‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Did Ha-Neul Get A Job?

The fourth episode of Doctor Slump is replete with fluttery romance between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. Even though they do not express their feelings for each other, these two definitely go weak in the knees when they see each other. Ha-neul has been trying to help Jeong-woo out of his desperate situation, and he has been trying his best to ensure that she lands herself a better job. They were once intent on petty competitions, but with maturity, they have eventually learned to support each other. Will Ha-neul be able to help Jeong-woo with her research? Will Jeong-woo become her pillar of strength? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Ha-Neul And Jeong-Woo Become Friends?

Back in the time when Ha-neul was in school, she had no friends as she was always focused on her studies. She was extremely competitive when she got into the new school and found out that Jeong-woo was an equally competent student. She wanted to make sure that she kept up with the expectations that her family had of her. However, in the current time, the grades that she used to get in school do not seem to matter to her anymore because her life is a mess. Finally, she was able to find a close friend in Jeong-woo. When they went out to eat, they discussed the time when they were in school. Back in school, Ha-neul had once slipped and injured her wrists, and then Jeong-woo had made notes for her so that she could keep up with the class. In the current time, she has been trying to repay his kindness by digging up a dissertation that would help his case in court. She told him that she had not slept in the past three days as she was researching the case, and she was so tired that she dozed off in the restaurant. Jeon-woo made sure not to disturb her while she was sleeping, and while waiting for her to wake up, he slept off himself.


What Happened After They Went Out Shopping?

When Ha-Neul’s friend, Hong-ran, went to her house to meet her, Ha-neul’s mother became paranoid, as she thought that her daughter was with Hong-ran. After Ha-neul came back home with Jeong-woo, everyone thought that they were dating each other, but she told them that they were just friends. Ha-neul’s mother thought that it was important for her to date someone to come out of her depression, and she asked Hong-ran to set her up with someone.

Jeong-woo was under the impression that Ha-neul was spending so much time with him because she liked him. When she told him that she wanted to go out shopping with him, he was almost sure that she was completely into him. After they came back, Ha-neul told him that she was planning to go on a blind date the next day and hence wanted his opinion on buying a dress. After listening to it, he was shattered, as all his expectations had gone down the drain.


What Happened On The Date?

When Ha-neul went on a blind date with Dr. Bin, it was an absolute disaster! He kept explaining his passion for surgery to her. She did not seem to relate to him because, at that point, she was without a job. While they were having a meal together, Dr. Bin’s daughter saw him and confronted him. She asked him how he could go out on a date right after he got divorced from her mother. Right after she walked off, Dr. Bin told Ha-neul that he had to leave immediately. Just when he bid her goodbye, he referred to her by the name of Hong-ran. She realized that Hong-ran had been planning to go out with him, but since she must have gotten stuck in some work, she sent Ha-neul to the date instead! Later, when Hong-ran came to meet her, she told Ha-neul that she had asked the nurse at her hospital if she knew any blind date candidates, and the nurse must have thought Hong-ran was asking her out. It was the nurse who, after misinterpreting the entire scenario, must have told Dr. Bin that Hong-ran wanted to go out on a date with him.

Why Did Ha-Neul’s Aunts Insult Her?

When Ha-neul’s aunts came in to visit them, they asked several questions as to why she had quit her job at the hospital. They insulted her mother and told her that it was time for Ha-neul to get married. When Ha-neul arrived with Jeong-woo, they thought that they were involved with each other. When they learned that they were just friends, they mocked her, which did not sit well with Jeong-woo.


When they got to know that Jeong-woo was a plastic surgeon, they asked him how much work their faces would need. Jeong-woo insulted them, saying that they had grown old and had saggy skin and hence would need a lot of surgeries to rebuild their faces. They got so put off that they started insulting Ha-neul for it and even went to the extent of telling her that she must have been kicked out of her workplace because of her bad habits.

This incident depressed Ha-neul further, and she approached Jeong-woo to have a drink with him. After drinking together, Jeong-woo tried to lift her mood and said that they would support each other during their adverse situations and be by each other’s sides as friends. He also gave her the idea to apply for more jobs. Meanwhile, as they were drinking and writhing in pain over their failures, it suddenly started raining. They were both seen sitting under an umbrella, comforting each other, and trying to be each other’s biggest pillars of support!


Did Ha-Neul Get A Job?

While drinking, Ha-neul sent her resume to a hospital in Hwabon. When she got a call for the interview, she was extremely stressed and reached out to Jeong-woo for his advice. He motivated her and told her that she should be confident and go to the interview. After Ha-neul left for the interview, Kyung-min came to visit Jeong-woo and offered to take him out for lunch. While having their meal, Kyung-min said that earlier that day, he had received a call from the Hwabon Hospital for a background check on Ha-neul. He had told them that she had issues in her past organization and had even abused her professor and resigned from there.

When Jeong-woo learned about Kyung-min’s review, he got upset about it. Jeong-woo told him that it was Ha-neul who was harassed at her workplace, as her mentor had taken her dissertation and mentally abused her. He told Kyung-min that he should have told them the entire truth about the situation. Later, when Ha-neul reached the hospital, she received a call from the authorities asking her not to come for the interview. She was told that they had done some background checks on her and had found out about the incident at her previous workplace. Ha-neul was extremely depressed after she was told off by the authorities. While she was sitting at the station, thinking to herself that she had made some bad decisions in her life, Jeong-woo came to meet her. He had come to boost her spirit, as he knew that if anything went wrong at the interview, then she would feel dejected. He did not want her to feel lonely in her battle with life!


What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is likely to reveal the mysterious man keeping an eye on Jeong-woo’s activities. In the fourth episode, we see a secret audio recording device installed in Jeong-woo’s room. The fifth episode will reveal the real intention behind the installation of the device. Meanwhile, Ha-neul and Jeong-woo will be seen falling head over heels in love and enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. They will try to go back to their childhood days and create the memories that they couldn’t before, due to their competitive mindsets back then.

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