‘Fire Country’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Bode And Gabriela Save Wes And His Wife?

At the end of “Fire Country” Episode 6, Bode and Jake settle their differences. Manny and his daughter Gabriela, too, set aside their apprehensions and accept each other wholeheartedly. However, “Fire Country” Episode 7 ups the tension by blurring the line between right and wrong. People find themselves rethinking their predicaments in the midst of an emergency situation. What will the outcome be? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

News And Progress

Three Rock Camp is cutting a line in front of a house in Maple so that a vegetation fire nearby isn’t able to reach it. One of the convicts, Charlie, notices what seems to be smoke inside the house and heads toward it. Bode goes after him and is about to bring him back in line when the house blows up, throwing both of them back several feet. Bode opens his eyes and finds himself lying on the ground, surrounded by debris and belongings. Manny pulls him and Charlie up, saying that a water heater exploded inside the house. The homeowner, Kate, an elderly woman, arrives at the scene and rushes towards the house, telling the cops not to let the convicts handle her stuff scattered on the ground. Rebecca approaches Bode to see if he is okay and informs him that she has looked into his friend Freddy’s case (“Fire Country” Episode 6) and believes that there is hope.


Father Pascal arrives at the Leone household to pay for his fire citations. Vince answers the door. He isn’t really from a churchgoing family, and this is probably the reason why Pascal decided to give him a visit rather than mail the citations. He tries to talk to Vince about how he is doing, but Vince doesn’t want to talk. Pascal offers to have a beer together sometime and leaves. That’s when Sharon comes down. She is also going to meet her friend Lily at Smokey’s.

At the Cal Fire station, Gabriela receives a notification on her phone that her tenancy has been rejected due to an unacceptable credit history. She tells Jake that she gave her father, Manny, a credit card to repair his house, but it was a long time ago. Now, her tenancy has been rejected because that credit card has unpaid bills. Manny has told her that he used the card by mistake and will clear it as soon as possible. Gabriella, however, cannot rely on uncertain promises as she needs a place to stay. Before she could say anything more to Jake, his mother, Lily, walks in. Jake introduces her to Gabriela. Lily tells her how glad she is to find out that her son and Gabriela are moving together. It’s a surprise for Gabriela as well because Jake seems to have not told her what he told his mom. What could have been a longer conversation is brought to an end by the alarm going off. It is a respiratory distress call.


While Manny, Rebecca, and the other Three Rock Camp members are picking up the belongings for the homeowner, she isn’t happy about it. Manny tries to make her understand that it can be dangerous for her to do it on her own as there is broken glass, soot, and other harmful substances, but she is adamant. Her repeated mention of how she doesn’t want criminals to handle her valuables makes Manny finally give up. He orders his team to board their vehicles. All the recovered valuables are put on a table. Manny goes through it all and sees a luxurious Lurvati watch. He mentions to Manny how attractive the watch is. At Three Rock Camp, Manny tries to split his credit card bill payments on his laptop when Bode approaches him. He closes the laptop before Bode can ask anything about it. Bode, however, has come to tell him that he wants to build education credit to get faster parole. Manny mentions that he will gladly help. That’s when a cop, the new Circle Officer, approaches them. There is a problem.

No Breathing Brewery

Gabriela and Jake arrive at Edgewater Coastal Brewing, where there has been a gas leak. One of the workers there, Andy, shows them to Wes, who is having trouble breathing. While Jake attends to Wes, Gabriela finds five more people nearby. It is a suspected carbon monoxide leak. Jake calls for backup. Then he and Gabriela start carrying all the people outside, one by one. Vince arrives with a team at the brewery. Wes is taken in by the medics. They have to find the source of the leak. Gabriela and Jake put on their oxygen masks, and both headed back inside, along with Vince. Inside, they ask all the customers to leave the bar immediately. People have already started falling unconscious. A recovery room has been set up near the brewery so that the people who have inhaled the gas can be given oxygen. Wes, a friend of Vince, tries to tell them something, but it’s gibberish owing to the gas’s effect. After some time, as Jake brings in the last person from inside the brewery, Wes goes missing. Vince sends Jake and Gabriela back inside. The gas in the brewery has been turned off, but there is another source of the leak. Gabriela finds Wes, and Bode carries him back outside for the second time. In the recovery room, Wes utters the name Maxine, his wife, who is still inside. His condition is serious, so Vince decides to send him to the hospital. He then sends Jake and Gabriela inside. Both have their last gas cylinders on their backs. Every breath counts now. Inside, they find a hidden door. Jake breaks it down with an axe and finds Maxine inside, along with the second source of the leak. Maxine still has a pulse, but the same isn’t the case with Jake’s oxygen cylinder. He takes off his mask, unable to breathe. Gabriela decides to do double time with her cylinder. Sharing their breaths, they bring Maxine out. Unfortunately, Wes didn’t make it and died on the way to the hospital. Gabriela is filled with guilt. Jake senses it and asks if she wants to spend the night with him. Gabriela would love to.


