‘Found’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Jeanie Disappear?

Previously, in Found Episode 1, we were introduced to Gabi Moseley and her crisis management team. Gabi and her team worked for the sole goal of rescuing the missing persons, regardless of their age, gender, background, and sexual orientation. Everyone on this team, including Gabi and her colleague, Lacey, had been the victims of kidnapping, resulting in various types of phobias and trauma affecting their minds. However, in the previous episode, we saw how Gabi rescued a young girl named Camilla from her kidnapper’s grasp and brought her back home. But during episode 1’s ending, a startling truth surfaced regarding Gabi’s kidnapper’s whereabouts. It was revealed that Gabi had found her kidnapper and managed to lock him up in her basement. Now, her kidnapper, whom she called “Sir,” was forced by Gabi to help her solve the kidnapping cases.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Jeanie?

Found Episode 2 opened with Gabi’s flashbacks of the time when Sir kidnapped her. The kidnapper forcefully wanted to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Gabi’s kidnapping, which traumatized her. As she refused to celebrate, the kidnapper didn’t provide her food as a punishment. In the present timeline, Gabi treated the kidnapper, whom she held hostage inside her basement, the same way. She asked the kidnapper’s assistance in a sex worker named Jeanie’s missing case, but he refused to help her as Jeanie wasn’t a pure woman, according to him. Therefore, Gabi took away his food privileges in order to punish him.


Later, we saw Gabi’s interview on a TV news channel, where she was asked about her feelings regarding the fact that her kidnapper had never been captured by the police. Gabi told them that she was in a better place right now, knowing that her kidnapper no longer had authority over her. She felt quite uneasy at the fact that the police were still looking for the criminal who had kidnapped her years ago, but she put her focus on Jeanie’s case, instead of worrying about the police. Jeanie’s two close friends visited Gabi and her team and told them about Jeanie’s stalkers, who had been irritating her in every way possible. Sometimes, they sneaked into her house and put dead roses on her bed to terrify her. Gabi and her team started investigating Jeanie’s clients, who could have been her potential stalkers. Margaret and Dhan went to meet and interrogate the past clients of Jeanie. One of them began to run as soon as he saw Dhan and Margaret approaching him, but he didn’t turn out to be the one who had kidnapped her. Margaret and Dhan met several other clients of Jeanie, but in one of their houses, Margaret spotted a clicker on the table. 

Jeanie’s mother, who came to know about her daughter’s disappearance, arrived at the headquarters of Moseley and the Association. Gabi assured her that the team would soon find her daughter and bring her back home safe and alive.


How Did Jeanie Disappear?

While reading the case file for Jeanie, Gabi tried to think the way a stalker would. But she realized that she didn’t have that monstrous mindset that any obsessive stalker or kidnapper could have. Therefore, she cooked food for the kidnapper in her basement and offered it up to him in order to ask for his help again. This time, the kidnapper spoke out, saying that he believed none of Jeanie’s clients could be her stalker or her kidnapper. It was someone who had an unfulfilled obsession with and desire for Jeanie. Gabi ruled out the clients she had interrogated and began to see the case in a new light.

Margaret pointed out that Jeanie had had a painting at her house, as evidenced by a picture of her chilling with her friends, but when Margaret went to visit the place, she didn’t find the painting. It raised Gabi’s suspicion, and she began to look for the gallery from which the painting had been bought. However, as Gabi and her team arrived at the gallery and asked the gallery curator about the painting, she pointed out that Jeanie had bought the painting with her friend, who was none other than the guy who came to report her missing. Gabi and her team interrogated the guy, who disclosed that he did fall in love with Jeanie but never had any intention of stalking her or kidnapping her. But as he was in need of money, he contacted Jeanie’s stalker, who anonymously asked him about Jeanie’s location in exchange for money.


Even though the guy provided the stalker with a fake location, he became worried when Jeanie went missing for real. The cops arrested him for concealing information in his alibi, while Margaret spotted a clicker in the house. She recalled that she had seen such a clicker in one of Jeanie’s clients’ houses, where the team rushed in to look for Jeanie. As they arrived at the location, they found Jeanie was trying to escape. Gabi managed to capture Jeanie and ask her why she was running away from them. Jeanie revealed that she staged her disappearance to save herself from her stalker. She even thought of killing herself, but she refrained from doing so. She left the painting she had bought from the gallery but thought of taking it with her. That’s why she secretly came to her house to take the painting and left her clicker on the table. Gabi consoled her and hatched a scheme to capture her stalker before announcing to the public that Jeanie had been saved. The crisis management team used Jeanie’s guy friend as bait because he was the one who had previously contacted the stalker. As the plan went well and the stalker was captured, it turned out to be the gallery curator, Marsha. After Marsha’s arrest, Gabi and her team finally brought Jeanie back to her mother, who was elated to see her daughter safe.

What Happened To Zeke?

Zeke, in the meantime, stayed confined to his room because of his agoraphobia. Dhan, who always wanted Zeke to deal with the situation and come out of his room to gel with the other team members, had always been getting into fights with him. However, one day, when Zeke ordered some candles for his father’s death anniversary, the package was delivered a little bit far from his doorstep. Despite being freaked out by the situation, Zeke stepped outside of his home and tried to retrieve the package, but he tripped over the stairs and lost consciousness. Dhan, who was trying to contact Zeke, had come to his place and found he was lying unconscious near his doorstep. Dhan woke him up and realized how severely the trauma was affecting Zeke. Like every other team member in Moseley’s group, Zeke had also been kidnapped, and since then, he has developed such a phobia that it doesn’t let him step outside.


Meanwhile, Gabi was shaving the kidnapper’s beard, and he asked her if she could remember the gifts and tokens of love he had given her during the time when she was in his capture. Gabi didn’t want to remember all of this, so she intentionally wounded him with the razor. The second episode of Found didn’t conclude on an intriguing note or attempt to set the stage for more intriguing episodes, but we can anticipate that Found will gradually unfold the backstories of the other team members in Moseley and Association, shedding light on how they were kidnapped and subsequently rescued.

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