‘Doctor Slump’ Episodes 5-6 Recap Summary: Who Attacked Jeong-Woo?

In Netflix’s K-Drama, Doctor Slump, the main characters, Ha-neul and Jeong-woo support each other in getting over their present conditions in life. They are each other’s biggest pillars of support in the current times but are unable to express their emotions. Right after Ha-neul realized that Jeong-woo was suffering from PTSD, she offered her shoulder to him, saying that she knew what state he was in. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that someone was trying to keep an eye on Jeong-woo to have access to his daily routine. Now the question arises: who was the stalker? It could have been a matter of a love interest or a matter of pure jealousy over his professional competence. Let’s find out what the real matter is, through a detailed recap of Doctor Slump episodes 5 and 6.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jeong-Woo Go To Hwabon?

Jeong-woo went to Hwabon to get Ha-neul, as he knew that she would be extremely upset after a failed interview. He went up to her and asked her not to be upset, as it was not her fault and the interview had been canceled after Kyung-min had given a bad review about her to the hospital. On hearing this, Ha-neul became more upset, as she thought that the shadow of her past could affect her future. Jeong-woo realized that she was distressed and suggested that they spend some time in Hwabon and explore the place. Later, they went on to explore the place and while exploring the countryside, talked their hearts out about their present conditions and how they were neck-deep in trouble. While returning, they came across an old man who suddenly collapsed. Ha-neul and Jeong-woo tried giving him CPR, making the man regain his senses. In the process, they had forgotten all about the train and were stranded at the station as the last train had left. They decided to spend the night in Hwabon and spend their time playing games and drinking beer together in the hotel room.


How Do Ha-Neul And Jeong-Woo Rejuvenate Their Old Memories?

When Ha-neul overheard her mother and brother discussing her interview and got tensed about it, she decided not to face them. She decided to spend some of her time at the arcade, playing games. When Jeong-woo heard that she was still not home, he was concerned and went to search for her. He found her at the arcade and wanted to spend some time with her. Later, they decided to visit their school and rejuvenate their old memories. They went back to their old classroom and relived their past. Ha-neul told Jeong-woo how she had not been able to get into the university of her dreams as she had fallen sick right before the final exams. That event had devastated her, resulting in her being more harsh on herself.

What Were Kyung-Min’s Intentions?

Kyung-min came to meet Jeong-woo and told him that he had found a hidden camera at his clinic. Jeong-woo realized that someone was trying to keep an eye on him and mess with his career. When Jeong-woo went back to his office, he found more cameras there and immediately took them to the police. Later, when Jeong-woo asked Kyung-min why he had not told him about the camera earlier, he gave an excuse, saying that he thought that someone had tried to pull a prank on Jeong-woo.


Kyung-min asked Jeong-woo if he liked Ha-neul, and when he said he had started developing feelings for her, he discouraged him, saying it was no time for him to be involved in a relationship. It is possible that Kyung-min had feelings for Jeong-woo, that he was the real stalker, and that he had implanted the cameras in his clinic to keep a check on him. There is also a possibility that he ruined Ha-neul’s interview on purpose because he didn’t want her coming too close to Jeong-woo.

Why Did Jeong-Woo Turn Down Ha-Neul’s Interest In Him?

Ha-neul approached Jeong-woo, asking him why he cared so much for her and whether it was out of his feelings for her. Jeong-woo turned her down, saying that he was just trying to be a good friend to her. When she realized that all her family members had overheard their conversation, she felt humiliated and thought that she had been too quick to judge his feelings.


Later, when she visited her psychiatrist and told him the entire scenario, she was told maybe Jeong-woo was suffering from PTSD and was afraid to commit. Right after realizing the pain Jeong-woo was in, Ha-neul rushed to him, saying that the incident was not his fault and he shouldn’t stress himself over it. He told Ha-neul that he did not want to turn her down, but he was in no state to be in a relationship. However, the two of them confessed to each other that they had feelings for each other. Ha-neul suggested to Jeong-woo that he could improve his state by getting some psychiatric help. She said that she herself was undergoing treatment, had realized the benefits, and wanted him to get better with her. He agreed to her suggestion, and they both went to get treatments together.

Why Was Ha-Neul Jealous?

While Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were returning from the clinic, they accidentally found some money on the street and decided to spend it together. They went to the arcade to play games and then went to the karaoke together. While coming back, they came across another classmate who kept praising Jeong-woo. She was showing too much interest in Jeong-woo, which made Ha-neul jealous. She told Ha-neul how Jeong-woo used to save her from bullies in school and give her extra sausages in school.


After the classmate had left, Ha-neul told Jeong-woo that he was mean to her in school, while he treated all the other women nicely. She said that she was extremely upset with him for having mistreated her in school and leaving! Later, when she realized that she had been too mean to him and that maybe he had not meant to mistreat her, she apologized to him. She told him that she got jealous when the girl praised Jeong-woo so much. Jeong-woo again opened up his heart to Ha-neul, telling her that he liked her but did not want to rush into a relationship immediately.

How Did Dr. Bin Approach Hong-Ran For A Date?

When Dr. Bin came across Hong-ran in a lift at the clinic, he saw her name written on her coat and realized that she was the woman he was seeking. He told her that they were supposed to go out on a date, but that had ended in a major misunderstanding, and he ended up going out with Ha-neul. He asked her to go out for coffee, and she agreed to it. Later, when they met, they were seen having a good time together. Dr. Bin told her that he was happy that she was one of his followers on his channel on Neo-Tube. Hong-ran realized that she had mistakenly subscribed to his channel and told him that she had not intentionally followed his channel, as his content was not something that she would fancy. A date that was supposed to go perfectly well and bind two hearts was a complete failure! However, it is possible that later the two would end up together, despite their differences in tastes.


Who Attacked Jeong-Woo?

Meanwhile, Kyung-Min came to meet Jeong-woo to spend some time with him. He told Kyung-Min that he was mad at him for messing up Ha-neul’s interview, which seemed to put Kyung-Min off a bit! While Jeong-woo was returning from the cafe, someone was seen following him. When Jeong-woo noticed the stalker, he caught hold of him, but just as he was about to take off the stalker’s mask, he hit Jeong-woo on the head with a glass bottle and fled the scene. On the other end, when Ha-neul went into Jeong-woo’s room to close the windows, she found another hidden camera there!

What Will Happen Next?

Doctor Slump Episode 7 is likely to reveal the real identity of the stalker. Jeong-woo will get closer to the revelation of the truth about his failed surgery! The next episode of the series is also likely to reveal whether people in Macau have been trying to conspire against Jeong-woo. There is a possibility that the business partners of the patient who got killed during the operation were involved in her murder. They must have been trying to pin their crime on Jeong-woo to make him look like the culprit. A lot of revelations about the murder of the patient are likely to be revealed in the 7th episode of Doctor Slump.


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