‘Florida Man’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Mike’s Mother Die?

Previously in “Florida Man” episode 4, Mike and Sonny’s truck retrieval attempt was thwarted when Sonny’s pal, Buzz, shot the crane driver. Furthermore, the creepy security guard who took Delly to the church was revealed to be a child abuser and Delly had him detained. However, Mike was in a lot of trouble in Florida, as everyone from Moss Yankov’s guy to Kaitlin Fox, the news reporter, was looking for him. Moss dispatched Dutch to find Mike, but after capturing him, Dutch failed to carry out his task. Instead, on Sonny’s orders, his most loyal friend, Ray-Ray, arrived in town to murder Dutch. While Dutch hid in a port-a-potty, he mistakenly lit up his lighter, and a huge explosion took his life.


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Why Did Delly Want To Take Revenge On The Yankovs?

Delly’s memory in “Florida Man” Episode 5 shows what prompted her to become attached to Moss. Her father, Arthur West, had gotten himself involved in money laundering in order to kickstart the company he owned, and as a result, he did business with the Yankovs, who subsequently turned on him and murdered him, though they made it look like a suicide. Though Arthur’s widow suspected the Yankovs were responsible for her husband’s killing, Delly had no idea about it. She subsequently discovered Boldan Yankov’s involvement in Arthur’s death and went on to get retribution. However, as she approached the Yankovs, she discovered that Boldan had died and that his son Moss had taken over the reins. In order to exact her vengeance, she formed a relationship with Moss and planned to find out who had murdered her father. This explains why Delly is so keen to get rid of Moss, as well as why she took the hard drive from Moss’s possession.


What Did Mike Hate His Father? How Did His Mother Die?

The news stations highlighted Dutch’s strange death in the port-a-potties and stated that it was the smoking that killed him. Actually, before Ray Ray came, Dutch hid inside the poorly ventilated port-a-potties. The stall was filled with methane gas and had no ventilation to allow air to move through, so when Dutch sparked the lighter, the entire chamber blew up, taking Dutch with it. Following Dutch’s tragic death, Sonny advised his crew that it would be dangerous to move about with all of the equipment necessary to rescue the truck. They may be suspected at any time, so they require a safe spot to hide these items away. They also need to retrieve the truck within the night; otherwise, the sinkhole would be filled with cement. They walked to a public venue and kept those objects in a compartment, but Sonny saw that they were not alone in that facility. Sonny and Mike discovered that there would be a therapy session in one of the rooms. Sonny and Mike diverted the therapist’s attention by claiming to be participants in the meeting as well. Sonny and Mike joined the session while Buzz and Ray-Ray were repairing the equipment.

Mike spoke out first when the therapist asked them to discuss their families and any relatives whose behavior had perhaps triggered them. He mentioned his mother’s death, which had not been of natural causes. Her mother battled cancer, but it didn’t kill her. One day, when younger Mike returned home from class, he discovered that his mother had shot herself. Her skull had exploded while she was in the shower. Despite being startled and devastated at the time, Mike didn’t want his sister to experience what he had. As a result, he dialed 911, and an ambulance removed the body before Mike’s sister returned from school. Mike continued to yell out that the gun his mother had used that day belonged to his father.


The gun was always locked separately on routine days, except for the day she killed herself. Mike started to believe that his father was responsible for his mother’s passing; therefore, a strong breach between the father and son had grown over time, and Mike was still unable to forgive his father. Sonny grieved as he saw his child release the pain he had been carrying for so long, but he also said his part so that his son could understand the situation. Sonny went on to remark that his wife may not have died of cancer, but cancer was killing her on a daily basis, which was horrible to endure. Every day, his wife begged him to kill her, something Sonny could never accept. But watching his wife deteriorate from illness pushed him to the conclusion that only he could help her get out of this pain. As a result, he left the pistol unlocked so his wife could make the decision.

As he returned home that night, he saw that his wife had died, which caused him as much pain as Mike and Patsy had, but he realized that his wife had found a serenity that she could never have experienced while living with the crippling disease. Mike and Sonny both grasped their dilemma and felt each other’s pain. Mike was able to forgive his father. Delly approached Mike after the session was over and Ray-Ray and Buzz had finished with their equipment. Mike was informed that Iris had arrived in Florida and had met with Delly. Iris now knew Delly was alive, and that Mike was guarding her. But Delly had no idea that Iris had bugged Delly’s handbag while she was chatting with her. Delly reached out to Mike and told him about her interaction with Iris, and Iris overheard everything.


Why Did Patsy Kill The EMT Guy?

Officer Andy was intrigued by Delly West’s fabricated murder scene, which prompted him to look into Mike’s involvement in it. Mike planned to frame someone for Delly’s murder in order to divert Andy’s focus away from him. He knew Jason, the EMT who had assisted Delly in her plot but had been knocked down by a thug, was now in a coma. Mike’s sister, Patsy, worked in the hospital where Jason was admitted. So Mike advised her to see if Jason would survive or not, and if he didn’t, there wouldn’t be any witnesses to Delly’s fake murder scenario. Patsy would do anything to protect her brother, so she continued checking to see whether Jason was still alive. However, Jason had very little chance of survival, and his mother didn’t want the treatment to be halted.

Finally, when there was no chance anymore, she agreed to cease the medical care. Jason still drew a breath after his detachment from the ventilator, which worried Patsy. Even physicians indicated there was a chance Jason may live. Therefore, Patsy could only think of ending Jason’s life. To shield her brother from legal repercussions, she choked him to death. She felt horrible as the mother of her young daughter and even became paranoid after doing such a heinous act, but she decided to carry on for the sake of her family and her brother.

How Did Moss Find Out Delly Was Lying?

After Mike died, Dutch also stopped responding to Moss’s calls since he was dead. So, Moss had to intervene on his own without sending any more men to Florida. When he arrived in Florida, he saw his BMW on the street and stole it from the man who had just bought it. Moss arrived at the motel and assaulted the owner, wounding him as he didn’t want to reveal Mike’s location at first. However, after a considerable beating, the owner finally told Moss that Mike was in room two. Moss proceeded to search the rooms while Delly returned to the motel to get the disk and other valuables that she had left in the room. She couldn’t locate the drive when she arrived since the owner had previously found it and kept it to herself. However, when Delly entered her room, she began to smell the Vicks Vaporub, which reminded her of Moss. Moss was a big fan of Vicks Vaporub, so he always had a layer rubbed on. However, Delly could realize that Moss had been in the room. Moss finally greeted his girlfriend, Delly, whose funeral he had planned just a few days before.

The motel owner’s wife contacted Mike right away to let him know that Moss had arrived at the motel and was in his room. Mike had no choice but to run to the motel in order to protect Delly from Moss. Delly, on the other hand, didn’t appear to need Mike to save her because she had the gold coin story as a weapon to keep Moss from killing her.


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