‘Fire Country’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Luke Want To Take Over Sharon’s Position?

Things aren’t looking good for the Leone family, as Sharon’s chronic kidney disease has reached stage 5. She will have to undergo dialysis until it is safe for her transplant. She and Vince decide to tell Bode about it. Manny’s conversation with Luke is a potential sign that Luke might be looking to replace Sharon as the new division chief. Her latest health updates, which Luke now knows about, might be used as leverage when he speaks to the higher authorities. Meanwhile, Bode and Gabriella are developing a fondness for each other that Jake doesn’t like at all. Furthermore, Manny is still negative about his daughter Gabriella working at Cal Fire. Will Sharon have to quit Cal Fire due to her health? Will Jake and Bode have yet another fallout? And how long before Manny accepts what Gabriella wants to do? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead


Bode dials Jake with the intention of making it clear that he and Gabriella are friends and nothing more. The conversation ends with both of them falling apart yet again. Jake makes it clear that he and Gabriella are rock solid as a couple, making it clear that he doubts Bode’s intentions. This is something Bode doesn’t like at all, and he tells Jake that calling him was a mistake. Jake disconnects.


Gabriella has come to see her father, Manny, at the local joint for an early breakfast. He tells her that he is taking his team (Three Rock) to the Devil’s Slide, a place where he used to take her hiking as a kid. He is just trying to woo her to come back home, as she has decided to move out and stay at Jake’s place. She agrees to come home for Sunday dinner only under the condition that he will accept that she is a part of Cal Fire. Manny isn’t willing to do that. Naturally, Gabriella says that she won’t come home and leaves.

Sharon visits her son Bode at Three Rock Camp to tell him about her condition. She has Vince on the phone as well. Bode is shocked, and tears roll down his face as he asks his mother if there’s anything he can do. She tells him to serve his time well at the camp so that at the next parole hearing, there is not one black mark against his name. He can then come home and stay with her. He needs to keep peace with everyone, especially Jake, whom he punched at the Buckeye Fire incident. His mom needs him at home, and so does his dad. Teary-eyed, Bode kisses his mom’s hands.


The Devil’s Slide

As Three Rock Camp, led by Manny, heads to the Devil’s Slide, Bode approaches him. He asks Manny if he can bring Bode’s case up to the parole board early so that he can go home sooner as his mother is sick. Manny knows about Sharon’s condition, but he tells Bode clearly that everything has to go by the books. That’s when they hear a woman’s voice. She is screaming for help.

They reach the headland and find a woman hanging from the edge. Manny and Bode pull the woman, Amber, up, but it’s not over, as her friend Kirsten has fallen off the edge. Manny calls for a helicopter, more crew, and an ambulance. A Cal Fire engine arrives soon with Jake, Eve, and Gabriella. Vince has taken a day off, so Manny will be coordinating with Jake. He tells Eve to send a sewer camera down to Kirsten and check her condition. Manny tells Bode to cut some brush with the other members of Three Camp and clear the area for the helicopter to land.


Back at the Leones’, Sharon and Vince are talking about her health. Sharon is worried that the only reason she is getting texts from so many people, including Vince’s brother Luke, is that they are waiting for her job to become available. Vince reassures her that Luke won’t take advantage of her sickness and tells her to stop worrying about work and focus on her health.

At the Devil’s Slide, Eve uses the sewer cam and gets a visual on Kirsten. She is hurt but alive. With a downpour incoming in an hour and thus a high tide, they have to work fast before the Pacific Ocean drowns Kirsten. Gabriella approaches Bode, but he tells her that Jake wouldn’t be too happy if he saw them talking. At the very next moment, Jake approaches and tells Gabriella to board the helicopter. She will be helping Eve recover Kirsten from the bottom of the cliff. After Gabriela leaves, Jake turns to Bode, telling him to stop distracting the crew. Bode tells him that it was Gabriella who approached him, but Jake’s grudge is way too deep. Bode then tells him that his mother is sick. Eve comes over to tell Jake that the chopper is a minute away, just as Bode reveals his mother’s condition. Neither Jake nor Eve knew about Sharon’s condition. The helicopter arrives at the Devil’s Slide.


