‘Extraction 2’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Is Zurab Dead? What Happens To Tyler?

Tyler Rake returns with more fight and less heart 3 years after the successful first part of Extraction. Check out our full review for more details about why this one doesn’t pack a punch like part 1. The movie follows Tyler’s whereabouts after he almost died falling off a bridge in Extraction part 1. Nik and Yaz return as the Khan siblings who run the private military company that gives Tyler his jobs. This time the film takes us to Europe for Rake’s new mission and reveals an interesting secret. Let’s get straight into it. 


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Extraction 2’? 

Rake was taken to Dubai for physiotherapy by Nik and Yaz after his encounter back in India. Nik is keen on having Tyler become well again whereas Tyler wishes he had just died back then. It wasn’t easy to bring him back essentially from the dead, but since he is back, Nik asks the man himself to figure out why he survived. When he looks to be in a stable condition, making his usual argumentative comments, they send him off to a quaint cabin in the middle of nowhere for retirement. Tyler enjoys his time with his dog and pet chicken, who he talks to and watches sports with, until a man shows up at his door. Said man is skeptical of Tyler’s skills, especially because he was reported dead on paper not too long ago. The man has a special mission for Tyler, it’s to rescue a woman and her two children who have been in prison because of her husband who has been convicted of murder. Tyler takes on the mission rather quickly, maybe because he loves the aura of death nearby or because there’s something else we’re missing right now. 


What Did Davit And Zurab Want?

Davit and Zurab are brothers, and the leaders of a Georgian crime organization called the Nagazi aka not somebody you want to be enemies with. We see how ruthless Zurab is to men who don’t give him what he wants. Davit, on the other hand, has a family but is holding his wife and children captive with the excuse of protection but Ketevan, his sister, has had enough. She also fears for her own life because of how aggressive and physically violent he has been with her. Zurab is under the impression that he has to protect Davit at all times because that’s the “mission” his father put him on right from his childhood. 

So, when Rake and his requested team set up by Nik and Yaz extract Davit’s wife and children, after killing the man, Zurab, and his cult following of criminals or the Nagazi have to take revenge. Ketevan tells her children that their father is going to meet them outside, so they must follow Rake out but Sandro, the teenage son, isn’t thrilled by the idea. He keeps wondering where his father is and why exactly they must run. We see Rake’s invincibility as he protected Ketevan from criminals and police officers alike and gets them out, with slight injuries of course. Finally, Ketevan tells Sandro the truth and he’s angry about his father. He’s very confused at this point because he wants to trust his mother, but he’s a Nagazi and his father is dead because of this man who is supposedly saving him. The impressionable boy overhears the next plan and then uses Yaz’s phone on the plane to call his uncle, ruthless Zurab to tell him exactly where they are headed. Zurab tells Sandro that his mother has betrayed them and so he’ll be sure to kill Rake. Now we learn the truth about Tyler’s eagerness to take on this mission. Ketevan is actually Mia, Tyler’s ex-wife’s, sister, and so he would obviously do anything for family. Nik is surprised to find out so late.  


On the other hand, Tyler attempts to convey to Sandro that all of this was done for his own good and Ketevan was trying to protect them from the Nagazi lifestyle. Sandro isn’t convinced until Tyler tells him about his own kid. He reminds Sandro of the time he spent with his cousin who had died in the hospital. Tyler had left because he couldn’t watch his own son die, on the excuse of a mission, but Ketevan had stayed by Mia the whole time. Sandor’s sentiments are touched, and he tells Tyler about Zurab showing up soon. Unfortunately, they show up just then and the team have to rush out with the family. Sandro, who is still confused, chooses to join the Nagazi again because that’s what his father taught him. But he realizes then that Zurab will not stop until his mother is dead and then starts to question his decisions. During their face-off with Zurab and his men, Yaz is critically shot and just when they think they’re in the clear, he dies, leaving Nik all alone. Mia shows up at Tyler’s cabin and the sisters are reunited. Zurab proves that he’s on a personal vendetta against Tyler by killing his right-hand man and forgetting all things brotherhood. Zurab calls Tyler to have a final fight so one of them ends up dead. 

How Does ‘Extraction 2’ End?

It’s obvious that Rake has been trying to atone himself for leaving his son to die a slow and painful death. Tyler thinks he was a coward back then, so he puts himself in more danger so that he can get over his guilt. At the same time, he tries and saves these young boys who may need fatherly advice, something he would like to give. We saw in the first film too that he was keen on keeping Ovi away from his criminal father and it’s the same in this case. Even though it’s a different kind of saving, he’s trying to fill his gaps. Finally, he shows up at the Church that Zurab has invited him to. Zurab and Davit were brought up with the Bible in hand and as we saw his advisor talk about it too, it only made sense that Zurab would want to pick his fight in the place of worship as he avenges his brother who he couldn’t protect in the first place. Zurab tells Sandro to pick up the gun this time and Sandro is unable to shoot Rake because he’s incapable of being bad. He just loved his father and was confused because of Zurab’s words. 


Before Zurab can shoot Rake himself, Nik arrives with a gun pointed towards Zurab. He immediately grabs Sandro and tells her to step away from her weapon. Sandro fights his uncle and Zurab and Nik shoot at each other. Nik is deeply wounded but she’ll survive. A nail-biting fight ensues between Tyler and Zurab, involving actual nails and some badassery. At the end of it, Zurab and Tyler lie next to each other on the floor and Zurab, who can’t even move, says he’ll never stop so Tyler shoots him in the head. The authorities arrive, and because they’re so injured, Nik and Tyler can’t escape.

How Does Tyler Get The Closure He Needs About His Son?

At the end of Extraction 2, Mia visits Tyler in the prison and he finally thanks her for doing what he couldn’t do all those years ago. Mia acknowledges his thanks by telling him that his son always saw him as a brave man and never as someone who turned away from him. When he was dying, Tyler’s son hoped he would be as brave as his father. Tyler can finally forgive himself for what he did back then with this closure, but there’s something else awaiting him. The man who gave him the mission earlier shows up again and he has something else lined up for him if Tyler wants to get out of prison. Tyler won’t agree to it until he has his partner Nik with him. When Tyler asks for the man’s name, he says it doesn’t matter because he works for somebody else. Extraction 2 ends with the man telling Tyler that he will love the guy he works for who is a fantastic guy. Hmm, wonder what or rather who awaits Rake and Nik, but this time it might be a big one.

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