‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 9 Recap Summary: Did Jeong-Woo Perform The Surgery?

The ninth episode of Doctor Slump sheds light on the way Jeong-woo makes his way back to Ha-neul, even after their breakup. While Jeong-woo joins a new clinic, he battles his demons, trying to cope with his previous traumas. He finally manages to get control over his mind when Ha-neul joins the same clinic. Ha-neul’s family supports her in her difficult times so that she can get past her depression and start a new life again. Will Jeong-woo and Ha-neul finally be able to battle their demons with each other’s help? Will Ha-neul come to know that Jeong-woo already knew about her past with Kyung-min? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Kyung-Min Betray Ha-Neul In The Past?

Dr. Kyung-min had helped Ha-neul get into the organization only to extort her as his junior. Ha-neul was bombarded with questions by the interviewers. Kyung-Min came to her rescue and helped her get the job. Initially, he would help her with materials and copies of case studies so she could do her work properly. However, later, when Ha-neul became dependent on him, he started badmouthing her. He also passed off her work as his own to gain credit at the workplace. He told the other colleagues that she had not been working sincerely, so as to tarnish her image at the workplace. This way, he had planned to never let Ha-neul rise above him so that he could keep extorting her. She had started growing feelings for Kyung-Min for being kind to her, only to realize later that he had been using her. It was not long after that Jeong-woo came into her life, and she realized how selfless love is supposed to be. The way he protected Ha-neul from all external perils was a significant difference between Jeong-woo and Kyung-min. 


Why Did Jeong-Woo Leave Ha-Neul’s Home?

Jeong-woo left Ha-neul’s home to go and stay at a different place after she wanted to break up with him for rejecting job offers. However, after Ha-neul’s decision to split, he eventually took up the job as a surgeon at Dr. Bin’s clinic. Even though he had left her home, she was always on his mind. He went to drink away his memories along with Dr. Bin, but even that did not help! Dr. Bin asked Jeong-woo to persuade Ha-neul, and he thought that maybe he was making a mistake in not doing so. On the other end, Ha-neul had also been drowning her pain in alcohol with her friend, Hong-ran. Even though the two lovebirds tried to get rid of each other’s memories, they couldn’t do so for long! 

Why Was Ha-Neul Upset?

Ha-neul’s aunt called her mother and said that she had been trying to set up a very rich businessman’s son with Ha-neul for a very long time. When she told the director that her niece was a doctor, he said that he needed his son to marry a doctor so that she could take care of his hospital in Busan. When Ha-neul’s mother tried pushing her to go and meet the guy, she eventually agreed. 


When she went on the blind date, she saw that the guy was not at all welcoming and started insulting her, acting all arrogant. He told her that he knew that she had lost her job and that he was looking for a wife who would look after his business for him. Ha-neul immediately walked out of the cafe and came home to confront her mother. She asked her mother if she was too much of a burden on her and if she wanted her out of her house. She tried comforting Ha-neul, saying that all she wanted was a good partner for her so that she could be happy. Her uncle was also supportive of her and said that since he was not as educated as her, he couldn’t give her any professional advice. All he could offer her was his shoulder for her to cry on. Later, the family gathered together to have a hearty meal and drink away their sorrows together. 

Why Did Jeong-Woo Approach Ha-Neul Again?

When Jeong-woo came across Ha-neul’s brother’s Instagram post of the family outing, he thought that she had been enjoying herself while he was sitting back at home and sulking. He couldn’t keep himself from sending Ha-neul a goodnight text. The very next day, he went to her house to see her. He couldn’t control his urge to see the love of his life. He came up to Ha-neul and tried sorting out all their differences because he was worried about her and thought that if he wasn’t around, then she wouldn’t take proper care of herself. He reached out to Ha-neul out of his care and concern for her. 


Why Was Jeong-Woo Unable To Perform The Surgery?

Around the time Jeong-woo had joined Dr. Bin’s clinic, it had been overflowing with patients. There were many appointments scheduled for Jeong-woo, keeping him busy all day. However, his anxiety kicked in when he had to perform a surgery. He was so traumatized by the past events that he was afraid of looking at blood. At the operation theater, all he could think of was the previous failed surgery. Eventually, he was unable to perform the surgery, and the fact that he was suffering from PTSD got circulated among his patients. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Jeong-woo to handle his traumas and get past the fear of a failed surgery. 

Meanwhile, as Ha-neul was searching for some of her books, she came across one of her pictures with Kyung-min lying on the table. She realized that Jeong-woo had seen the picture. Before she could confront Jeong-woo about it, Hong-ran called her and told her about the mental trauma that Jeong-woo had been undergoing at his workplace. She said that he was strong enough to take the brunt of the past events so bravely! Later, when Jeong-woo was preparing to go in for another surgery, he realized that Ha-neul had come in to help him as an assistant. She went to boost Jeong-woo’s self-confidence so that he could recover from the past damage. 

What Will Happen Next?

The tenth episode of Doctor Slump is likely to focus on a conflict between Jeong-woo and Kyung-Min. Jeong-woo will avenge the downfall of Ha-neul’s reputation at her workplace. He wouldn’t think twice before ending his friendship with Kyung-Min to protect Ha-neul. Ha-neul will also try her best to support Jeong-woo in getting past his old traumas. She will start working as his assistant at Dr. Bin’s chamber so that he can regain his confidence as one of the best surgeons in Seoul. These incidents will eventually result in an enhanced chemistry between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo.

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