‘Found’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Gabi Rescue Camilla?

Found is a weekly NBC thriller series that follows the journey of a crisis management team led by a strong and independent woman named Gabi Mosely. The sole focus of Gabi’s team is to find the kidnapped and missing children and bring them back to their rightful place. While the police are busy dealing with the most high-profile kidnapping cases, Gabi Mosely and her team try to find missing persons, no matter what their background. Found season 1 episode 1 opens with a flashback. We see young Gabi in a room, terrified, when a small child approaches her crying. It looks like they’ve been kidnapped by someone, and Gabi doesn’t want to disturb the kidnapper, or he’ll torture her and the little girl.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Gabi Mosely? How did she save the kidnapped children?

We return to the present timeline, where a grown-up Gabi, in disguise, knocked on the door of a secret hideout. As a guy opened the door, Gabi told him that she needed to come in to make an emergency call. As the man gave her permission to enter, Gabi wounded the man with a sharp weapon in her hand. It turned out that this man was actually a kidnapper who had a little child in his possession. After the successful rescue operation, Gabi admitted the traumatized child to a hospital. The police investigator, Mark, praised Gabi for her bravery and tried to strike up a conversation with her, but Gabi behaved professionally with him. Gabi arrived in her formal attire, and as she returned from the hospital with her associate, Lacey, she noticed the police chief, Tony Mallory, giving a media interview. Gabi participated in the interview and showed the media pictures of two missing children. The first was the senator’s little child, Sarah Holden, whose kidnapping immediately caused a commotion in the media. But when Gabi showed the second picture, which was of a teen black girl, no one in the media could name the girl.


Gabi pointed out the reason why she and her management group were necessary: the police only cared about finding high-profile blonde kids while overlooking the kids from different backgrounds who were being kidnapped on a regular basis. Gabi and Lacey got ready for their next mission, which was to find Sarah Holden as well as the black girl, Camilla. There were some very talented and hard-working members of Gabi’s team, including Margaret, whose intuitive ability was admirable, and Zeke and Dhan, who always bantered with each other. Together, they tried to find out about Camilla’s background, while Camilla’s younger brother helped them get some useful information. Camilla and her brother were actually adopted by a white family that didn’t take good care of them.

When Gabi and her team met Camilla’s foster parents, the parents didn’t seem very worried about Camilla’s disappearance because, according to them, Camilla often pulled such pranks as this. However, Margaret could surmise from looking around the house that Camilla was actually treated very badly by her foster parents. The lock system in all the rooms in the house looked like it might have kept Camilla locked in the house. In fact, Camilla looked terrified and awkward in family frames, which was not a good sign by any means. Gabi and her team, back at their office, tracked down Camilla’s biological mother so that they could keep Camilla in a safe place after her rescue. Gabi also found some intel about Gabi’s boyfriend, but he was ruled out because of his clean criminal record.


Who was Lacey?

Going back to the flashbacks, we saw young Gabi and the little girl in the possession of their kidnapper, an abusive white man whom they used to call “Sir.” One day, when Sir called Gabi and the little girl to have dinner together, he asked the kid to bring some soup for him. But as the little girl went to the kitchen, she burned her hand while trying to pour the hot soup. The kid started shouting in pain, which annoyed the kidnapper, who was about to unleash his anger upon the child, but Gabi managed to clutch a saucepan and hit him from behind. Then, Gabi and the little girl managed to run away from the scene and go to the police. Gabi was still terrified because the man who had kidnapped them wasn’t really dead and could be back anytime to seek them out. As the scene shifts to the present timeline, we see a similar scar on Lacey’s hand to the one the little girl got when she spilled the hot soup, indicating that this little girl is actually Lacey, who was kidnapped along with Gabi. We gradually learn that almost everyone in the crisis management group was a previous kidnapping victim, whom Gabi saved and gave a new chance to live and a purpose in life. But Gabi didn’t want Lacey to work with her. She wanted Lacey to live her life in a more secure way, but Lacey didn’t want to leave Gabi’s side.

How did Gabi manage to rescue Camilla?

Meanwhile, the team discovered that Camilla’s mother, who also knew about her daughter’s kidnapping, was trying to commit suicide, but Gabi’s team member, Dhan, managed to save her. As their investigation continued, Sarah Holden was found and brought back to her parents. But Sarah wearing the same t-shirt Camilla wore indicated that both of them were kidnapped together. Wasting no time, Gabi wanted to talk to Sarah to get information about Camilla’s whereabouts, but the senator didn’t find it appropriate for their daughter to be interrogated in such a state of trauma. However, Gabi managed to get his permission and finally talked to Sarah, who said that when the kidnapper took her, Camilla came to her aid, but then the kidnapper took Camilla as well. She even described that the kidnapper had a tattoo of Spider-Man on his neck. Gabi had previously managed to get some intel on the senator’s son, who was an addict.


As Gabi showed Sarah the picture of her brother with his drug dealer, Sarah pointed out that the dealer was their kidnapper. From the senator’s son, Gabi learned about the dealer’s whereabouts and performed a raid at his house. After running a search around the house, Camilla was found in a secret place in the garden. Camilla was safely located and brought back to her brother and her biological mother. She was admitted to a hospital for trauma management. Once again, Gabi Mosely and her team came out victorious in their operation. But at the concluding moments of Found episode 1, some startling discoveries emerged. Gabi was seen cooking food for someone locked up in her basement, and as she went downstairs, we found it was the kidnapper who had taken Gabi and Lacey in their childhood. Gabi assigned the kidnapper, who was locked up, like a dog, a file containing the details of a trans woman, who had been kidnapped. It seemed that Gabi might take the help of the kidnapper in each of her missions, or force him to help her as a punishment for his previous actions.  Let’s see in the upcoming episodes if Gabi can clear the suspicion by explaining why she captured this man and used him to her advantage.

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