‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Suneel?

Previously, in the gripping debut of Guns & Gulaabs, we were introduced to an intricate web of characters and circumstances. From the seemingly ordinary lives of school buddies Gangaram, Lalkrishna, and Ikhlaq in Gulabganj to the chilling murder of Babu Tiger, a key player in Ganchi’s ruthless drug world, Tipu unwillingly finds himself entangled in his father’s dark legacy as a fateful encounter leads to a shocking act of violence. Meanwhile, the arrival of Arjun Varma, an unwavering narcotics officer, adds a new layer of complexity. As alliances shift and past connections resurface, the threads of Ganchi, Arjun, and Tipu’s lives intertwine in unexpected ways. With tensions rising and choices becoming paramount, the stage is set for a dramatic continuation in episode 2 of Guns & Gulaabs.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens After The Deaths Of Manish And His Friend?

Guided by his loyal friend Suneel, Tipu manages to discreetly discard Manish’s body, but his accomplice’s lifeless form remains out in the open. Soon, the word spreads like wildfire, reaching even Atmaram and his crew. While no one actually witnessed the fatal encounter, rumors are already spreading about a mechanic being involved in its demise. Feeling the heat, Tipu knows he’s in a tight spot. With Atmaram’s looming threat, he makes a daring choice: seeking assistance from Ganchi, who is truly a highly respected figure in Gulabganj. Why? Ganchi’s power and influence cast a protective shield, warding off potential police involvement and inquiries. With Ganchi by his side, Tipu hopes to ensure that his name remains untarnished, relying on Ganchi’s unassailable reputation to keep any legal troubles at bay.


The series adds a humorous twist to the mix, infusing a lighthearted vibe into the dark comedy. It cleverly showcases Tipu, who’s just committed two murders in the blink of an eye yet seems to be oblivious to the gravity of the situation. Even amidst the chaos, he’s still fixated on that darn love letter, curious about its contents. What’s heartwarming is his unwavering friendship with Suneel, who’s always by his side. Now, brace yourself for the fun part—when Tipu realizes the love letter has gone haywire. Language barrier or not, he catches on that something’s gone terribly wrong. With zero delay, Tipu and Suneel embark on a double act, juggling a night of murder with a mishandled love saga. And who comes to their rescue? None other than Gangaram and Lalkrishna were roped in to craft a fresh letter. That’s when Tipu learns about Gangaram’s massive crush on Chandralekha.

Who Is The Mystery Caller In Arjun Varma’s Life?

Remember the mystery caller from episode one? Well, it’s none other than Yamini, Arjun Varma’s lover. It turns out that the seemingly flawless Arjun isn’t as picture-perfect as he appears. Behind his ideal family façade, there’s an illicit relationship with Yamini, who unexpectedly re-enters his life. Having his curiosity piqued, Arjun wonders why Yamini is back, and she hands him a number, cryptically hinting that someone wants to talk. But Arjun, busy with his routine, brushes it off. He’s even got Ganchi approaching him, offering a hand in his business. But Arjun’s got a snappy comeback and waves off any support. Things are sailing smoothly until a man named Dheeraj barges in with a shocker—intimate photos of Arjun and Yamini sent to his home.


Thankfully, Arjun intercepts them just in time to snatch the envelope from his wife Madhu’s hands, narrowly avoiding a family catastrophe. It’s the wake-up call he needed, knowing that Yamini’s message carries a sense of urgency. To protect his family and keep his world from unraveling, Arjun must now heed Yamini’s cryptic call and meet the mystery contact before his life spirals out of control. Madhu, Arjun’s wife, picks up on her husband’s restlessness, but she brushes it off, chalking it up to the usual work stress. You know, the typical stuff that we all deal with. But here’s the kicker: behind the scenes, Arjun’s got this mental tug-of-war going on, making him think whether to call or not. It’s a question that’s running through his mind. As the seconds tick by, Arjun’s inner debate keeps churning, and you’re left wondering: Will he take the plunge and make the call?

Did Ganchi’s Protect Tipu And Suneel From Atmaram?

Just when Tipu starts to feel things are finally falling into place, a curveball comes his way. You see, he thought he had the love letter game all figured out, handing over the perfect note to Chandralekha. But guess what? Life’s not always a rom-com. She shoots him down, citing their vastly different backgrounds as a barrier. Chandralekha’s got her sights set on big aspirations. Now, here’s where the twist kicks in. Tipu’s unexpected reputation—the rumor about him taking down two guys—grabs Chandralekha’s attention. It’s like a strange magnetism, maybe because she has always respected Babu Tiger. It turns out he once saved her from a bunch of troublemakers in her college days.


But wait, there’s more. Just as Tipu navigates these emotional twists, a bombshell drops: Ganchi, the big boss, loses consciousness from a nasty fall. And guess what? His son, Jugnu, steps into the spotlight. Tipu is blissfully unaware of this change, and with Ganchi out of the picture, Tipu’s safety net vanishes. It was once about avoiding run-ins with the police, but Ganchi’s aura offered extra protection. Without it, Tipu’s in a tight spot, and the stakes just got even higher in the tangled tale of Guns & Gulaabs. On that very same night, things took a devastating turn. Tipu and Suneel slip up by not staying hidden and decide to head out to watch a movie. But their timing couldn’t have been worse.

Out of the shadows, Atmaram and his crew suddenly appear, surrounding them. A tense showdown unfolds. Tipu and Suneel manage to hold their ground initially, but the odds turn against them, and Atmaram eventually gets hold of Suneel. What follows is heartbreaking: without any rhyme or reason, Suneel loses his life. Tipu, caught in shock and disbelief, is frozen, unable to do anything as he watches his dear friend bleed away. With no better options left, Tipu’s left with one path: hiding. The threat of Atmaram looms large, and he knows it’s just a matter of time before the storm hits. With a heavy heart and eyes welling up, Tipu makes a quick getaway. He’s fully aware he’s the next target, and the urgency propels him to escape the danger zone.

Episode 2 of Guns & Gulaabs delivers a game-changing shift in the storyline, setting the stage for pivotal turns in everyone’s lives. As one character’s destiny evolves, it ripples through the lives of others, forming the foundation for what’s to come. With Ganchi’s unexpected setback, the spotlight turns to Jugnu, who must fill his father’s shoes—a transition that promises to reshape the dynamics of power. Amidst this unfolding drama, Tipu is faced with a pressing dilemma: safeguarding himself from the impending threat of Atmaram. Will he lay low to escape the danger or take matters into his own hands to avenge his friend’s tragic fate? At the same time, Arjun’s life hangs by a thread, with the next episode primed to unveil the identity of the person he’s about to meet—someone who holds the power to steer his life away from happiness. The plot thickens as the characters navigate through intrigue and the ever-tightening grip of fate in Guns & Gulaabs.

Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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