‘Florida Man’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Dutch Dead Or Alive?

Previously, in “Florida Man” episode 3, it was revealed that Mike had successfully located the lake and the Colonial where the truck had sunk. Unfortunately, Delly had already informed Sonny about the gold coins; therefore, Mike was forced to bring his father and his buddies along with him to the truck rescue operation. Mike and his crew created a distraction with Delly’s help and dove into the lake to retrieve the truck. However, the crane driver they hired wanted gold in lieu of payment, so Sonny’s friend Buzz had to shoot him to death. Mike and Sonny had to exit the water without the truck because Buzz was unable to hold the chain necessary to bring it out of the water.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Eric Arrested?

As seen in “Florida Man” Episode 4, when Mike and Sonny learned that Buzz had killed the crane driver, they went to the Palms motel to get some cleaning supplies to clean up the crime scene. However, the motel’s lady owner offered to help clean up the mess in exchange for a sizable payment from Mike. Meanwhile, Delly discovered that the groaning was coming from an old guy who had been locked up in a cell within the church. Though Eric explained he had tied up his father to prevent him from leaving him, Delly felt that it wasn’t his father, but rather, Eric was some type of mentally challenged abuser who had been harming some innocent people. After she called the police to arrest Eric, it was discovered that he was a child molester. She did, however, give Mike and his crew some time to secretly clean up the crime scene while distracting the police with Eric.


Where Did Iris Find Mike?

Mike had virtually become a target from every vantage point in episode 4. Iris, his ex-wife, persuaded her employer to reinstate her in the case, and with her approval, she traveled to Florida in search of Mike. She started thinking back on her past experiences with Mike as she was traveling, and she found that they were not at all comforting memories for her. It was obvious that Mike’s gambling addiction was the primary cause of their divorce.

Iris first met Mike’s sister, Patsy, in Florida and asked her if she knew why her brother had come back. Her sister flatly refused to reveal any information on Mike because she did not want to endanger her family or her brother’s life. Iris needed to find another method to reach Mike, so she walked to the deck where Gil Franco’s boat had been found. She approached the dockmaster and asked him to show her some CCTV footage so she could locate Mike. However, once the dockmaster granted her access to the CCTV video, Iris was able to recognize Mike on the deck, as well as Delly West, whose funeral she had attended just a few days ago.


How Did Kaitlin Turn Against Mike?

There were a lot more eyes looking for Mike besides Iris’s. Kaitlin Fox, the news reporter who had previously connected with Mike and supplied him with video footage of the ambulance, was one of them. Mike had faked his identity and offered her an opportunity to cover national issues, but since obtaining the video footage, Mike has not returned any of Fox’s calls. Fox conducted some investigations on Mike and discovered he was a phony. She went to the cops and requested one of the officers to look for Mike Valentine.

What Happened To Moss’s Henchman, Dutch? Was Dutch Alive?

Moss Yankov was another major threat lurking over Mike’s shoulder. Mike ignored all of his calls and texts since he had decided to stay behind in Florida to look for Delly’s murderer. Moss got concerned about Mike’s intentions and asked Dutch, one of his father’s buddies or minions, to fly to Florida to check on him. After his repeated refusals, Dutch finally consented to look for Mike. He landed in Florida and started looking for Mike. However, he didn’t know anything about Delly West, so she was tagged out of danger for the time being. Dutch arrived at the motel where Mike was staying and inquired about Mike with the owner couple. The woman told him Mike had checked out but didn’t say where he had gone. Still, Dutch had his doubts and went to visit the motel rooms out of suspicion.


In room no 2, he spotted Delly but couldn’t identify her. When Dutch got out of the room and decided to depart Florida, he noticed Mike strolling by. It piqued Dutch’s interest, and he began following him. Mike realized he was being followed and adjusted his route to meet Sonny at his bar. Mike had realized that Dutch had been following him all along, and that he’d even spotted Mike at his sister’s house. Sonny couldn’t keep calm hearing that his daughter might be in danger. Hence, Sonny asserted that he would deal with Dutch, but Mike was not interested in murdering him. He eventually lured Dutch to an open area and confronted him, promising to spare his life. However, Dutch wasn’t in the mood either to murder Mike and while Mike and Dutch were almost coming to a fair bargain, Sonny’s friend Ray-Ray arrived.

Mike recognized Ray, who had just come to take Dutch’s life. Mike had no alternative except to hide Dutch inside a port-a-potty. Mike struggled hard to resist Ray-Ray, but he just pulled Mike up and hurled him to the ground. To protect Sonny and his family from any kind of dangerous situation, Ray-Ray fired a pistol toward the port-a-potty, and the toilet, along with Dutch, was blown up in a matter of seconds. Only Dutch’s phone remained undamaged, and when it slid to the ground, we see Moss was continually contacting him. Now that Moss’s other minion has died in search of Mike, will he send another one Mike’s way? Alternatively, Mike would have to come to terms with Moss in order to gain his trust. Let’s see what happens in the following few episodes.

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