‘Doctor Slump’ Episodes 7-8 Recap Summary: Did Ha-Neul Break Up With Jeong-Woo?

The seventh and eighth episodes of Doctor Slump take several sharp turns that eventually change both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo’s lives. They confess their feelings for each other and start dating. Jeong-woo is also able to get the false allegations off his back, and the real culprit is exposed. The previous love life of Ha-neul will also be dug into in these episodes, and the way it will affect her current relationships will also be portrayed. How will Jeong-woo attain justice? Will Jeong-woo be able to understand the reason behind Ha-neul’s depression? Will they stick by each other’s side in tough times? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Real Culprit?

Ha-neul found a hidden camera in Jeong-woo’s room and informed him about it. They immediately went to the police station, but the police couldn’t help them as they had no clue as to who could have done it. Jeong-woo told Ha-neul that he was almost sure that the anesthesiologist, Kang Jin-seok, had something to do with the case. Later, when Jin-seok handed Jeong-woo a pendrive, he handed it over as evidence in court. It was footage where two men were seen coming into the operation theater and tampering with the medicines. They mixed anticoagulants in the patient’s medicines so that she would die of excessive blood loss. When the men were interrogated, it was revealed that Chang Bing’s father, James Chang, once ruled the casino industry. After he suddenly passed away, his daughter inherited his entire property, which angered his brother. He was the mastermind behind the heiresses’ murder. 


Jin-seok had set up the cameras in the operation theater as it was one of his old habits. He had developed the habit after an incident where he ended up becoming a scapegoat for a medical failure in his previous organization. He set up the cameras for his own safety, unknowingly collecting evidence in favor of Jeong-woo. He had tried several times to let Jeong-woo know about the evidence but was stuck between justice and fear. Finally, he mustered the courage to hand over the evidence, saving Jeong-woo’s life. 

Was Jeong-Woo Eventually Proven Innocent?

Jeong-woo got back to his position after he was proven innocent. Even his mother, who was once ashamed of him, called him up and said that she was proud of him. The sudden attention from all his friends and colleagues did not sit well with Jeong-woo, and he thought that nobody had asked about him when he was in a desperate state, but now that he has regained his position, people are again interested in him. Jeong-woo realized that only Ha-neul had stuck by his side during his difficult time. He asked her out, and they went on a date together, celebrating Jeong-woo’s victory. He told her how he never had a good family or received support from anyone. He also expressed his feelings to Ha-neul with an open heart. He said that she was like a drug to him, who had helped him remain afloat even on a rocky road. 


How Did Jeong-Woo And Ha-Neul Spend Their First Date?

Ha-neul told Jeong-woo that she was not sure if they were dating, and he confessed his love to her, asking her out on a date. However, Dr. Bin came in and disrupted their plans, telling Jeong-woo that he was extremely worried about him and that he wanted to take him out for lunch. Ha-neul said that she did not mind them going out, and the two friends went out. Dr. Bin told Jeong-woo how much he had missed him and that they should resolve their differences and go back to being friends. He also offered Jeong-woo a position in his clinic before he was able to set up his own clinic again. Later, Jeong-woo came back and spent some quality time with Ha-neul. They went for a movie together, then to the gaming arcade, and finally for a drink, where they spoke their hearts out about their feelings for each other. 

Why Did Kyung-Min’s Wedding Depress Ha-Neul?

After Jeong-woo returned home, he got an invitation card to Kyung-min’s wedding, which he had left on his doorstep. After Ha-neul saw the card, she suddenly started acting aloof. Later, when Jeong-woo went to see his psychiatrist, he saw Ha-neul was already there. He realized that something had gone wrong with her and decided to dig up the reason behind it. He realized that Ha-neul used to date Kyung-min before, and the news of his marriage had broken her. He decided to stay by her side and not leave her hand in her tough situation. Jeong-woo went up to Dr. Bin and told him that he couldn’t take his job offer as he had to stay by the side of his beloved. Jeong-woo further said that his girlfriend is currently unemployed, and she might get depressed if she sees things falling into place for her partner, but her situation is not getting any better. 


Ha-neul was digging into Kyung-min’s life when an ex-colleague told her that Kyung-min was leaving his job to get married to the daughter of a pharmaceutical company’s CEO. She realized that Kyung-min had looked out for his own interests and would work at his in-law’s company for his own financial benefit. After listening to all these, Ha-neul became further depressed and thought about the day she lost her father and couldn’t even bid him farewell. She got lost in a chain of thoughts when she reminisced about the old days when Kyung-min had used her. He was a professor at her previous organization, and he used her to get his dissertation done. He even went to the lengths of omitting Ha-neul’s name from the dissertation to gain a permanent position at his job. Later, Ha-neul exposed him to his colleagues and advised him to tread the right path. 

Did Ha-Neul Cut Off All Ties With Jeong-Woo?

When Ha-neul got to know from Hong-ran how Jeong-woo had declined the job offer at Dr. Bin’s chamber to stay by her side, she became even more dejected. She confronted Jeong-woo and said that she did not want his sympathy and that he should look out for himself. Ha-neul said that he had been humiliating her in front of his friends by rejecting job offers just to stay by her side. She wanted to end things with Jeong-woo because she didn’t want him to suffer because of her own ill fate. She told Jeong-woo that her feelings were all over the place and she did not want to get involved in something that was too much for her at this point. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 9th episode of Doctor Slump will portray how Jeong-woo will win back Ha-neul’s trust and take care of her. Up until this point, it was Ha-neul who had mentally supported Jeong-woo, but now it would be the other way around. He wouldn’t abandon her in times of need and would take care of her, eventually strengthening their bond further. Ha-neul would try to face her past rather than run away from it and talk things out with Kyung-min. It is also likely that she would confide in Jeong-woo about the past traumas in her relationship with Kyung-min. We can only hope that the two would not end up breaking each other’s hearts. Jeong-woo will heal Ha-neul’s heart by helping her overcome her past traumas in the next episode. He would prove himself to be a safe haven for her, protecting her from any external perils and keeping others from affecting her mental peace. It is also possible that Ha-neul would end up getting a job, which would help her keep herself engaged. Both protagonists are likely to be seen putting in more effort over the course of events as they get to know each other’s vulnerabilities better. 

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