‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Arjun Take Over The Opium Business?

In the gripping conclusion of Episode 3, Guns & Gulaabs takes a dramatic turn as the lives of its characters hang in the balance. With Ganchi’s unexpected coma, the opium deal with Sukanto is thrown into chaos, leaving Jugnu to step up and make daring decisions to salvage their plans. Meanwhile, Tipu’s quest for justice turns dark as he teams up with Jugnu, determined to avenge his friend’s death and confront the ruthless Atmaram. Arjun’s past comes back to haunt him with the re-emergence of Yamini, and as their connection deepens, it becomes clear that a web of secrets is unraveling. Now, Episode 4 of Guns & Gulaabs promises to deliver a different outlook towards the characters in the story as they reveal surprising sides of themselves when faced with difficult situations. It’s intriguing to see how quickly circumstances can transform someone’s actions and decisions.


Spoilers AheadĀ 

What Is Sukanto’s New Strategy??

Jugnu, sensing a shift in SP Mishra’s actions, decides to investigate further. He employs his associates to gather information and learns that Mishra is now collaborating with Nabeed. This discovery raises Jugnu’s suspicion that a significant deal is in the works between Nabeed and Sukanto. With this knowledge in mind, Jugnu strategically inserts himself into a meeting between Nabeed and Sukanto. His appearance disrupts their negotiations, and Sukanto realizes that both Gulabganj and Sherpur lack the capacity to fulfill the substantial opium order individually. In a bold move, Sukanto proposes that they join forces to fulfill the order together, combining their resources and capabilities.


However, Jugnu and Nabeed are both resistant to his idea. Sukanto is somewhat indifferent to their longstanding feud, but his concerns revolve around the aftermath of Ganchi’s hospitalization. He fears that without Ganchi’s leadership, Gulabganj won’t be able to deliver the opium on time. This adds to Jugnu’s mounting pressure and challenges as he grapples with the weight of his recent actions and newfound responsibilities. Jugnu finds it difficult to make the right decisions for his family’s business. As the situation unfolds, Jugnu’s character is tested, and the choices he makes will surely have significant implications for both Gulabganj and Sherpur.

How Does Arjun Strategically Navigate The Feud Between Gulabganj And Sherpur?

In the midst of the fourth episode of Guns & Gulaabs, with the ongoing feud between Gulabganj and Sherpur, Arjun Varma, the narcotics officer, sees an opening to make a significant move. He recognizes that the tensions between the two towns have led to a disruption in the illegal opium trade, creating an opportunity for him to strike. Arjun decides to leverage his position and authority to gain insight into the extent of the illegal opium harvesting and transportation happening under the radar. Realizing that the time is ripe for action, Arjun formulates a plan. He intends to conduct a surprise raid simultaneously in the territories controlled by Ganchi and Nabeed, the two main players in the opium business. By doing so, he aims to seize all the illegally harvested opium and disrupt their operations.


This strategic move not only addresses the ongoing conflict but also serves Arjun’s ultimate goal of uprooting the illicit drug trade that has plagued the region. Despite the risks and potential consequences, Arjun remains undeterred. He understands the significance of this moment and believes that the raid could lead to a major breakthrough in curbing the opium trade. Even when Nabeed personally warns him against his decision, Arjun stands firm in his resolve. His determination to take down the illegal opium network outweighs the threats and challenges he may face.

How Do Gangaram’s Actions Create Problems For Jyotsna?

In the previous episode, Gangaram’s anger toward Jyotsna led him to draw inappropriate images of her on a wall. This unfortunate act caused a major predicament for Jyotsna as she became a target of harassment and catcalling, facing derogatory comments from people around her. Despite Lalkrishna’s disapproval, Gangaram proceeded with his drawing. Witnessing the distressing situation Jyotsna was in, Lalkrishna was deeply saddened. As a result, the two of them began spending more time together, forming a stronger bond.


Lalkrishna noticed Jyotsna’s resilience in the face of these challenges, and he saw how she bravely handled the situation without burdening her father with these issues. Both Lalkrishna and Jyotsna shared similar hobbies, particularly their love for reading books. Jyotsna’s influence had a positive effect on Lalkrishna, inspiring him to explore English novels more deeply. With her presence, he began to show increasing interest in the literary world and embrace the joy of reading.

What Transformations Occur In Tipu And Arjun’s Lives?

As Tipu grows increasingly restless with the lack of interest in finding Atmaram due to Ganchi’s hospitalization, he takes matters into his own hands. Along with his companion Bunty, Tipu devises a plan to track down Atmaram in Sherpur. Their attempts to locate him, however, are met with obstacles, and they find themselves being pursued by Atmaram’s men. A dramatic chase and exchange of gunshots ensue, forcing Tipu and Bunty to flee Sherpur and cross back into Gulabganj. Despite the intense ordeal, Tipu manages to return to his duties guarding Ganchi in the hospital. It’s during this time that he observes encouraging signs of improvement in Ganchi’s condition, adding a glimmer of hope to the dire circumstances. In an unexpected turn of events, a major twist unfolds in Guns & Gulaabs that catches viewers off guard. Arjun, the narcotics officer known for his dedication to justice, takes a surprising and risky step.


Arjun switches sides by arranging a personal meeting with Sukanto, striking a deal to supply opium directly, and guaranteeing successful delivery. Arjun’s motivation appears to be to safeguard his career and his family’s future. His shift in allegiance introduces a new layer of complexity to the story. Sukanto’s immediate agreement highlights the impact of Arjun’s strategic move. In the past, SP Mishra attempted to explain the workings of Gulabganj to Arjun, but Arjun remained unaffected. When Mishra discovers Arjun’s actions to seize illegal opium, he warns him once more. However, Arjun remains resolute, informing Mishra that he has already dispatched the information to headquarters. This situation unfolds with tense dynamics and decisions that set the stage for further developments.

The ending of Episode 4 introduces a new chapter in Arjun’s journey as he delves into a high-stakes path. However, the gamble carries the potential for backlash, especially if Sherpur and Gulabganj manage to collaborate. The episodes promise an engaging exploration of how Arjun navigates the challenges, presenting an intriguing blend of personal and professional dilemmas. Arjun emerges as a figure of determination. With his career and family hanging in precarious balance, he takes a calculated risk that could redefine his destiny. Despite the looming threat to his life, Arjun refuses to yield to the circumstances that have plagued his existence. His resolve to strike a deal with Sukanto is reflected in his refusal to let go of hard-fought accomplishments. Arjun’s journey is fraught with sacrifice. Madhu, his wife, has relinquished her own aspirations to support him, highlighting the impact his choices have on those around him. This stems from his relentless pursuit of justice, which contrasts sharply with the clandestine dealings of the opium world. As the story unfolds, viewers are curious to witness the unfolding consequences of Arjun’s decision.


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