‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 14 Recap Summary: Did Jeong-woo Receive His Compensation?

The 14th episode of Doctor Slump brings in a chain of good news for Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. However, Jeong-woo has a difficult time forgetting his elder brother-like figure, Kyung-min, after his death. Both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo blame themselves for his death! Will they ever be able to rid themselves of the guilt? Well, honestly, Kyung-min deserved the fate that he had suffered, but both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were too good to realize that! Will Ha-neul be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a professor? Will Jeong-woo get compensation for being dragged into a false case earlier? Will he propose to Ha-neul for marriage? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Did The News Channels Say About Kyung-Min’s Death?

The news channels reported how the Macau casino heiress was killed by an increased dose of Heparin in exchange for shares. It was said that Kyung-Min and Haesung Pharmaceutical were involved in providing large kickbacks to a university hospital. But the mysterious death of Kyung-min had been caused because he was seen as a threat to the company. It was anticipated that he would reveal the company’s secrets. Hence, it is stated that Haesung Pharmaceutical had a hand in causing the accident and his death. 


What Did Jeong-woo Get To Know About Kyung-Min?

Jeong-woo was unable to get rid of his guilt for not having forgiven Kyung-min on his deathbed. He went to meet the nurse charged with the case of the medical accident in jail and got to know that Kyung-min had asked her to lower the heparin dosage of the patient, as he did not want a fatal accident to happen at Jeong-woo’s clinic. He realized that Kyung-min had been telling him the truth—that he did not know that the company had chosen Jeong-woo’s clinic to murder the casino heiress. Later, Jeong-woo asked his mother if she knew about Kyung-min’s father’s death, and she said that she knew about it but did not tell Jeong-woo because the news could hamper his studies. Jeong-woo realized how selfish his mother was in not letting Kyung-min take his father’s last call. He kept blaming himself for not being able to understand the situation that Kyung-min was in. 

Was Ha-neul Ready For Her New Opportunity?

Ha-neul wanted to let go of the old memories to make good ones with Jeong-woo and get a kick-start in her career once again. She was called back to her old university, where her seniors apologized to her for not believing her back then and trusting Kyung-min (who had stolen her dissertation). She was finally given the opportunity to work as a full-time assistant professor. 


What Happened In Busan?

Jeong-woo went on a road trip to Busan along with Ha-neul’s family to spend some quality time with them. They had many fun-filled experiences together, creating special memories for themselves. Jeong-woo was told that every year they came to Busan to spend some time remembering Ha-neul’s father. Later, they went to a spot with a beautiful view (supposedly Ha-neul’s dad’s favorite spot) just to pay him homage. When Jeong-woo saw that the family had been spending happy time together, rather than just lamenting about their loss, he asked Ha-neul’s mother how much time one would need to move on from the grief of losing someone. She said that it was important for him to forgive the person who had wronged him just for his own mental peace. 

The deep bond that he shared with Kyung-min is highlighted when we see Jeong-woo basking in the good old memories he made with him. He remembered how Kyung-min was the only one to care about his graduation party and bring him flowers and new clothes on that day. Jeong-woo couldn’t hate Kyung-min, no matter how much he tried, because of the fond memories he had of him. It was later that Jeong-woo’s mood lit up when Ha-neul told him that she had gotten the opportunity to be a permanent assistant professor at her former workplace. 


Did A Chemistry Develop Between Hong-Ran And Dr. Bin?

A slow chemistry was seen forming between Dr. Bin and Hong-ran as they would look for new excuses to meet each other. After spending quality time at the sauna doing fun activities, Hong-ran invited Dr. Bin home for some tea. The mutual attraction between these two is quite evident! Later, when Ha-neul gets back from Busan, Dr. Bin arranges for a farewell party for her to join a new organization. He did not forget to invite Hong-ran to the dinner as well! The confusion arose when all the other nurses in the clinic started jestingly pairing up Nurse Do with Dr. Bin, making Hong-ran jealous. While on her way back home, Hong-ran was followed by Dr. Bin so that he could clear up the confusion and talk about his feelings for her. Meanwhile, nurse Do ran into Dr. Bin to give him his purse, but tripped and kissed him (accidentally), further aggravating Hong-ran’s despair. 

Did Jeong-woo Receive His Compensation?

Right before Ha-neul was about to join her new position at the university, Jeong-woo encouraged her. While Ha-neul started being busy at work, Jeong-woo started missing her more with every passing hour. Meanwhile, he was informed by his attorney that he would get money as a form of compensation for the false case against him. After getting his hands on 20 billion won as compensation, he wanted to make sure that the first thing that he bought was an engagement ring for the love of his life. He later went to Ha-neul and told her that he wanted to operate on a child (from his old volunteer organization) who had microtia of the right ear. He wanted to pay for the surgery and do it with Ha-neul by his side in her hospital, as his clinic did not have the right equipment. When he discussed the case with the other doctors in Ha-neul’s organization, she was extremely impressed by his detailed research and discussion. 

What Will Happen Next?

Ha-neul didn’t have any idea what was in store for her! Jeong-woo was planning to propose to her soon with the engagement ring that he had bought. Jeong-woo may stutter about proposing to Ha-neul with the ring at first, but he is sure to muster some courage before finally proposing to her in the next episode of Doctor Slump. The fact that these lovebirds are willing to make each other a part of their family is so wholesome. From this point on, there is no looking back. Hopefully, they will succeed in their careers and become good partners for each other in the long run. 

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