‘Feud’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Babe And Capote Forgive Each Other?

In the third episode of Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, Truman Capote single-handedly ruined his best friendships with his group of swans. Babe Paley, who used to be his closest friend, was heartbroken when Truman wrote an article on her cheating husband. However, episode 4, titled It’s Impossible, brought a shift to the story, portraying how both Capote and Babe regret their decisions to break off their friendship. Reminiscing about their old times together, Babe realized that if she had ever loved someone in her life, it was none other than Capote. Even though this love was platonic, it was the most precious for Babe, who just wanted to forgive and forget.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Babe?

Episode 4 opened with Babe getting decked up to visit her doctor’s clinic, where she had to undergo radiation therapy. Babe had been suffering from cancer for a while, and radiation therapy was supposed to ease her pain, but as a result of the radiation, she was in even more discomfort than before. She asked her doctor to stop the radiation, which wouldn’t be a good decision for her, as she didn’t have much time left in her life, according to her consultant. Babe was devastated to learn the truth, but she was courageous enough to accept it, no matter how scary or ugly it was. Babe was at a point in her life where nothing particularly good was happening to her. The time of her death was approaching; she had lost her closest friend, and her husband, who was supposed to stand by her right now, was having affairs with other women. Babe accepted all this, thinking that she might not be so lucky as to find happiness at this stage of her life. So she decided to forget the past and move on. While forgiveness was on Babe’s mind, Slim was still worked up about Capote. When she learned that CZ had been meeting and chatting with Capote even after what he did, Slim grabbed the opportunity to get all the “tea” from her. She learned that Truman was thinking about hosting another ball party like the one he had in 1966. It would surely be an apology party where he would try to mend his relationship with the swans, but Slim was determined that she wouldn’t let Truman have the spotlight again. So she started to smear Truman’s reputation by publishing disparaging articles about him.


On the other hand, Capote’s relationship with John was nothing but an act of self-harm. John had been seeing other women while being with Truman, but despite being jealous and possessive, Capote accepted it. Truman had already lost Jack, who used to be a true partner, but now he couldn’t lose John, no matter how much of a bad influence he was in his life. In the meantime, a CAT scan revealed that Truman’s brain had been shrinking due to his alcohol abuse, but he wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. Jack was worried about his ex-partner, so he wanted to stand by his side at his lowest, but when Jack walked into Truman’s room one day to find him hooking up with John again, he chose to leave Truman for good. 

Who Did William Have An Affair With?

Surprisingly, episode 4 revealed that Slim, who wanted Babe not to attend Truman’s party because, as a genuine friend, she never wanted something bad to happen to Babe, was actually sleeping with William, Babe’s husband. However, it didn’t remain a secret anymore, as Babe came to know about her husband’s new affair with Slim and she wasn’t even bothered about it. When William wanted to spend some quality time with his wife and demanded to dance with her, Babe told him that she had forgiven him and wanted him to settle down with Slim after her death. It shocked William, who realized that his wife was already aware of his affair. As William told Slim about his conversation with Babe, Slim was extremely ashamed and chose not to be with William anymore. She feared that she might not be able to face Babe. However, Babe wasn’t worried about Slim or her husband, as all she wanted was to get a chance to talk to Capote face-to-face and let him know that she’d forgiven him. In the ending of episode 4, Babe finally got that chance. 


Did Babe And Capote Forgive Each Other?

In the concluding part of episode 4, John’s daughter, who was still a student, came to meet Capote at his house. She had been looking for a job, as her father, who was an alcoholic, never cared about his family and failed to provide them with the money they needed. Therefore, she wanted to earn money to support her family, and through Truman, she thought she might get a job. Truman told her that he’d just have to make some calls if she was interested in modeling, but if she wanted to write like him, Truman would like to be her personal mentor. He offered her a place to live, and together they went out for some shopping. Accidentally, out there, Truman stumbled upon Babe, who was looking at a beautiful dress and contemplating buying it. The two of them were more than happy to see each other after such a long time. They hugged each other, expressed their happiness and sorrow, and also forgave each other for the mistakes they had made. Capote told her that he had cancelled his party, and Slim did her best to spread rumors about it. However, the party didn’t matter any more for either of them, as they ultimately got a chance to meet each other in person and sort things out. Babe looked at the girl Truman was out with and asked him to help her, as she looked like she needed someone. The two of them finally bid their goodbyes to each other and went in a different direction. Babe finally got closure, as we saw her visiting her therapist, whom she told that Truman Capote was the one and only true love in her life.

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