‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Babu Tiger?

Guns & Gulaabs, another brilliant creation by the duo Raj & DK, adds to their impressive line-up of unconventional dark comedies. Building on their successful collaborations like The Family Man and Shor In The City, they’ve established themselves as renowned creators in the film industry. Just as Guns & Roses is iconic, Raj & DK’s Guns & Gulaabs promises to captivate viewers with its engaging narrative centered around an opium deal. The series delves into the interconnected lives of various characters caught in this web, portraying the intense rivalry between two towns, Gulabganj and Sherpur. Get ready to be hooked to the screen as you witness the enthralling tale of power, conflict, and dark humor unfold in this gripping show.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Was The Reason Behind Babu Tiger’s Death?

Guns & Gulaabs kicks off on a regular day with three school pals, Gangaram, Lalkrishna, and Ikhlaq, casually debating the intensity of their love interests—sounds typical, doesn’t it? But that’s just the surface. Suddenly, the scene takes a thrilling turn as you spot a man named Babu Tiger racing through the opium fields in Gulabganj, desperately evading a gang of thugs. Now this is where the notorious four-cut Atmaram comes into the picture. He viciously ends the life of Babu Tiger while Gangaram watches helplessly. He works as a goon in Ganchi’s opium empire, which thrives in Gulabganj. Ganchi’s grip on the drug trade yields hefty profits, and Babu Tiger was his right-hand man, orchestrating operations. But for his son, Tipu, none of this counts for much. Growing up, Babu Tiger’s absence denied Tipu the chance to experience fatherly love, yet a lingering connection remained, acknowledging the bond.


Here’s where the age-old rivalry between Gulabganj and Sherpur takes center stage. Nabeed, Sherpur’s ruler, emerges as the antagonist, a formidable rival to Ganchi. This rivalry is at the heart of Babu Tiger’s fate—his death was engineered by Nabeed. As Ganchi’s trusted enforcer, Babu Tiger’s demise throws a wrench into opium deals, jeopardizing the entire operation. Nevertheless, Ganchi handles the majority of the opium business, and he is getting ready for a massive deal with this guy named Sukanto from Kolkata. But here’s the catch: Sukanto is not feeling all that confident about it. Even though Ganchi’s a pro in the opium world, this deal is on a whole different level, and he’s never tackled something this big before. You know, it’s like stepping into uncharted territory for him, and the uncertainty is buzzing in the air.

Why Did Tipu Decide To Stay Away From Ganchi?

Somewhere, Ganchi starts to see potential in Tipu, almost like a chip off the old block from his father, Babu Tiger. Yet, Tipu’s heart doesn’t align with the drug world; he’s got his sights set on a peaceful life with his longtime crush, Chandralekha, who happens to teach English. Tipu managed to keep his distance from Ganchi’s business. He’s wary of stirring up more trouble for himself, preferring to steer clear of the complications that could arise. But there’s more to Tipu’s dreams. He’s not just eyeing a romance with Chandralekha or steering clear of Ganchi’s world. Nope, he’s got another wish up his sleeve. See, Tipu’s a mechanic, and what he really craves is his very own auto repair shop. He’s yearning for a life where he can call the shots, be his own boss, and put his skills to good use. It’s a bid to escape the hurdles that always seem to pop up and derail his plans.


This is the part where the threads of Tipu and Gangaram’s stories intertwine. The details mesh seamlessly as Gangaram steps up to help Tipu with a special task: writing a love letter to Chandralekha in English. Gangaram’s buddy, Lalkrishna, is quite the love-letter-writing whiz. But here’s where the twist comes in: It’s not all smooth sailing. You see, Gangaram isn’t just playing matchmaker for Tipu; it turns out, he’s got a major crush on Chandralekha himself. And guess what? She’s his teacher! So, in a twisty move, he switches the letters around, hoping to spark some drama and, in the process, leaving Tipu heartbroken.

How Does The Arrival Of Arjun Varma Change Everything In The Story?

The first episode of Guns & Gulaabs also marks the entry of Arjun Varma, the quintessential Narcotics officer who is a true-blue advocate for justice. He’s not the type to bend to bribery or unlawful demands. It’s crystal clear—he’s all about enforcing the law, no shortcuts. Ganchi’s well aware of Arjun’s stand, and it’s like a card he holds up his sleeve. If Babu Tiger were still around, things would have flowed smoother. But with him gone, Ganchi’s focus shifts to keeping Arjun under his influence and ensuring he follows Ganchi’s orders to the letter, especially while the crucial deal hangs in the balance. The moment Arjun steps into the scene, he dives straight into the heart of the biggest thing buzzing in Gulabganj—the opium business. He gets his hands on all the records and files linked to the opium factories, leaving no stone unturned.


Right from day one, Arjun’s on a personal mission, personally visiting these factories to decode the entire process—how it all flows, the nitty-gritty stuff, like opium quality and its medical aspects. Now, don’t think it’s a walk in the park for Arjun. Nope, it’s not that simple. Ganchi’s playing his cards too. He’s got SP Mishra on the scene, giving Arjun a guided tour of how things roll in Gulabganj. But that’s not the only curveball Arjun’s dealing with. Out of the blue, there’s this mysterious call, anonymous but deep-hitting. It’s like a memory bomb from his past, one that could send ripples through his happy family life. So, while Arjun digs into the opium world’s secrets, there’s a whole lot more swirling beneath the surface that’s bound to come up sooner or later.

How Does Tipu’s Life Connect With Atmaram?

Meet Four-Cut Atmaram: a contract killer from Mumbai working for Nabeed. His signature move? Four deadly slashes that can take a life in seconds He’s the one who took down Babu Tiger, Tipu’s father. Now, here’s where things twist up. Tipu wasn’t exactly itching for revenge, but fate’s got other plans. Two guys from Sherpur roll into Tipu’s shop, fresh from a brawl with the Gulabganj crew. When they meet Tipu, they instantly connect the dots—he’s Babu Tiger’s kid. Now, one of these fellas, Manish, spills the beans big time. He lays it all out, including how he and Atmaram dealt that fatal blow to Tipu’s dad. And guess what? Tipu, already hurt from his father’s loss and heartbreak, snaps. He grabs a spanner and ends both their lives right then and there.

The conclusion of the first episode grabs your attention right from the get-go, and what makes Guns & Gulaabs even more captivating is how each character’s life weaves into one another’s. It’s like a puzzle that keeps you digging deeper. Now, let’s talk about Atmaram. He’s not to be underestimated because he is a stone-cold killer. You just know he’s not going to let Tipu off the hook. Tipu, who’s entered a world he despised his dad for, is unexpectedly caught up in this mess. It’s a twist you might not have seen coming: Tipu’s character takes a sharp turn due to his past, showing that history doesn’t just vanish. It shadows you, following your every move. And as the story unfolds, the lives of Ganchi, Arjun Varma, and Tipu are all hanging in the balance. Choices become crucial, decisions weigh heavy, and it’s a rollercoaster of what to embrace and what to dodge. With each layer peeled back, the intrigue deepens, making you eager to discover how this intricate combination of fate, revenge, and choices plays out.

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