‘Found’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Gabi Responsible For Lacey’s Kidnapping?

Previously, in episode 2 of Found, Gabi Moseley rescued a sex worker who was trying to protect herself from her stalker. Gabi’s former kidnapper helped her in the investigation. In the third episode of Found, we saw Gabi and her team solving another missing case, but this time, it wasn’t any young woman or a little girl. This time, Gabi and her team embark on their journey to find a black homosexual widower who has been kidnapped. Gabi’s crisis management team doesn’t discriminate against or prioritize any particular kind of person; rather, they believe that whoever is missing, regardless of their gender, age, and sexual orientation, should be found with equal priority.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Margaret’s Son?

In the previous two episodes, we’ve seen Margaret spend the night at a bus station. In the third episode of Found, we got a clear understanding of why she did this. Margaret was estranged from her husband, who took custody of their children. Margaret had three children: two daughters and a son. But when her son went missing, and the mystery surrounding his disappearance remained unsolved, Margaret couldn’t return to her normal life. Her son’s disappearance left her devastated. Since then, she began to spend every night at the bus stop in an effort to remember exactly how her son went missing. She waited there patiently so that one day, if her son returned, she could see him.


When Margaret was dealing with this issue, her daughter came to her office to visit her. She wanted her mother to sign an emancipation form. Her daughter had always held a grudge against her mother, as she believed she had never taken any responsibility for her and her sister. Margaret admitted the fact that she couldn’t always be there for her children, but she loved them. She never wanted her children to suffer for her deteriorating mental state, ever since her son Jamie went missing. However, one day, when Lacey noticed how Margaret was suffering because of her daughter’s decision to get rid of her, she felt the pain Margaret was dealing with. She talked to the daughter and told her about how Margaret had spent every night waiting for her son at the bus stop ever since he went missing. One day, Margaret’s daughter went to the bus stop to check on her mother. As she found her there waiting for her son, she apologized to her mother for her past behavior. Both of them spent the night at the bus stand together, communicating with each other and spending quality time together.

How Did Gabi Rescue Reggie?

One day, a middle-aged black guy named Cliff came to Gabi’s office and reported the disappearance of Reggie, a black homosexual widower. Cliff was in love with Reggie and admired how gentle and pure a human being he was. Gabi took his concern very seriously and immediately started her investigation. Initially, she didn’t want to involve the police, but Lacey followed the protocols and had already informed the police. Gabi feared that the police involvement might get Reggie killed, but now that the authorities were informed, she had to solve the case quickly. Reggie had a niece named Hollis, who was the only remaining family member in his life.


After his husband died, Reggie became lonely and spent most of his time playing the violin. Gabi went to meet Hollis, who informed her that her uncle hadn’t answered any of her calls yet. Taking some information from Hollis, Gabi came to know that Reggie was facing some banking problems. Gabi visited the bank manager, Julian, to gain knowledge about the issues, and the manager told her that Hollis was secretly skimming money from Reggie’s account. Julian tried to make her a potential suspect. However, later, when Hollis was interrogated, she completely denied these claims. Gabi and Margaret delved deeper into the bank details of Reggie and found that Reggie was constantly changing his banks, and the reason behind it might be Reggie’s inability to trust the people in the bank. Gabi deduced that probably the bank manager Julian, who had been forcing Reggie to give him his bank details for an unauthorized money withdrawal, was to blame. Gabi and Dhan followed Julian and captured him. They forced Julian to confess his crime and where he held Reggie. Reggie was subsequently found inside a bathtub, with his hands and face tied. He was rescued and sent to the hospital for further treatment and trauma management.

Was Gabi Responsible For Lacey’s Kidnapping?

Gabi was suffering from an inner turmoil that she couldn’t forsake. One day, when her kidnapper told her that she was the one who was responsible for Lacey’s kidnapping, Gabi began to feel guilty about it. She couldn’t remember at all that she had ever asked the kidnapper to bring anyone for her, but the kidnapper kept on saying that it was Gabi who was feeling lonely, and as a result, she asked him to bring Lacey. Gabi began to distance herself from Lacey at her workplace, contemplating if she was the one who wanted Lacey to be kidnapped. To resolve the issue, Gabi sought help from Margaret, who told Gabi that if she really wanted to remember something specific about twenty years ago, she needed to do those things that she did that day. Gabi had cooked some noodles for herself on that particular day twenty years ago. When the kidnapper asked her if she wanted a friend, she was forced to have a bowl of noodles by the man.


As soon as Gabi had a bite, she could recall clearly that she hadn’t said anything like that and realized that she had never wanted anyone’s life to be jeopardized because of her. She hurried back to her house and went straight to the basement. She told the kidnapper that she could clearly remember those incidents, so his efforts to manipulate her were futile. As a punishment, Gabi asked him to put all his books, toothbrush, and soap inside a box and hand it back to her. Gabi left the kidnapper in the dark and felt confident and brave. She later reunited with Lacey and apologized for being rude to her earlier. The next episode will bring out another story of the missing persons case, which would make Gabi’s path perilous.

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