‘Fukrey 3’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Choocha Lose His Petrol Power?

The first movie in the series, Fukrey (2013) was directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and was a sleeper hit. The story of three unemployed men trying to make some money through illegal channels leads to many hilarious situations, making this film one of the best comedies to have come out of Hindi cinema. After the success of the sequel, the director is back with a third film. Fukrey 3 has the same cast, excluding Ali Fazal and starts where the last film ended. There is a roller coaster of incidents that forces every character in the film to take some extreme steps.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Bholi Standing For Local Elections?

After the events of the first two films, Bholi Punjabaan, aka Phool Kumari Sehgal, planned to run for local elections in Delhi. She was a money-minded businesswoman who was financially struggling after her stint in prison. This would be her gateway to seeking more money through corrupt practices. She also promised to put an end to the water mafia, which was causing a shortage of necessities in the city. Unbeknownst to many, her campaign was being funded by Dhingra, the king of the water mafia in the city. He had hoped to use Bholi as his gateway to further bring more money into his business. Bholi initially hoped to not answer questions about the water shortage, but getting into politics would mean resolving tough matters.


Who Did The Fukrey Gang Place Against Bholi?

The Fukrey gang, along with Pandit Ji, was asked to help Bholi with the election campaign. At the end of the last film, these men were given an electronics shop, but the business was suffering because of their careless and reckless behavior. To earn some hard cash to survive, the Fukrey gang and Panditji agree to be a part of Bholi’s election campaign. The group realized Bholi was phony and that she was not campaigning for the betterment of the city. To destabilize her power, the gang and Panditji placed Choocha against her. Choocha’s simple-mindedness and unintentionally honest nature drew a lot of supporters and sympathy, which was a threat to Bholi. Bholi and Choocha had a thing for each other in the previous film; the former seems to have moved on toward a bigger goal now, which is to win the election.

What Happened In South Africa?

Choocha had attained a new power in the second film that granted him glimpses from the future, hilariously known as “Deja-chu”. Eddie and Bobby, Bholi’s bodyguards, offer the Fukrey gang and Panditji a trip to South Africa to locate a precious diamond from a mine owned by their family. Tempted by the money they could make from selling the precious stone that could essentially fund the election, the gang flies to the said destination. They soon realized Bholi had devised this plan to keep Choocha and the gang away from the election campaigns. To everyone’s surprise, Choocha located a diamond but ended up consuming it. There was no end to the hilarity and the convoluted situations the gang fell into. The gang had hoped to acquire some money from the diamond they had obtained from the mine, but since Choocha had involuntarily gulped it down, they had to find a new way to fund the campaign.


What Was The Discovery Made By The Fukrey Gang?

Getting out of South Africa was an ordeal, but somehow they were able to fly out, taking a crazy discovery with them. Just days before heading back to Delhi, the gang was hiding from the original mine owner once they learned of Choocha having a diamond. At the hideout, they discovered that the presence of a diamond in Choocha’s body caused some chemical reactions and modified his urine. Mixing that with Hunny’s sweat produced a new kind of fossil fuel. We are not sure about the kind of humor the makers were trying to generate through such gags. The uncomfortable and suggestive way they put across their plan only makes the story weird. Coming up with wacky discoveries was a common trope used in the Fukrey series.

The discovery of this fuel formed using two unusual body wastes led to the gang coming up with a new business plan to generate income for the election campaign. The gang desperately wanted to win the election. They aimed to defeat Bholi and keep her away from public office. These men were useless, for they never had a steady job to begin with, but they wanted a responsible official as a public representative. Choocha was too naïve, but they believed his intentions were honest, and he garnered the attention of the crowd. The gang sold their new fossil fuels and generated enough money. They were on the verge of winning this election.


Why Did Bholi Marry Choocha?

Bholi wanted to exit from the deal she had made with Dhingra, but on the other hand, she also intended to win the election. She manipulated Choocha into marrying her. Out of love for her, Choocha reveals his source of income to her. Choocha’s innocence could cost him the election, and he ended up making her a partner in this business his gang had begun. Bholi, on the other hand, was worried about Dhingra’s maneuvers and was willing to do anything to keep him away from her campaign. She wanted to earn some money off the business Choocha had a hand in, and being his legally married wife automatically gave her a right to the profit. This was indeed a smart plan hatched by her. Bholi hit a jackpot by marrying Choocha, and she soon withdrew from the election. Choocha will certainly win the fight unopposed, and she will surely gain a lot of power with her husband taking over a public office. Little did she know Dhingra meant business when he funded Bholi’s election, and he expected answers. Dhingra was a hardcore businessman, and he would want profit in return after investing a hefty amount in Bholi.

Who Kidnapped Choocha?

Dhingra kidnaps Choocha to get Bholi and the rest of the Fukrey gang’s attention. Since he was also aware of the business the Fukrey gang was into, he demanded a partnership as well. To get Dhingra out of business and game, Bholi and the Fukrey gang come together to save Choocha’s life. On reaching Dhingra’s water park, which was a metaphor for the false shortage of water Dhingra had created, he engaged in plenty of maneuvers to make the Fukrey gang, along with Pandit Ji and Bholi, agree to his demands.


Bholi’s bodyguards come to the rescue and help Choocha go live on social media to expose Dhingra’s dirty work. Dhingra never cared about the sufferings of the people, which was the highlight of this film’s climactic conflict. Going overboard with a plotline that demands suspension of disbelief, a large part of the city, upon hearing Choocha’s plea, gatecrashed the waterpark. Dhingra was severely injured in the stampede, and the entire gang found a way to put an end to the horrible situation. Dhingra underestimated the power of Choocha and the effect of his honest demeanor on regular people. Choocha finally utilized his simple nature for his benefit and rescued everyone from Dhingra’s scam.

How Did Choocha Lose His Power?

With Dhingra out of the picture and Bholi withdrawing her nomination, Choocha had a landslide victory. He won because of his soft and plain-spoken nature, and Bholi eventually fell for him. Bholi had kissed him by the end of the previous film, and both found each other as life partners by the end of Fukrey 3. Even though Choocha’s controlling mother was against this pairing, nothing could stop two people in love from staying married for as long as they could. Bholi had a change of heart after seeing Choocha go out of his way to help her and others.


Fukrey 3 ended with the gang being asked to present their sample of fossil fuel to the petroleum ministry in Bangalore. Their sample does not combust, and the gang was thrown out for being fraudulent. They initially believed that achieving recognition from the ministry would bring them more money, but things go awry very fast. From a flashback sequence, it is revealed that Choocha had used the washroom on the flight, and the diamond left his body on the aircraft. The diamond’s exit from the body stopped the chemical reaction that produced a different kind of body waste. This led to the non-formation of the makeshift fossil fuel. The movie ended with this flashback sequence, and the diamond fell onto the beach, where was collected by Zafar Bhai, whose cameo was expected in this film. Zafar Bhai had left for Goa, and a brief appearance proves someone from the group ended up being in possession of the precious stone.

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