‘Fire Country’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Bode Fulfill His Duty As The First Saw?

At the end of “Fire Country” Episode 4, Jake saves Vince from drowning under the piece of a fallen sky bridge. Gabriela finds out that the reason Sharon was grinding her is that her father, Manny, told Sharon to do so. Manny doesn’t want Gabriela to be a part of Cal Fire because he is scared of her getting hurt. Meanwhile, Sharon’s health takes a toll. “Fire Country” Episode 5 brings Cal Fire across another fire incident. Bode is made the leader of Three Rock Camp and Manny’s right-hand man. Gabriela gets her first Cal Fire call. Sharon receives the results after her recent collapse.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Fire Country’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending

Bode Leone is made the First Saw of the Three Rock Camp by Manny. In other words, he is Manny’s right-hand man and the one who handles the chainsaw when needed. His Uncle Luke, also from the California Fire Department, has come and appreciates his work. Luke, the North Ops Comms Director, tells Manny that he has been trying to convince the board to build a new camp, and for him, Three Rock is the gold standard. Later on, while Bode and Luke are chatting, the alarm at the camp goes off- Vegetation Fire at San Medina Park. Three Rock pulls it off successfully, and Bode’s work as First Saw is appreciated.


Vince has taken Sharon to her consulting doctor. But Sharon tries to hide her issues because she is fixated on getting into her clinical trial. But her collapse can be a sign that her kidney disease has progressed to Stage 5, which will disqualify her from the trial. But Sharon is adamant that she is “fine.” Vince is worried.

At the Cal Fire station, it is Gabriela’s first day as a ‘probie’ (undergoing probation). She tells Jake that her father (Manny) isn’t acknowledging her first day since he never wanted her to be there. It is the fatherly instinct that is working inside Manny. But it cannot change Gabriela’s mind. Later on, Jake answers a call on Gabriela’s phone and finds that it’s Bode. He disconnects the call wondering why Bode would call her. Doubt begins brewing.


Sharon meets Luke at the bar. Luke tells her about the new camp he is trying to set up. He also mentions meeting Bode and appreciates how he has been keeping up at the camp. Sharon is glad and invites Luke home.

At the station, Jake is annoyed that Gabriela is talking to Bode and asks her about it. She says she doesn’t want him to question her choices, just like her father. But Jake tells her that Bode will take advantage of her generosity. They leave the conversation midway as the Cal Fire alarm goes off – Vegetation Fire at Cross Creek Road.


Vince and his team, including Gabriela and the other probies, along with Three Rock Camp, are on their way to Cross Creek Road when they come across a locked gate. Freddy and Jake break the locks with axes. Freddy cuts his hand but hides it under his gloves. Bode notices it and decides to tell Manny, but Freddy doesn’t want him to because it will make Manny send Freddy back to prison, declaring him unfit for fire duty. Freddy doesn’t want it at all. Bode decides to stay put.

The teams arrive at the location. It’s a house that has a barn attached, also under fire. Vince orders an evacuation of the property. He also finds out that Manny has made Bode the First Saw. The team begins its work to put out the fire. The house is clear, but they hear a female voice coming from the barn. Vince goes inside and finds a woman with her daughter along with their horse Henry. Vince manages to convince them to leave the barn while he stays back and tries to bring out Henry, who just isn’t willing to go. Meanwhile, the fire is spreading.


Outside, Three Rock Camp has been digging a scrape, but Freddy has trouble working due to his wound. But now even Bode can’t tell about it to Manny because he had hid it from Manny when he first came to know about it. It won’t have a good impression, that too on Bode’s first day as First Saw. He takes Freddy away from everyone to clean the wound. Unfortunately, Manny finds them and sends Freddy back to the carrier. In short, Freddy is done. Manny is angry at Bode but intends to talk about it with him later. For now, they have to put off a fire. It’s getting dark. Water in the engines is running out. Vince orders Jake to find a source of water.

Sharon is at her doctor’s chamber again, and the news is not good. Her kidney disease has reached Stage 5, which disqualifies her from the clinical trials. She needs to begin dialysis. Sharon has completely broken down.


The fire has covered the entrance, and the only way to get the horse out is to cut an escape. Vince thus asks Manny for his First Saw, Bode, for the job. At the same moment, Freddy comes rushing towards them and tells them that the little girl Reese has gone back inside the barn, unwilling to leave her horse behind. And now, she is trapped inside, surrounded by fire.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Is Vince Successful In Saving Henry?

Night has fallen. Bode starts cutting an escape in the barn’s back wall according to Vince’s instructions. Jake takes Gabriela and the other probies in search of more water. Gabriela discovers an underground water tank. At the same moment, Jake receives a message from Vince that a kid is trapped inside the barn and that they have to quicken their pace. Vince enters the barn through the escape Bode has cut and finds Reese inside. Bode follows inside as well. Meanwhile, Jake, Gabriela, and the others have started spraying. Vince carries Reese out of the barn but Bode doesn’t leave. He has to bring out the horse, Henry, as well. He finally manages to lure him out just in time. The fire is then put out. Reese hugs Bode and thanks him for saving Henry.


The heat settles down. Jake apologizes to Gabriela for his behavior earlier. Vince asks Bode how he managed to lure the horse out. Bode shows him a small box of sugar cubes he found inside the barn. They both laugh. This is the first-time father and son share a laugh after Bode returns to Edgewater. Manny orders Three Rock to roll out and get back to the camp. Back at the base, Manny gives Freddy kitchen duty until he heals. But Bode is no more the First Saw.

Vince returns to Cal Fire station, and Sharon shows him her Phase 5 report. Vince is heartbroken. Sharon tells him that they have to tell Bode about it. She is optimistic that with dialysis, she will soon be eligible for a transplant.


Luke meets Manny at the bar and asks him about a new piece of info; he comes to know that Manny is going to send Bode back to prison, but then Sharon says something to him, and he changes his mind. Luke asks Manny whether Sharon had tried to blackmail him. Manny realizes that Luke is trying to fish out the reason that he can bring against Sharon. Luke wants her job. Manny, in turn, blackmails Luke that if he exposes the intel, his beloved nephew will go to prison. And Luke will never want that to happen. Manny then leaves the bar.

Gabriela visits Bode at the Three Camp Rock. He asks her if she will receive his call again. She says yes. Then Gabriela asks Bode if he would see her if she came to meet him at the camp. Bode says yes too. They both smile. So, there is something more than friendship slowly brewing here. But the question is, do they know it, or do they not? “Fire Country” Episode 6 shall reveal the answer.


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