‘Frasier’ (2023) Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Dr. Frasier & Lilith Agree?

The sixth episode of Frasier was about the blind dates going awry for Freddy and Dr. Frasier. It ended with Dr. Frasier ruining both his and his son’s dates’. Dr. Frasier bit off more than he could chew, and his plan blew up in his face, and the women ended up leaving the dinner halfway. The seventh episode of Frasier focuses on how the father and son further bond and if any friction is caused.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Freddy Meeting For Dinner?

Dr. Frasier and Alan reach their usual bar after a night at the opera, only to find Freddy with someone at the same place. Frasier was under the impression that Freddy was on a date. In his bid to introduce himself, Dr. Frasier learns that his son was having dinner with his mother, who had been living in Boston for a long time. Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith were married for many years until they had a bitter falling out, followed by divorce, and refused to remain in touch. They still haven’t found a middle ground years after their separation and pick jibes at each other. This could be the reason why Freddy chose not to inform his father that he was meeting his mother. He grew up with their unending fights, and he would rather keep them apart than have them be in the same room. 


Why Was Freddy Not Happy To Invite His Parents On His Birthday?

Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith were sniping at each other with harsh words that Freddy couldn’t digest anymore. Looking at his parents reminded him of his childhood memories, and he probably has some PTSD as well. He lets them know they were not invited to his birthday party because he is sure they would ruin it by competing over who cares about Freddy the most. Even though Freddy was closer to his mother because both had lived in the same city, Freddy chose not to involve his mother and father in any debate because of their past. Eve convinced Freddy to invite his parents to the party using her son John, who would never have his parents in the same room. 

Was Lilith Purposely Not Remembering Alan?

Lilith comes across as an emotionally distant woman who tends to conveniently forget people who do not suit her life or interests. She ignores Alan throughout Frasier Episode 7, even though he tries to remind her about the time he was the best man for Dr. Frasier at their wedding. Dr. Lilith seems to have blanked out who Alan could be. This subplot was added only in jest. Dr. Lilith is the female version of Dr. Frasier or far more uptight than him, which makes it easy for people around her to ignore her snooty and conceited behavior. Alan was frustrated at Freddy’s party because he was unable to get her to remember him. Even when she does, Dr. Lilith remembers one of the memories that Alan would like to forget himself.


Why Was Dr. Frasier Jealous Of His Ex-Wife?

Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith reach Freddy’s party, only for the former to realize his ex-wife had a strange power over Freddy’s friends and acquaintances. They seem to be controlled by her stone-cold behavior and end up saying yes to everything she asks for. This makes him believe Lilith is more involved in Freddy’s life than he ever was. His coming back has made him realize he was absent during Freddy’s formative years. Dr. Frasier was showing signs of being jealous of his ex-wife because she knew a lot more about their son than he ever would. She also managed to give Freddy an excellent gift for his birthday by introducing him to his favorite football player.

Meanwhile, Dr. Frasier felt a lot more like an outsider at this party because Lilith was the favorite, even though she was never a cheerful person. Dr. Frasier had gotten Freddy a pen that belonged to his favorite author, but he ended up feeling obsolete in front of Dr. Lilith’s theatrics. He was not sure if Dr. Lilith did this out of love for her son or just to one-up Dr. Frasier in front of Freddy and his friends. Even though Freddy came close to meeting a woman who might be his potential girlfriend, Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith soon made the party about their fight. They were being petty about their failed marriage and bitter divorce. During the fight, Dr. Lilith learned Dr. Frasier and Freddy had been living together for a while, something her son chose not to share with her. Freddy was livid at them for making his birthday a silly competition about who was a better parent.


Did Dr. Frasier And Lilith Agree On The Mistakes They Made?

Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith meet at his apartment after their early exit from the party. As a mother, she came by to check on her son’s living condition. She mostly came to converse about the silly fight they had. They agree they have made mistakes during Freddy’s foundational years, but now is the time for them to evolve as parents and people. Freddy was an adult; his happiness should be of great importance to them. They end up having a chat over what could be the reason their falling out as a couple. Dr. Frasier admits having regretted not being in Freddy’s life, which he is now compensating for by living with him. Dr. Lilith was weirdly attracted to her ex-husband, who was suddenly being nice to her. She also admitted that he was right about everything at Freddy’s party. Dr. Lilith finally agreeing to her ex-husband’s words is her way of admitting that she also led the tiff to get the worst of her.

The couple ends up kissing each other. They probably became intimate because, at some point many years ago, they used to be in love. This brief chat reminded us of a time when they did not hate each other’s company. Freddy was horrified to see them kissing, Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith decide not to pursue each other at all. This was probably because they did not want to give their son any false sense of hope. They understood the repercussions could be severe, which made them abandon that path. Dr. Lilith would get Freddy for Thanksgiving and Dr. Frasier for Christmas. This could be reminiscent of their days leading up to the divorce, deciding on how they would co-parent and raise Freddy. Freddy is not keen on seeing his parents come back together, and he might feel it would be better if they led their lives separately.


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