‘Found’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Trent Find Sir?

In the seventh episode of Found, Trent hurried into Gabi’s office and told her about the sighting of Sir near her house. Gabi, in a panic attack, rushed towards her home and took a sigh of relief, finding Sir asleep in her basement. She checked the locks while Trent arrived at her doorstep. Trent came in and told her something that was news to Gabi. In Found episode 8, we saw Trent and his team were almost close to finding Sir, but Gabi was trying her best to interrupt their investigation. She didn’t want to let Sir go, and by the end of the episode, you’ll get to know why.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Find Sampson?

Dhan was acquainted with some of the homeless people who were staying at an encampment. One of them, Mack, informed him about her friend Sampson’s sudden disappearance. Mack was a middle-aged lady who told them that Sampson had been going through a rough time. He even tried to kill himself several times. Gabi’s team came to know that the last person to see Sampson was a local restaurant owner, Joe. Joe was a good friend of Sampson’s, but he couldn’t tell them where Sampson could be. However, he told Gabi’s team about Mack recently being attacked by a sexual predator in the camp, since when Sampson became overly protective of her. He even got into a brawl with the predator, but after that, he disappeared.


Gabi took Sir’s help. She showed him pictures of Sampson where his tattoos were visible. Sir looked into those tattoos and deciphered that they had some connection with his past. One of those tattoos suggested that Sampson might have lost someone in his life in the past, which further pushed him into the darkness of despair.

Sampson was active on social media, where he used to post videos regularly about his daily activities. After he went missing, another video appeared on his profile, in which he said that he was thinking about ending his own life. This raised grave concern in Gabi’s mind. As Zeke had been unable to locate Sampson, Gabi asked the media to cover the story. In front of the media, Dhan and Mack expressed their concern for Sampson to prevent him from committing suicide. However, in that video, Sampson also mentioned Joe, as he believed Joe would end up taking care of Mack. Gabi found out that Sampson had given Joe money to pass it on to Mack, but Joe decided to pocket it instead of giving it to Mack. Gabi and her team interrogated Joe and looked into Sampson’s cart, which was kept at Joe’s restaurant. They found out that Sampson was not his real name. His name was Amid Jameel. He had a wife and a little child until they were accidentally killed in a fire. After Sampson fell asleep with his cigarette in his hand, he accidentally set their house on fire, killing his only family. After that incident, Sampson had never been able to forgive himself. However, Gabi checked the date and found that this incident took place exactly on that day a year ago. She wasted no time and tried to look for Sampson, realizing that he was planning to kill himself on the same date his family died. After some brainstorming, Dhan finally realized where Sampson could be. They came to his aid, while Sampson was holding a gun and on the verge of killing himself. However, Gabi and Dhan managed to convince him that he was still loved by his friends, who were also family. He played Mack’s video confessing her love for Sampson, which helped Sampson drop the idea of killing himself. He returned with Dhan and Gabi and reunited with Mack.


Did Lacey Know About Sir?

Trent informed Gabi that even after she escaped from Sir’s captivity, she had been followed by him for twenty years. Trent showed him the overlap between her and Sir’s locations, suggesting that he had been following her. Gabi confronted Sir and asked why he did that, to which Sir told her that he always wanted to be with Gabi. This means that even though Gabi was thinking that she was punishing Sir by capturing him, Sir was enjoying it. As Trent began to look for Sir, he became overly protective of Gabi. He asked her to stay at home, but Gabi kept herself busy with the investigation to find Sampson. However, Lacey, who was terrified of Sir, volunteered to leave her apartment so that the officers could guard the area. Trent believed that if Sir was on the loose, he must be looking for Gabi or Lacey, so he kept watch over both of their places. However, Gabi didn’t allow Trent or any other officer to look into her house. Terrified to stay alone at her place, Lacey one day arrived at Gabi’s doorstep. Gabi has no other choice but to welcome her. But Lacey, who found the same books that Sir used to read at Gabi’s place as well as the same lock system Gabi used in the basement door, started suspecting something was off with Gabi. She couldn’t even understand why Gabi was so freaked out by Lacey’s presence at her place. However, as she never wanted to judge anyone about how they deal with their trauma, she decided to take off from her place. Lacey took shelter at Zeke’s place, and it seemed a romance was developing between them.

Did Trent Find Sir?

In Found episode 8, Sir’s intentions became clear to us. It was revealed that he was romantically attracted to Gabi and obsessed with her. When Lacey came over to her place, Sir was almost forcing Gabi to say that she loved him, otherwise, he would scream, but Gabi handled the situation by drugging his soup to make him fall asleep. As Sir fell to the ground, losing consciousness, Gabi kicked him, saying that she had only hated him. Meanwhile, Trent tracked Sir’s location to a strip club, but Gabi didn’t think much of it as Sir couldn’t be at a strip club. As expected, Trent was unable to find him there.


However, after Lacey was gone, Sir woke up and talked to Gabi. He said that he could recognize Lacey’s voice. He took this situation as an opportunity to threaten Gabi. He said that if Gabi ever tried to turn him in or let him go, he would first kill Lacey. This was enough to make Gabi worried, so she was unable to help Trent anymore in his investigation. She was confused between letting Sir stay at her place and confiding in Trent about everything. Let’s see how things unfold in the subsequent episodes.

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