‘Gangs Of Oslo’ Recap & Ending Explained: Does Rami Face Arrest For His Criminal Activities?

Sometimes, our past can be like a shadow that refuses to let go. It clings to us, reminding us of our mistakes and regrets, and it can haunt us until the very end. But what’s truly fascinating is when life weaves a story of unexpected connections, turning erstwhile friends into bitter enemies, only to reunite them under the most precarious circumstances. Similarly, the lives of Rami and Moaz, who were once inseparable childhood pals, drifted apart over the years. Their lives took divergent paths, and they became strangers to each other, locked in a silent feud. Until fate brings them back together in the Gangs of Oslo. Now, Moaz’s life hangs by a thread, tied to a debt that he owed Rami, a debt that could either lead to redemption or destruction.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Is the Connection Between Rami and Moaz?

Gangs of Oslo introduces us to Moaz, the newly transferred police officer who joins the Hubro task force in Lakkeberg. The mission? Locating the missing Pakistani man, Hamza, a case that’s amplified by the looming elections and public safety concerns. The spotlight is on Rami, a figure with a dark reputation as the leader of the Enemiez, a drug-dealing gang. Moaz’s unease deepens when he realizes that his past connections with Rami could jeopardize his career, family life, and personal reputation. What’s more concerning is that the Enemiez gang is known for involving children in their illegal activities, luring them with enticing rewards like expensive trinkets and money. These tasks aren’t your typical youthful mischief; they could lead these kids down a perilous path.


Things take an intriguing turn when Rami, in a rather awkward but friendly meeting, extends an unexpected offer to Moaz: to become his informant. The tension in this situation is palpable, and Moaz is faced with a moral and ethical dilemma that could have far-reaching consequences. Their connection goes back to the time when Moaz and Rami, who were once childhood troublemakers, found themselves involved in petty theft and mischief, but Moaz always seemed a tad different, perhaps a bit more cautious. Then came that fateful moment when they were caught stealing. In a sudden twist, it was Moaz who showed a different side. He pulled a fast one, pointing a gun at a shop owner, allowing him and Rami to escape.

When the police closed in, it was Rami who took the fall, shielding Moaz from the clutches of the law at the age of 14. On the other hand, Rami’s persistence knows no bounds as he closes in on Moaz, making it abundantly clear that he’s not one to be trifled with. Those menacing shadows, Rami’s henchmen, hovering around Moaz must feel like a vise tightening around him. Moaz steps in, not only to save Hamza but also to remind Rami and his crew of the potential repercussions if any harm befalls him. In a bizarre twist, Rami entrusts the task of delivering Hamza to the hospital to a mere 13-year-old boy named Tarik.


What Happens When Moaz Attempts to Get Suspension From His Job?

Moaz is desperate to distance himself from Rami and even considers getting transferred to an administrative job to escape the mess. Meanwhile, Hamza regains consciousness, and Moaz and his coworker are tasked with talking to him. However, Moaz is hesitant, fearing that Hamza might recognize him from his encounter with Rami. As the pressure mounts, Moaz loses his composure. He intentionally hits one of Rami’s henchmen, Omar, leading to his suspension from the police force. While Moaz is taking drastic steps to avoid Rami, Rami himself is oblivious to the extent of Moaz’s efforts. He’s dealing with his own dilemma: trying to balance a desire for a peaceful life with the complications of his underworld connections, especially since his girlfriend, Majken, is pregnant.

Moaz’s suspension from Hubro proves to be a heavy burden. He faces rigorous questioning and scrutiny from internal affairs, even enduring racist comments from officials. Rami’s frustration grows as he learns about this situation. However, he fails to grasp that Moaz is already dealing with significant family issues, and Rami’s relentless pressure only exacerbates his problems. To make matters more complex, Moaz discovers that his wife is set to fight Rami in court. On the flip side, Rami has already concluded that Moaz’s actions were intentional. In a surprising turn of events, Omar takes the blame for repeatedly hitting Moaz, claiming that he did it to provoke him. This selfless act by Omar helps the internal affairs officers drop the case against Moaz and reinstate him in his job. It’s a twist in the tale that leaves Moaz both relieved and conflicted, as it resolves one issue while potentially creating new complications in his relationship.


Is Rami’s threat enough to intimidate Moaz?

Rami, knowing that Moaz’s biggest vulnerability is his daughter Tiril, seizes the opportunity to kidnap her one day when Moaz is supposed to pick her up from school. Rami ensures that Tiril’s teacher is aware of the beach he’s taking her to. When Moaz receives the news that Tiril has been taken, he rushes to the beach to confront Rami. This confrontation becomes intense as Rami emphasizes how lucrative his criminal dealings are to him, using Tiril’s safety as leverage to keep Moaz under his control. On the same night, Moaz, in a desperate bid to confront Rami and resolve the situation, leaves home, and his car accidentally hits a tree. Moaz somehow manages to get back home, but seeing Rami’s reflection on his own face in the mirror is haunting. It’s a visual representation of how Rami’s actions and presence have left a mark on Moaz, both physically and mentally.

This encounter serves as a constant reminder that Moaz can’t easily escape the grip that Rami has on his life. It’s as if the universe itself is saying that Moaz’s life is intertwined with the darkness that Rami represents. The psychological toll that Rami’s presence has on Moaz is becoming increasingly evident. The trauma from their shared past, coupled with the current threat to his daughter, is pushing Moaz to the brink. His mind is playing tricks on him, blurring the lines between reality and his haunting memories. When Moaz starts pointing his gun around the house, it’s a stark indication of his mental turmoil. His wife’s intervention offers a temporary respite, but deep down, Moaz knows that this isn’t a mere concussion or confusion. Rami’s influence over him is growing, and it’s tearing him apart, making him lose control over his own thoughts and actions.

