffered over the course of 12 years of his career and family life. Arjun intended to compensate him for these hardships and seized the opportunity presented by the feud between Sherpur and Gulabganj. This allowed Arjun to execute his plan and keep Pratap from interfering with his personal life. This significant shift in Arjun’s approach did not go unnoticed. His colleagues and subordinates began to observe changes in his behavior. Arjun started withholding records of illegal opium and delayed sending them to headquarters.

When required to sign off on matters, he deliberately delayed the process, leaving others puzzled about his motives. This created a sense of uncertainty among his team as they wondered about Arjun’s intentions. Meanwhile, Arjun maintained a steady line of communication with Sukanto to stay updated on the progress of the deal. Certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled before Arjun can proceed with delivering the opium. However, a crucial aspect is how they coordinate and exchange delivery details. This ongoing interaction between Arjun and Sukanto becomes essential to ensuring the successful execution of their plan. It’s a crucial puzzle piece in the entire episode of Guns & Gulaabs.


What Causes Differences Between Gangaram And Lalkrishna?

Gangaram’s discomfort intensifies as he observes the growing bond between Lalkrishna and Jyotsna. Lalkrishna starts spending more time with Jyotsna, engaging in conversations and sharing books, which irks Gangaram. However, the situation takes a significant turn when Gangaram notices that the offensive sketch he had drawn of Jyotsna on the wall has mysteriously vanished. Unbeknownst to him, Lalkrishna had taken it upon himself to erase the sketch, wanting to shield Jyotsna from the hurtful comments it attracted. Although Lalkrishna doesn’t openly admit to his action, Gangaram’s keen intuition leads him to believe that Lalkrishna was behind the sketch’s disappearance.

This incident became a pivotal moment for Lalkrishna as well. The realization that he went out of his way to protect Jyotsna, combined with the deepening connection they share through their mutual interests, dawns on him. Lalkrishna begins to acknowledge his growing feelings for Jyotsna, and the situation starts to create a complex dynamic between Gangaram, Lalkrishna, and Jyotsna, setting the stage for further developments in their relationships.

What Happens Between Tipu And Atmaram?

As Ganchi’s health improves, a sense of relief and happiness spreads in Gulabganj. Tipu’s observation of a movement in Ganchi’s feet turns out to be true, indicating his genuine recovery. However, this news doesn’t stay contained within Gulabganj; it reaches Nabeed, who recognizes the potential threat Ganchi’s recovery poses to their plans, especially Sukanto’s deal. Nabeed promptly informs Atmaram about the situation and tasks him with eliminating Ganchi to safeguard their interests. In a calculated move, Atmaram and his men infiltrate the hospital, capitalizing on the darkness as they cut off the electricity. Unleashing an open fire amidst the unsuspecting patients and staff, Atmaram aims to end Ganchi’s life and eliminate any potential witnesses, including Tipu.

Sensing danger, Tipu and Bunty devise a plan to outsmart Atmaram. They split up to evade his pursuit, and Tipu proceeds to notify those guarding the hospital. Amidst the chaos, Tipu realizes the formidable nature of Atmaram, who seems impervious to harm. The confrontation escalates, culminating in a tense standoff where Tipu attempts to neutralize Atmaram with a gunshot. However, the bullet miraculously misses its mark, and Atmaram seizes Bunty at knifepoint, gaining the upper hand. In a quick-thinking maneuver, Tipu slides beneath Atmaram’s feet and manages to gain control, ultimately pointing the gun at his adversary.


As Tipu pulls the trigger, an unexpected twist occurs: the bullet inexplicably fails to hit Atmaram, allowing him to escape and evade capture. The intense yet absurd showdown unfolds within the hospital’s serene confines, blending moments of humor with high-stakes drama. The gripping conclusion leaves Tipu and Bunty dealing with Atmaram’s surprising escape. The closing scenes of Guns & Gulaabs episode 5 reveal a precarious situation for Tipu. He finds himself squarely in Atmaram’s crosshairs, with the relentless pursuer showing no signs of relenting. Atmaram’s determination to track down Tipu becomes evident, and it’s clear that Tipu won’t be able to easily shake off this chase.

This unfolding predicament adds to Tipu’s frustration, as he realizes that he allowed the murderer of both his father and best friend to escape without consequence. The weight of this decision and its consequences will continue to loom over Tipu, amplifying the tension in the upcoming episodes of Guns & Gulaabs. It’s possible that Tipu’s loyalty to Ganchi could play a role in winning over Jugnu’s affection. The future holds the answer to this intriguing possibility. As the story unfolds, we’ll see if Tipu’s devotion to Ganchi has a positive impact on his relationship with Jugnu, adding an interesting layer to their dynamic. Time will reveal the outcome and whether Tipu’s actions will influence Jugnu’s perspective or not.


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