Eve is being lowered down the cliff to Kirsten slowly while Gabriela and another crew member in the chopper are providing the slack. Eve has only made it halfway when her cables get tangled in the rocks and out of her reach. With the chopper pulling the rope too tight and the chopper’s tail rotor too close to the cliff, the only option is to cut Eve loose. On Jake’s orders, Gabriela cuts the cable, and Eve comes crashing down. Gabriela calls out to her using her radio, but there is no response.

A Worthy Rescue

Eve pulls herself up. Her right shoulder is dislocated, but she is functional. Unfortunately, her radio isn’t functioning. She heads towards Kirsten and finds that she has fractured her left leg. Kirsten responds to Eve but freaks out when she sees a bone sticking out of her left leg. On top of the cliff, Jake decides on a manual approach. He and Bode will be lowered down the cliff with the help of cables, using their engine as the anchor and a stump as a safety. Manny is doubtful about Bode, but Jake believes that Bode is their best and only option, as he, Bode, and Eve have all grown up rock-climbing the cliff. Meanwhile, Manny’s crew will work the system and lower them down. This team includes Gabriella. Within a few minutes, Bode and Jake are being lowered down the cliff along with a stretcher. Manny helps Gabriella hold onto her cable better. This is the first time Gabriela’s father has helped her do her job as a firefighter.


Vince arrives at the local joint to get takeout for Sharon. He finds his brother Luke there. Luke tells him that he is looking for a job in Edgewater. The word around is that the authorities are looking for someone to fill in for the division chief Sharon’s position. Vince tells him that Sharon isn’t stepping down. The very next moment, Sharon barges through the door and charges Luke with making the board put her on a leave of absence. She has just received an email from the board asking her to step down temporarily as the division chief. Luke was the only one who knew about her condition outside the circle. Sharon and Luke had met after the former’s doctor’s appointment (Episode 5). She decides to go to the office to tell everyone that she is fine. Vince doesn’t like this at all, as he knows that stress is not good for her right now. He tells her to calm down. Sharon goes outside.

Eve ties a tourniquet around Kirsten’s broken leg. Bode and Jake have reached the bottom, and they all assist each other in putting Kirsten on the stretcher. It is time to go up, but hauling four people will be too heavy. So they decide to share the load and split the weight among the three of them. Manny’s team starts pulling them up, but they get stalled halfway. There seems to be a system failure. Manny, who has had his eyes on them, turns and sees that the stump is giving in to the pull of the cables. Manny tells Gabriela to bridge the cables fast, or the system will fail, taking Bode and the others down the cliff. She doubles up the knots quickly and rushes towards the edge to help her father pull the guys up. Kirsten is brought up safely, and no one is hurt. Bode, Jake, and Eve share a smile after spending a very long time talking about the good old days when they used to do the climb for fun. The smile, however, doesn’t last much longer as Bode is told by Manny to load up and head back to camp. Manny then heads to Gabriella and tells her how proud he is of her. They hug. Gabriella breathes a sigh of relief. Her father has finally accepted her dream.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Does Luke Want To Take Over Sharon’s Position?

Vince and Luke are sharing beers at the bar. Vince knows that Luke didn’t rat Sharon out and asks him why he kept quiet and took the blame. Luke reveals that he knows that it was Vince who told the board about Sharon. Luke knows how much Vince cares for her and that he did it only so that she can get the rest she needs. Recovery is a full-time job, and Sharon needs Vince by her side, physically and emotionally. This is why Luke took the hit. He stepped up for the family.

Gabriella calls Bode that night after finding out about his mother’s condition. Bode tells her how desperately he needs parole so that he can get back to his mother. He was terrified of messing up during the whole operation, which would add to his time. Gabriella understands how upset Bode is and offers to meet him if he needs someone to talk to. Bode knows that it won’t be right and tells her the same because it bothers Jake to see them talking. Gabriella quietly agrees. Bode puts the phone down. As he is returning to his room, he finds Eve and Jake waiting for him. It is time to make peace for old times’ sake and Sharon’s sake. The three share a smile.


Now that it’s all good between Bode and Jake and Manny and her daughter Gabriella, the heat at Cal Fire has settled down at last. However, we have to wait and see what happens if and when Sharon finds out that it was her husband, Vince, who told the board about her and not Luke. She will need a lot of persuasion from a lot of people if she needs to step down. Thankfully, there are people around her who care for her, and with Luke back in the family, things seem a lot better. 

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