‘Ferry: The Series’ Season 2 Theories: Will There Be A Clash Between Ricardo And Ferry?

Netflix crime drama Ferry: the Series is a continuation of the 2021 release Ferry, revolving around a Dutchman called Ferry Bouman, who worked for a mafia lord, Ralph Brink, in Amsterdam. The recently released Ferry: the Series has brought forth a captivating storyline regarding the aftermath of Ferry’s decision to kill Ralph in order to protect himself and his lady love. The series portrayed a string of tragic events taking place in Ferry’s life as he tried to solidify his position in the underworld of Brabant.


In the 2021 film, we saw Ferry fall in love with Danielle, a beautiful woman from Brabant, where Ferry went to complete his task of killing three goons who accidentally shot Ralph Brink’s son. Even though Ferry successfully killed two of them, the third one turned out to be Danielle’s brother, Lars Van Marken. Having fallen in love with Danielle, Ferry found it impossible to pull the trigger to kill Lars and ended up sparing his life. But as he came back to Amsterdam, severing all ties with Danielle, fate brought the two of them together once again. Taking it as a sign, Ferry didn’t miss the opportunity to pursue a romantic and committed relationship with his lover, but as his mafia boss posed a huge obstacle in his path, Ferry finished him off.

In the recent series, we saw Ferry ask his lady love to marry him, while in his professional life, he was struggling to kickstart his drug business. Even though he made a deal with the Brabant drug cartel, Pusaka, as well as his associate Arie Tack, Ferry never really worked as a mere servant for them. Instead, in Brabant, he was even stronger than he was in Amsterdam, with a sense of authority. But his dealings with the gangs gradually made him weak, putting him and his family in trouble, which caused him to follow the orders of the Pusaka gang at times.


As season 1 of Ferry:the Series wrapped up, fans started wondering if the series would be renewed for another season. Despite having no official announcements for renewal or cancellation, fans can anticipate that Ferry may make a comeback with season 2. If there is potential for a second season to come to screens, we can speculate on what could possibly take place in Ferry’s life.

Spoilers Ahead


Will There Be A Clash Between Ricardo And Ferry?

If Ferry comes back with season 2, we can anticipate a major clash between Ricardo and him, resulting in Ricardo’s death and Ferry’s rise as the leader of the biker gang. Or, after defeating Ricardo, he might form a different gang, enlisting his best man, John, by his side. As we have seen, Ferry doesn’t blindly take or follow orders from his bosses; an argument between Ricardo and Ferry can easily take place in the upcoming installment. Ricardo, who had eliminated every possible obstacle on his path, such as by killing Mick for being a snitch and shooting Arie Tack to death for being a problem-maker, may shift his attention to eliminating Ferry unless he remains his obedient pet. Therefore, in the upcoming season, we may expect a bloody altercation between these two and anticipate that Ferry may end up victorious in the power battle.

Where Is Lars?

In season 1, Lars made a series of mistakes that were just unforgivable. After getting tortured by Arie Tack’s henchman, he was left with severe trauma. To protect himself, he kept awake at night clutching a stun gun in his hand. Finally, to distract himself, he started taking drugs, which began driving him insane. Seeing the madness, Ferry warned him to sober up and even asked him to leave the gang temporarily, but Lars’ addiction was killing him from within. Although initially he thought the drugs would distract him from the anxiety of getting killed, his panic attacks escalated even more after becoming a junkie. As he finally made a hasty decision to confront Tack and try to kill him, the situation backfired, causing him and Ferry great trouble. Moreover, when Ferry is out there trying to solve the issues and settle the matter with Tack, Lars makes another big mistake by revealing Ferry’s past to Danielle, who is extremely shocked to hear the truth about her husband. As Danielle decided to leave everything in the middle and went to stay at Sabien’s place, Lars decided to leave Brabant. He knew Ferry would be furious if he ever found out that Lars had told his sister everything, so he just packed his bags and drove far away. It’s questionable if Lars would come back in the second season, but as Ferry and Daan have tied the knot, Lars may likely visit them. Probably, Ferry would forgive him for his mistakes and spare his life, just like he did earlier, for the sake of Danielle.


John was seen going through a lot of difficulties during this whole episode. After John lost his wife, it was difficult for him to bear the pain of losing someone close. But as Ferry enlisted his help in his gang warfare, John probably had been able to find a purpose in his life. In the upcoming second season, we can expect John and Ferry to become inseparable souls who will get back into the world of crime by dealing with the gangs and killing people if necessary.

Will There Be New Characters?

If Ferry: the Series is getting renewed for a second season, we are certain about some new gangs’ emergence in the upcoming installment. If Ferry eliminates Ricardo and takes over the gang, there is a high chance that he might face some serious enemies in the area of Brabant. The addition of new characters and a new antagonist may bring about some changes and a new dynamic in the storyline of the second season.


Danielle And Ferry As A Married Couple

The most heartbreaking part of season 1 is Danielle finding out that she was never pregnant in the first place. After taking a pregnancy test, which showed a false positive result, Danielle was really hopeful about her child. Although Ferry didn’t provide her with the best and safest environment to welcome their child, Danielle thought of going against all odds to welcome the little life into their troubling life. But having been diagnosed with early menopause, she lost that one remaining chance to be happy. Therefore, having no other way to go, she came back to her lover, her would-be husband, forgiving him for all the crimes he committed earlier. As the two of them wedded and were about to start a new chapter in their lives, we can anticipate that in the upcoming season, we might see them as a married couple, living their lives in the treacherous land of Brabant, filled with the dangers of crimes and rivalries.

However, in my personal opinion, I don’t think there is anything more to explore in Ferry’s storyline, as season 1 has pretty much closed all the ends before wrapping it up. But if season 1 manages to make a place in the hearts of its audience, the streaming platform may come up with another installment, which would surely be good news for Ferry fans.


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