‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 13 Recap Summary: Did Kyung-Min Confess To His Crimes?

There are multiple revelations in the 13th episode of Doctor Slump. Jeong-woo will get to know why Kyung-min wanted to get revenge on him. The personal grudges that he held against Jeong-woo will be revealed in this episode! Ha-neul had put her life at stake to help Jeong-woo find out the truth, which eventually bore fruit in the end. After undergoing a life-threatening surgery, Ha-neul finally manages to reunite with Jeong-woo and her family. Why did Ha-neul risk her life to find out the truth? What was Kyung-min’s motive behind harming Jeong-woo? Let’s find the answers to these questions in this episode’s recap! 


Spoilers Ahead

Did Ha-Neul Revive After The Surgery?

After a critical accident, Ha-neul had to undergo life-threatening surgery. It was announced to her family that she had broken her ribs and that they had pierced her lungs. A part of her lungs was to be removed for her to be saved. Ha-neul was undergoing surgery. Jeong-woo was seen standing by her family and praying for her to come back to her senses. Ha-neul’s brother Ba-da blamed himself for the state she was in and told Jeong-woo that he was an incompetent sibling, pushing Ha-neul to the brink of stressing herself out. Jeong-woo assured him that he was not the reason that his sister was in that state and said that she would get well soon. 


When he learned that she had come back to her senses, he immediately rushed to the hospital. He was extremely glad that she had managed to battle her way out of the clutches of death. He asked her family to go back home and rest while he took care of her. He took her out on a stroll in the park, but before he could ask her anything, Ha-neul said that she would tell him all about the events after she had fully recovered. 

How Did Jeong-Woo Find Out About Kyung-Min’s Misdeeds?

When Jeong-woo saw hero Kyung-min’s name on the patient board, he realized that he was in the same hospital as Ha-neul. Later, Kang came to meet Jeong-woo at his clinic and said that he was suspicious of Kyung-min and thought he had been behaving weird after the revelation of the medical accident. Kang was sure that Kyung-min knew something about the medical failure.


Meanwhile, Jeong-woo was summoned to the police station and shown the footage of Kyung-min in his house. He realized that Kyung-min was another stalker who had been tailing him during the false medical case. The police further said that Ha-neul was well aware of the stalker, as she had seen the footage before him and was also somehow aware that Haesung wanted to manipulate the stocks. The police had also managed to get records of the conversation between Ha-neul and Kyung-min right before their accident. Upon hearing the recording, Jeong-woo realized that she had gone to confront Kyung-min for Jeong-woo’s sake. 

Later, when Jeong-woo reprimanded her for having put her life at stake for him, she was extremely hurt by it. However, upon realizing that he had scolded her out of pure concern, she went up to him and said that she wanted to make space for him to heal better. She did not want to bother him with thoughts about his troubles and wanted to get to the root of it. 


Why Was Kyung-Min So Intent On Taking Revenge?

Before Ha-neul lost consciousness, Kyung-min confessed to her all about his deeds. He said that he had been appointed as Jeong-woo’s home tutor by his mother. She kept pressuring Kyung-min to tutor her son so that he could definitely get into HNU medical school (she even doubled his pay). One day, when he got a sudden call from his father to come and pick him up from a bar that he was stranded in, Jeong-woo’s mom didn’t allow him to go. She pressured him to work harder with her son to get him through the entrance tests. 

Later, Kyung-min came to know that he had lost his father in an accident after he had taken too many sleeping pills at the bar. He regretted not having picked up his father on time and decided to take revenge on Jeong-woo’s family. He wanted the family to suffer the same way that they had made his father suffer. On one occasion, he drugged Jeong-woo with ambien to get him hospitalized. However, he was torn between his bond with Jeong-woo and his duty as a son. The more Jeong-woo tried to be nice to him, the more burdened he felt with guilt for hurting him secretly. 

Did Kyung-Min Confess To His Crimes?

Upon realizing that he would succumb to his injuries, Kyung-Min summoned Jeong-woo to the ICU. He confessed to all his crimes and said that he was not aware that Jeong-woo was to be involved in such a nasty medical case. By the time Kyung-min realized that the clinic where Haesung Pharmaceutical was about to conduct their operation was Jeong-woo’s, he was neck deep to murky waters (involved in stock manipulation). He had tried to dissuade the company from harming Jeong-woo but wasn’t able to do so. All he could do was sit and watch Jeong-woo suffer through the trial. Before taking his final breath, Kyung-min sought Jeong-woo’s apology. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 14th episode of Doctor Slump will portray how Jeong-woo would suffer after losing a person who he once thought was a dear friend and guide to him. He would look back on the fond memories that they had made together. More than holding a grudge against Kyung-min, Jeong-woo will mourn his loss and blame himself for not being able to forgive him while he was alive. After all the clouds have been cleared out of Jeong-woo and Ha-neul’s lives, it is likely that we are to witness a positive bend to the curves in both their lives! Ha-neul will be offered the position of assistant professor at a university, which is a dream that she has waited for all her life. 


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