‘Extraction 2’ (2023) Review: The Netflix Action Film Falls Short In Comparison To The First

Chris Hemsworth returns to our home screens to redeem himself after the disaster that was Thor: Love And Thunder, but does it work? Hemsworth is the star of Extraction, and he tries his best to make do with what he’s been given, but there isn’t much to go on. Not to say he’s not a great action hero, but at least his ripped body and gigantic-ness make everything he does in these films believable. But that’s not enough to keep a franchise like Extraction alive. It’s especially disappointing because of how good the first part was. There was grit and emotion and some fantastic fight sequences that kept us on the edge of our seats at all times. More importantly, there was a reason to root for Tyler Rake because there was a despicable and ruthless villain against him.


In Extraction 2, the villain can be ignored, and the movie may still go on. I’m going to be honest; I don’t even remember his name. It’s a shame because Joe Russo did write the first part and it turned out to be an excellent action flick. It seems like the man is uninterested in writing these scripts because they all come out lackluster and mediocre at best. Maybe it’s the need to try and create another universal franchise like Marvel Studios but R-rated that is leading to uninteresting characters and plot lines for ruthless action.

In terms of the plot, we start where we left off with Rake, who is in a near-death state. His partner Nik nurses him back to life, which he’s not very happy about. She then leaves him in a cabin in the woods (one of my favorite Hemsworth movies), and he’s just living his life, almost reminding us of the grumpy old Thor from Endgame. But then, out of the blue, swoops in Idris Elba, who has a new mission for Tyler. It’s a mission that is closer to him than we’d imagined, and that is why he’s quick to accept without asking Nik, who usually handles the talking.


In the first part, there is an emotional bond between Tyler and Ovi (the young boy) because Tyler has lost his son and was an absent father and husband. So, Tyler seems to have almost found another son in Ovi, and it’s quite emotional and adorable, if I may say so. But they try to continue to weave in this storyline for Tyler, who feels guilty about leaving his dying son because he was a coward. Without Ovi, this bit doesn’t have any impact in part 2. I find that if that was the way to go, it would’ve been so much more of what they were trying to go for- an emotional punch. Extraction 2 relies on the same old found-father-son dynamic, but this time it really doesn’t work at all. The saving grace of this film is the action, of course, and Chris’ charisma (and possibly his Australian accent), which he brings out in the few moments that he’s possibly standing still. Additionally, the Nik and Yaz combo, which we could’ve definitely seen more of. Nik and Tyler’s bickering is great fun to watch, but there’s not enough of it to establish a sensational partnership between them.

The choreography is fantastic, and there’s a lot of brutality, blood, and gore—all of the things that make action films thrilling. The first half of Extraction 2 features a 30-minute action sequence that is absolutely mind-blowing and unique. It also feels like watching a video game play out, but it goes downhill from there. This movie is rather dull, and I don’t mean it in terms of color, which it is also, but everything about it, from the villain to the dialogue. Except for the long and intricate action sequences, there isn’t really much else in Extraction 2. Now, I know that that is something people enjoy because the action genre thrives on this exact sentiment, but with so many action franchises and films over the years, there is a need for some substance or some newness that can make a film like this memorable, and Extraction 2 doesn’t have that.


I can’t help but draw comparisons to the recently released John Wick: Chapter 4 because it’s still fresh in memory. To have to watch the fancy choreography, the audience needs to be captured from start to finish, but with such a half-hearted story; it’s difficult to stay interested. In terms of direction, there’s a hint of the Russos, but Sam Hargrave can definitely hold his own if it were for a better script. Extraction 2 is just ordinary and very predictable, on top of being tired and very familiar. Not much else to say, I’m already repeating myself. There’s a monotony in these films, and the way the action scene is right now, it looks like it’s becoming a common thread. I can’t help but think that action movie makers are trying to push our thresholds to see how far we’ll go to see the same story play out with the same characters 100 times because of star power and “nostalgia.” Was there a need for 10 Fast & Furious movies? Or 6 Mission Impossible films? Why can’t we go back to the time of films like Fight Club or Face Off, which were way ahead of their time and continue to have a chokehold on anyone that watches them? Instead, we get mediocrity in the form of a dozen sequences. Not to say that all of them don’t work, but it’s a bit tedious right now. I make all these points as someone who isn’t crazy about the action genre in general, so you could take it with a pinch of salt.

Extraction 2 ends with a cliffhanger, but personally, I would want to see some substance in it rather than just the ruthless action when the next one comes out. And this is only because there’s an attempt to make an emotional impact, but it fails miserably. If you’re interested in seeing some fancy fight sequences and Chris Hemsworth speak with his Australian accent, then give Extraction 2 a go. If action is not your thing, you should definitely skip this one. The film includes no sex or nudity but a lot of brutal and unhinged violence and bloodshed, so tread with caution. Skip the plot and enjoy the action. I’d give Extraction 2 two and a half stars out of five.


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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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Extraction 2 ends with a cliffhanger, but personally, I would want to see some substance in it rather than just the ruthless action when the next one comes out.'Extraction 2' (2023) Review: The Netflix Action Film Falls Short In Comparison To The First