The Missing Watch

The new Circle Officer arrives at the Three Rock Camp bunker and lines up the convicts. They are about to be searched. A valuable item went missing at the morning’s mop-up at Maple. The CO orders that if the one who stole it doesn’t reveal himself by the end of the day, all of the convicts will have to spend the night in prison. Later, Bode asks each of his fellow inmates to answer truthfully. All of them say that they haven’t stolen anything. The male and female convicts are made to sit together for questioning. That’s when they are told that the item missing is a Lurvati watch. Bode realizes that it is the same watch that Manny seemed to have liked a lot earlier. Later on, Rebecca approaches Bode and tells him that Manny did go to prison for theft. Furthermore, he was the last one to hold the watch in his hands. Bode believes that whoever has taken the watch will speak up. Even Manny. But when no one speaks up, and Bode realizes that everyone will be going back to prison despite serving their hearts out to protect Edgewater from fire, he decides to take one for the team. He approaches Manny and tells him that he will tell the CO that he has stolen the watch. When Manny tries to defend Bode, Bode turns it on Manny, telling him that the watch can be a quick way out of any financial issues. There’s still time to do the right thing and save all the convicts. During one such moment in this conversation, Manny’s phone pings. The watch has been found. So Bode was wrong. Manny didn’t steal the watch.

Bargain To Help

Sharon meets Lily, a cardiac surgeon, at Smokey’s. Lily offers Sharon all the help she can provide with her connections, which run pretty deep. She has access to hospitals, researchers, and even biotech. It can really help Sharon with her kidney diagnosis. However, Sharon cannot yet agree to it as Bode is about to return home soon. Lily then offers Sharon some weed gummies to take her mind off things for a bit. It’s perfectly legal, and Sharon is overjoyed. She has been having a wonderful time until she gets a message on her phone. It is about Bode’s crew being accused of stealing something valuable at the Maple mop-up. It’s a Lurvati watch. Sharon decides that she will replace the watch with a new one because she cannot risk losing Bode again. Lily, too, joins her in going to the Maple house and talking to its owner. Both arrive at the location and meet Kate. Sharon offers to give her a new watch but finds out that the one she’s missing is an heirloom that has been in Kate’s family for generations. Realizing what Kate must be going through, Sharon and Lily decide to help her gather all the valuables that are still scattered on the ground. Kate doesn’t have to do it alone.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Are The Convicts Sent To Prison?

Kate apologizes to the Three Rock Camp crew for falsely accusing them of stealing. Sharon found the watch burnt and unrecognizable. Bode notices that it is a different watch. Be that as it may, the convicts won’t be sent back to prison. Sharon is back at home, and she tells Lily on the phone that she will go to LA for her treatment if Lily’s specialist wants. It is always better to have someone during such times, especially someone with whom you can be frank and open.

Bode approaches Manny at Three Rock Camp, but before he can say anything, Manny hands him a filled-in application form for an art course, just as Bode had asked earlier. Manny believes in Bode because he knows how it feels to be doubted over and over again. Bode apologizes for blaming Manny for the missing watch. Manny accepts it, saying that what Bode did was the right thing to do. Bode then asks Manny if everything is alright. While Manny answers that it is, Bode can sense that something isn’t. Later that night, Manny wins some money at a casino bar.


Vince is having a beer with Father Pascal and tells him just how angry he is for not being able to be there for people close to him. His daughter, Riley, is dead. His son, Bode, is incarcerated. His wife is dying. And he just lost a friend he could have saved. At the Three Rock Camp, Rebecca meets Bode outside their bunks. She wanted to celebrate finding the watch with him. They end up making love.

“Fire Country” Episode 7 is just another event in the lives of the members of Cal Fire. There is no knowing what’s next. We do not find out what happened to the real Lurvati watch. Sharon will probably head to LA for her treatment. Gabriela will approach her father, Manny, regarding the finances. And we have what seems to be a new love story brewing between Bode and Rebecca. The only question is, “Where is Eve?” Why didn’t we see her? Maybe Episode 8 will tell us that.


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