Does Moaz manage to maintain his facade?

The ending of Gangs of Oslo unfolds during Operation Vårløsning, as the Hubro unit, with Moaz’s involvement, prepares to apprehend Rami and his gang. However, a twist occurs when Moaz ends up aiding Rami, allowing him to escape unharmed. Yet, when Moaz’s wife receives a menacing warning at their doorstep, Moaz’s emotions get the better of him. He decides to confront Rami directly, breaking into his home and holding him at gunpoint. This intense moment serves as a confrontation between the two, with Moaz demanding answers about the threats to his family even though he’s been trying to assist Rami. However, he pleads his innocence, insisting that it was Omar, not him, who was responsible for the threats. Rami appeals to Moaz for help in evading the police, citing his desire to be a good father to his unborn child.

Moaz, torn and with tears in his eyes, is left with no choice but to follow Rami’s commands in the interest of his family’s safety and his reputation. The series takes an unexpected turn when Tarik, facing bullying from some young kids, decides to enlist the help of his friends and confronts his tormentors at gunpoint. This tense situation escalates until the kids’ parents intervene and subdue him. Fortunately, Moaz arrives just in time to rescue Tarik. To cover up the incident, Moaz claims that he discovered the gun in the woods. However, this act of deception doesn’t go unnoticed, as the police eventually trace the bullets back to Rami’s gun. This leads to Tarik being brought in for questioning. The authorities suspect that he might have insider knowledge related to Rami’s activities, raising suspicions about the mysterious informant’s role in aiding the gang leader.


As the police attempt to coerce the boy into confessing and providing information, Moaz comes to the rescue and sends a reassuring text to the boy, promising to protect him. This message gives the young boy the confidence and reassurance he needs to resist the pressure from the authorities. Moaz’s intervention not only helps the boy avoid revealing potentially damaging information but also showcases the lengths to which he is willing to go to protect himself from the dangerous secrets that surround Rami and his gang. Moaz faces a cascading series of problems. First, Rami’s anger is directed at Omar for sending those bullets as a warning to Moaz’s wife, adding to the tension within their criminal operation. Then, another predicament arises as Moaz’s coworker, Linda, attempts to conduct illegal surveillance outside Omar’s home.

What Happens to Rami and Omar?

In the gripping final episode of Gangs of Oslo, the tension escalates as Moaz’s fears grow with each passing moment. The police decide to keep a close watch on Rami around the clock in hopes of obtaining a witness statement and pressing additional charges against him. The investigation takes a new turn when they bring in Rami’s girlfriend, Majken, for questioning. Initially, it seems like she might provide incriminating information, but to everyone’s surprise, she becomes his alibi. Majken’s motive is clear: she wants Rami to turn away from a life of crime for the sake of their family and their unborn child. Meanwhile, Rami discovers that his henchman, Omar, is betraying him, and he takes drastic measures by killing him. At the same time, chaos unfolds in Moaz’s personal life as his wife finds out about his ADHD diagnosis and decides to leave him. Moaz tries to keep up with it and buys drugs, but ends up getting attacked by the drug peddlers and losing consciousness.


In a parallel storyline, Tarik faces problems with bullies once again, and Moaz is unable to help him. However, Rami intervenes to protect Tarik from harm. When Moaz regains consciousness, he informs Rami about his impending arrest due to the drug deals he’s involved in. As the situation grows increasingly complex, Moaz’s coworker, India, discovers his connection to Rami’s past. India and Moaz had grown close throughout Gangs of Oslo Season 1, and she had been keeping an eye on him. She proposes a deal to Moaz: she’ll protect him if he provides evidence against Rami. Trapped and cornered, Moaz reluctantly agrees. A dramatic encounter between Moaz and Rami takes place, with secrets hanging in the balance. However, an unexpected gunshot rings out inside Moaz’s car, drawing the attention of officers.

Rami escapes, and Moaz is left injured. In a tense moment, it appears that both their fates are uncertain. Gangs of Oslo takes us to a poignant conclusion where Rami, though suffering from mental issues due to sleep deprivation, sends a message of gratitude to Moaz. This ending reflects on their enduring connection, shown through a flashback to their shared past of sending balloons into the sky. The series closes with the implication that some bonds remain unbroken. In the end, Tarik, despite his earlier troubles, has continued to rise in the criminal world, signifying that change is possible even amid challenging circumstances.


Will There Be A Season 2?

The intertwined lives of Rami and Moaz have always been at the core of Gangs of Oslo, even as they ventured down different paths. They both share the aspiration of being great fathers, but the challenges and threats surrounding them make it incredibly difficult. For instance, Rami is about to become a father with his girlfriend Majken, and you can feel his longing as he holds his child’s sonogram while in hiding. The possibilities are dire, and he worries about whether Majken will take him back after everything she’s risked for him. On the other hand, Moaz is dealing with his own family issues. His wife left him, but their daughter Tiril is still by his side in the hospital. The uncertainty of whether things will ever return to normal lingers. All these possibilities hint at the potential for a revival of Rami and Moaz’s stories in Gangs of Oslo Season 2. The chase for Rami continues, and he must tread carefully to leave no traces behind. And as always, Moaz will be right there, protecting him.

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