‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Tipu Join Ganchi’s Gang?

In the electrifying second episode of Guns & Gulaabs, the narrative takes an exhilarating turn, leaving a trail of massive changes in its wake. With Ganchi’s unexpected fall, the reins of power shift to Jugnu, plunging him into a world of responsibility and intrigue. As Jugnu’s rise reshapes the landscape, Tipu grapples with a crucial decision: to elude the looming threat of Atmaram or pursue a perilous path of vengeance for his friend’s tragic demise. Amidst the unfolding drama, Arjun’s life teeters on a precipice, and the mystery deepens as the spotlight focuses on a critical encounter that could either salvage or shatter his world. As alliances shift, motives intertwine, and uncertainties escalate, Guns & Gulaabs enters its intriguing third episode, inviting us deeper into the unpredictable forces that bind these lives together.


Spoilers Ahead 

Who Is The Person Arjun Meets After The Call?

At the end of Episode 2 in Guns & Gulaabs, Arjun dials a number and meets Pratap, a former IAS officer serving time in a Delhi prison. This Pratap character, you see, had orchestrated Yamini’s entry into Arjun’s life, a cunning move aimed at disrupting Arjun’s serene career and family equilibrium. These two have a complex history; they were tangled up in a defense scandal back in the day. It turns out that Pratap might have been in the mix, but the actual culprits slipped away, leaving him as the fall guy, bearing the weight of disgrace while sacrificing his family and livelihood. Arjun attempted to clear Pratap’s name from the scandal, but higher-ups yanked his own name out of the case, and he ended up demoted. Pratap’s furious; he blames Arjun for everything he’s lost.


Now, Pratap’s just biding his time, waiting for that perfect moment to exact revenge and bring Arjun’s world crashing down. After parting ways with Pratap, Arjun’s next stop is Yamini’s doorstep, seeking answers. Their connection grew deeper as time passed, nudging Arjun into love’s embrace. Initially, Yamini viewed Arjun as a task handed down by Pratap, a lifeline in her darkest hours. Thanks to him, she’s still here. A bond formed, and she’d go to any length for Pratap. However, a twist lies beneath the surface. Yamini’s affection could aid Arjun, as long as it doesn’t collide with Pratap’s designs. But he quickly realizes that Yamini’s loyalty to Pratap overshadows all else. Their paths may have intertwined, but her heart remains bound to Pratap’s whims.

How Is Arjun’s Daughter Jyotsna Connected To Gangaram, Lalkrishna, And Ikhlaq?

Jyotsna’s arrival at their school brings a wave of change, as her impressive learning skills and accent quickly draw attention. Lalkrishna, who has always been the top student and class representative, faces a setback when Jyotsna surpasses him in grades, taking over his position. This shift doesn’t sit well with Gangaram, who sees this as an opportunity to challenge Jyotsna. To exacerbate matters, during a classroom incident, Jyotsna mistakenly attributes a mistake to Lalkrishna, resulting in Lalkrishna being unfairly punished for something he didn’t do. Even though it was Gangaram’s fault, this incident fuels Gangaram’s determination to get back at Jyotsna and regain his pride. The clash between Gangaram, Lalkrishna, and Jyotsna marks another turning point in Guns & Gulaabs.


What Fate Befalls Ganchi, And How Do Tipu’s Decisions Shift In Response?

Ganchi’s critical condition, left comatose and reliant on life support, casts a shadow of uncertainty on the Ganchi family. Doctors can’t predict his fate, leaving the opium deal with Sukanto hanging by a thread. Despite the gang’s unity, whispers of internal disturbance ripple through. Undeterred, Ganchi’s crew remains steadfast in their pursuit of the deal. But pressure mounts; higher-ups loom, and Sukanto’s strings are pulled by a shadowy force. To ease tensions, Jugnu takes charge, initiating a daring move to incorporate government opium. As the situation grows increasingly intricate, Nabeed’s keen intuition detects an anomaly. Despite Atmaram’s lethal act, Ganchi’s gang remains unresponsive, raising suspicions. Nabeed knows Ganchi wouldn’t remain silent.

Swiftly, Nabeed takes action. He tasks Atmaram with a new mission to uncover the truth unfolding in Gulabganj. On a different note, Tipu makes a bold decision to come out of hiding and seek revenge for the deaths of Suneel and his father, Babu Tiger. To accomplish this, he realizes that teaming up with Ganchi is crucial. So, Tipu joins forces with Jugnu, who swiftly assigns him a task. Tipu’s new responsibility is to protect Ganchi while he’s in the hospital. For this task, he’s partnered with his new companion, Bunty. Previously, Tipu was inclined to leave Gulabganj behind and escape the escalating danger. However, when Tipu unexpectedly comes face to face with Atmaram once more, the sight of Atmaram triggers a surge of emotions within Tipu.


The memories of his friend Suneel’s brutal death and his father’s murder rush back to him. These emotions overpowered his initial desire to escape. In that pivotal moment, Tipu experiences a significant change of heart. The anger, grief, and desire for vengeance have welled up within him, pushing him to take a drastic decision—to confront the darkness head-on and become a part of the dangerous world he once wanted to avoid. This decision signifies Tipu’s transition from a young man seeking an ordinary life to someone who is willing to embrace the role of a gangster.

What Happens Between Jugnu And Dr. Sinha?

In the finale of Guns & Gulaabs, episode 3, news of Ganchi’s hospitalization quickly spreads through Gulabganj and Sherpur. Seizing the opportunity, Nabeed’s men swiftly discover Ganchi’s vulnerability and exploit it to their advantage. With a calculated move, Nabeed and his men forcefully take control of Ganchi’s opium operations, disturbing the balance in Gulabganj. This disruption doesn’t go unnoticed, and the news reaches Arjun as well. As he delves into the unfolding events, he uncovers a deeper connection between Nabeed and Ganchi. Arjun learns that Nabeed’s animosity stems from a past promise that Ganchi made to him—the promise of making Nabeed his successor. However, with the arrival of Jugnu, Ganchi’s priorities shifted, and Nabeed’s hopes were shattered, turning him into a fierce adversary. Despite their shared history, their differences remain unresolved.

Arjun realizes that Nabeed sees this moment as a prime opportunity to dismantle Ganchi’s empire. As news about Ganchi’s situation spreads, Jugnu becomes suspicious that Dr. Sinha, Ganchi’s doctor, might be responsible for the leak. Wanting answers, Jugnu personally confronts Dr. Sinha to uncover the truth. However, Sinha’s dismissive attitude towards him frustrates Jugnu, especially considering he’s Ganchi’s son. Frustration mounts as Sinha fails to provide Jugnu with the information that he wants. Despite Jugnu’s growing impatience, Sinha continues to urge him to leave and rest. This only fuels Jugnu’s anger, and in a fit of rage, he shoves Sinha. Tragically, the forceful push caused Dr. Sinha to fall onto the broken glass Jugnu had shattered earlier to wake him up, resulting in a fatal accident.

The ending of Guns & Gulaabs, episode 3, gives us a glimpse of how each character is at a crossroads, making significant decisions that will reshape their lives. With Ganchi’s absence due to his coma, the equilibrium in the town is shattered, highlighting his pivotal role in maintaining a peaceful environment. Tipu’s transformation is evident as he takes a bold step to avenge Suneel’s death, no longer willing to remain passive. This marks a turning point for him, as he is ready to confront the notorious Atmaram, driven by his desire for payback. The upcoming episodes hold the promise of unraveling the opium deal’s fate between Gulabganj and Sherpur, leaving us eager to discover the unfolding twists and turns.


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