‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: Why Did Ha-Neul Quit Her Job?

The second episode of Doctor Slump chooses to focus on the mental trauma at play. Both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo open up to each other about their depression, which eventually helps them become close. Even though they are not in school, they still childishly fight with each other and try to compete with each other in drinking, which is a treat to our eyes. Meanwhile, an intruder is seen peeking into the everyday life of Jeong-woo, adding a hint of mystery to the drama. Will Ha-neul be able to maintain a work-life balance? Will Jeong-woo be able to support her in getting out of her depression? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Will Happen After Jeong-Woo Moves Into Ha-Neul’s House?

Jeong-woo’s mother called him and told him that his father was a chairman candidate for the American Heart Association, and he should keep that in mind before taking any wrong steps. Meanwhile, he had sold his house to pay off his debts and was being denied places to stay after the failed surgery, making headlines. Later, he finally managed to get a place to rent at Ha-neul’s house. When he got to know that, he was concerned that she might try kicking him out of her house. Then he approached her and told her how he was in a debt of $10 billion, and that he sold off his property to settle some of it. He also told her that he still had a debt of $3.7 billion and asked her not to kick him out of her house as he had nowhere else to go. She then told him that she did not care if he was staying at her house or not.


He remembered how competitive she was back when they were still in school and how she managed to beat him in the tests every time. The other students at the school used to bet on who would top the tests at school. Later, when the final test results arrived, Jeong-woo found out that Ha-neul beat him, and he fainted out of anxiety. After that incident, he became overly competitive with her and started eating more dry coffee than her so that he could stay up more to study and beat her in tests. He studied a lot more than before just because he considered Ha-neul his biggest nemesis.

What Was The Mystery Of The New Doctor?

An intruder was seen coming to Jeong-woo’s residence to keep a check on his movements. Meanwhile, he was also seen having a lot of nightmares about his failed surgery. The blood in his dreams is symbolic of a murder! The imagery proves that the failed surgery was not just an accident but a planned murder. Later, he went to the hospital to find out about a new doctor who had just joined. He found out that the new doctor was also inside the surgery room, but he was unusually quiet. He had also refused to give his testimony about the case during the trial. Jeong-woo recalled that the doctor had randomly come to him one day with his resume, asking him to give him a job. He had also given the newcomer a job without thinking much. These events make it possible that the new doctor at the hospital had a hidden motive. Maybe he was the murderer who wanted to shift all the blame on Jeong-woo due to a personal feud or jealousy.


Why Did Ha-Neul Quit Her Job?

Ha-neul was seen being tortured by her professor, making her extremely depressed. When she visited her psychiatrist, he asked her to take a break and rest for a few days away from her workplace. Sang-geun lashed out at her for his own faults and made her run all the errands for him. One day, he asked her to assist him in a VVIP surgery, making her extremely anxious. During the anesthesia, Ha-neul saw that Sang-geun was following the wrong procedure, busting a lot of veins in the patient. She told him that she would help him, and she later did it properly. Later, when the patient’s mother summoned the doctor in charge for busting many of her daughter’s veins, Sang-geun shifted all the blame on Ha-neul. She had to apologize for his mistake, which made her further stressed. Later, she was summoned by Sang-geun, and he asked her to make an official apology, accepting it to be her fault.

She finally mustered the courage to talk back to her professor. She told him that he should have enough courage to accept his own faults. When he tried threatening her, she kicked him hard and walked out of her job. The entire hospital got to know about the bold step that she had taken! Later, when her mother got to know about it, she told her that all her hard work had gone in vain. Ha-neul told her mother that she was depressed, but she refused to believe her. Later, when Ha-neul’s brother showed their mother the anti-depressants that Ha-neul was taking, she realized that she needed mental support from her close ones.


How Did Jeong-Woo Try To Cheer Up Ha-Neul?

When Ha-neul walked out of her house, Jeong-woo followed her and offered to drink soju with her. He told her that he had overheard her conversation with her mother about her depression. He told her that he was also depressed and needed someone to talk to. Later, they went to drink together at a place where they met their old school friends. When they started asking Jeong-woo about his patient’s death, he got uncomfortable and left the place.

Ha-neul followed him, and they then went to drink at a separate place. There they reminisce about their old school days, where they were extremely competitive, and decide to have a drinking competition. When they got tipsy, they started gelling well, and Jeong-woo told her that he completely understood her problem and her depression. Ha-neul told him that she had worked really hard to get that job, but it had also made her very stressed. Finally, when she got her mother’s text, which read that she wanted a healthy daughter and not just a successful daughter, she became very emotional and hugged Jeong-woo. They both held on to each other for a long span of time, indicating that they were both sympathizing with each other and could totally relate to each other’s problems. While holding on to each other, they seemed to forget all about their problems.


What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of Doctor Slump is likely to portray a better relationship between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. They will start sympathizing with each other better as they get to see each other’s problems more closely. Jeong-woo is likely to get into more trouble with the case of his failed surgery, but Ha-neul will help him get over his troubles in the long run. The episode cultivates occasional spurs of comic elements, making it more captivating!

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