‘Scream 6’ – Everything You Should Know Before Watching The Upcoming Horror Film

The “Scream” franchise was a revolutionary powerhouse when it came out in 1996. While originally, people had no expectations for such a film at a time when they were losing interest in the slasher genre; it made roars at the box office. From the man who brought Freddie Krueger alive came a new kind of killer with no face: Ghostface. “Scream” is a fantastic, now-classic ‘whodunit’ film that takes a dig at its own genre but maintains its mystery, violence, and kill count simultaneously. After a successful trilogy ended in the year 2000 (we can ignore the 3rd part) with an ‘open door,’ fans wondered if there was more slasher satire awaiting them. In fact, after 11 years, in 2011, we got “Scream 4”, which introduced a bunch of new characters, bringing in a new era for the franchise, but unfortunately, after one film, there was no word for another 11 years. Beloved director Wes Craven had passed away, and so the cult following didn’t see prospects for more “Scream” films to be made. To their surprise, in 2022, an entirely new set of actors came on board for “Scream.” Technically, it is “Scream 5”, but we will get into that a little later. This film explores the idea of toxic fandoms.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is A Requel?

In typical “Scream” fashion, the film takes a dig at itself. Why is it just called “Scream”? It’s because it’s a sequel that is supposed to reimagine the original. Rather than what happens next, it is for newer audiences to enjoy the same thrills in a new way. Of course, everyone knows remakes like this are cash grabs, so why not talk about it in the film? Fortunately for them, “Scream” (5) was a successful reboot, and the requel conversation worked in their favor.


Stab And The Horror Trivia

Before we go a little deeper into the film itself, if you’re new to the franchise, you should know about Ghostface’s horror trivia. The distracting questions lead victims straight into the maniac’s hands. Naturally, serial killers lead to public fascination. As we have known for the longest time in history, people flock to see how someone was brutally murdered in their home or what goes on in someone’s mind that would drive them to kill their own mother, wife, daughter, etc. So, Gale, our second final girl (yes, we can give her that status at this point), happens to write books about everything that happens in Woodsboro, exploiting the residence for her own gain and fame. Later on, she also becomes a survivor, adding more value to her many novels. So within the film, there is a franchise named “Stab” (wow, it’s like Inception) based on Gale’s books. “Stab” brilliantly mirrors what goes on in the films and is a genius tactical distraction for film viewers to be shocked when the real Ghostface appears.

Who All Survived The Last Ghostface?

Spoiler alert for “Scream” 2022, Richie and Amber were the menacing duo that wreaked havoc among the people of Woodsboro in 2022. It looks like it was the survival of the siblings in this part because we had two sets who managed to escape Richie and Amber’s great plans. Sam Carpenter, the film protagonist and direct descendant of Ghostface, Billy Loomis, returns to film number 6 after delivering iconic dialogue in the last moments of the 5th installment, “Do not mess with the daughter of a serial killer.” Sam, of course, has daddy issues and had moved away from Woodsboro before returning to her estranged teenaged sister Tara. Tara, who should’ve been the first kill in the new film, is played by resident “scream queen” Jenna Ortega and survives even after being brutally stabbed and explaining what ‘elevated horror’ is to Ghostface. It looks like there’s some credit to being well-informed. The fan-favorite twins Mindy and Chad also return to Season 6. Hopefully, we’ll see more of that Randy energy from Mindy this time around. Gale Weathers returns as a mystery journalist who now may have written more books within the franchise than actual movies have come out. Jokes apart, we wonder if this is going to be the part where Gale finally takes the blow as the last surviving legacy character. Everybody’s favorite final girl, Sidney Prescot, will not be returning this time around because of some behind-the-scenes issues between production and actress Neve Campbell. Additionally, we see the return of the fan-favorite from the 4th installment: Kirby, the in-house horror movie fanatic.


What’s Different In ‘Scream 6’?

Well, first of all, of course, it is the absence of Sidney that has many fans questioning the authenticity of this part. Moreover, things look to be going in a different direction now that the entire setting has shifted from the lovely small town of Woodsboro to the big apple. With the massive city, there is a probability that the new Ghostface is more equipped and more violent than previous versions. Another big change is the mask itself. Rather than the simple mask of the earlier films, Ghostface looks moodier than ever this time. To top it all off, we have a lot of fresh blood, including “Ready or Not” star Samara Weaving, who joins the old cast for a new cat-and-mouse chase. Will these new changes mean that the whole idea of satirizing the horror genre will be gone in this part? We’ll have to find out after seeing the film.

In conclusion, many viewers will be viewing “Scream 6” through a skeptical lens, but we sure hope it’s a pleasant surprise and keeps the beloved franchise alive.


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