What Was The Significance Of Lino’s Diary In The Netflix Series ‘From Scratch’?

Lino and Amy’s love story is bound to be remembered. Together they fought multiple challenges on the way, and this, in turn, made their love for each other stronger. Throughout an individual’s journey, a person uses multiple things in their day-to-day life. Once they pass away, people are not interested in the money they leave behind but in the belongings that hold their memories. Through these belongings, the loved ones remember all the little details that made them happy once. The significance of these objects increases once the person has passed away. Individuals tend to devote more focus on all the little things and aspects that were almost unnoticeable while they were alive. Similarly, Lino’s death marked painful as well as beautiful memories in Amy’s mind. But his diary will always be remembered. She often held it closer to her chest, which we first get to see at the beginning of the series “From Scratch.” The little brown color diary was a gift from Amy when they spotted it in the Florence flea market, and she knew that Lino had his eyes on it from the very first sight. “From Scratch” is a 2022 Netflix romantic drama mini-series that highlights major angles of love, death, and relationships.


The series, which starts with the monotonous life of Lino and Amy, ends in tears of joy. Both of them met each other in Florence, Italy, where they spent most of their time figuring out the real purpose of their lives. Lino wanted to be a chef, whereas Amy wanted to become an artist. But things didn’t work out well on their end since both of their families were against their dreams and passion for art. Lino’s father disowned him because he chose culinary arts over the family business and his hometown, and Amy’s father disgraced his daughter for choosing arts over law school. But the love birds quickly found their way toward each other, and Lino fell head over heels for her instantly. But things were different on Amy’s side. Even though Amy had feelings for him, she chose someone else named Giancarlo as her partner. With time, Amy got to know his true nature, as Giancarlo was ego-centric and self-obsessed. At the first meeting with Amy’s parents, Giancarlo created a very negative impression since he belittled them since he owned an art gallery in Florence.

Even though Amy’s father, Hershel, never supported Amy with her artistic dreams, he still knew that his daughter had chosen the wrong man. Lino confessed his feelings for Amy and expressed that he wanted Amy to introduce him instead of Giancarlo. Lino decided to end their friendship since it was hurting him, but Amy didn’t take this separation well and broke off her relationship with Giancarlo. She realized her true love for Lino through all the moments they spent together in Florence. Life was monotonous with Giancarlo, whereas Lino filled in color at every spot. With him, things were interesting as he coerced her into new findings every day. Amy arrived in Florence to complete her art course for six weeks, and she bagged a huge opportunity when her final artwork was displayed at an exhibition in Florence. The duo reunited and apologized to each other for the fight, and here, Lino and Amy reconciled and started their relationship. After eighteen months of a long-distance relationship, Lino and Amy managed to stay with her sister Zora in Los Angeles. 


Despite all their efforts, Lino couldn’t contact his family, and Amy’s family constantly supported Lino with his choice of career. But the duo communicated well and resolved all the problems. Soon, the pair decided to get married to each other. The first few months of their marriage went pretty well since Amy canceled her honeymoon and took him to Sicily to meet his family. Even though his father didn’t show up, Lino met his mother and sister, along with his niece Rosalina. The couple quickly regained their financial strength since Lino partnered up with a restaurant, whereas Amy began working as a teacher at the Watts Tower Art Center. But soon, things took a different turn once Lino was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer called leiomyosarcoma. This news was extremely devastating for the couple since they had to sacrifice dreams of traveling, exploring, and having a family for months of aggressive chemotherapy treatments.

Lino and Amy swore to love each other in sickness and health, and together they completed all his treatments until the tumor was removed from his knee. Even though the cancer was painful, it brought massive advantages for the couple. Lino reconciled with his father, and both of their families bonded well with each other. At first, the couple believed that his cancer was completely gone, but that wasn’t the case. His cancer could recur again, so Lino had to go through more treatments to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Finally, after eighteen months of marriage, Lino was cancer free. Now the couple was ready to have a family of their own, but Amy could only conceive a child through artificial insemination. So, they mutually decided to adopt a baby. After months of trying, Lino and Amy became parents to an infant whom they named Idalia Rose.


Years went by, and Idalia turned five years old, all set to step into second grade, whereas Lino and Amy were working hard. With Lino’s cooking class, he was able to divert his attention toward teaching and learning new dishes. But a sudden cough caused him to step in for an early check, and this time, the prayers didn’t support him. Lino’s cancer was back in his lungs. Despite all the treatments, Lino’s organs were failing, and this ultimately affected his liver. But Lino chose to spend his final moments with his family. The last few days were difficult for the couple since there were tears of joy and pain, but still, they managed to share their thoughts in a warm conversation. Lino and Amy promised to find and love each other in every life before he passed away. Now with Lino gone, Amy couldn’t fulfill her promise. He wanted her to move on with her life and become the artist that she always wanted to be.

But she failed to pull herself together. But Zora managed to convince her, and finally, Amy was back. She spent her days glancing through his diary, where he stored all his memories and favorite recipes for the dishes he made. Lino believed that Amy, Idalia, and he were holding an invisible string that connected their hearts and that this connection could never be broken. Lino even fulfilled his promise to visit Amy’s dreams. Moreover, Amy was overjoyed to find a picture of them in Lino’s diary. He even wrote a final letter proclaiming his love for Amy and Idalia, with a picture of them together. Somehow, this book gave Amy the strength to fight and cope with the loss of her husband. It meant a lot to her since all his little memories were placed inside the book, and it was something that would never leave her side.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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