‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 16 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ha-neul And Jeong-woo Overcome Their Slumps?

Our eyes our eyes well up as we bid farewell to the two most amazing characters presented in Doctor Slump. The ending episode of the series makes us realize the true meaning of life and the reason why some people choose to stick by during difficult times. The episode sheds light on the lives of all the characters and how they eventually attain meaning in their lives. Doctor Slump finale episode is immensely fulfilling and fills us up with joy. It is truly inspiring to watch the characters attain their desired goals. Will Jeong-woo and Ha-neul finally get married? Will Ba-da master the art of making milmyeon? Let’s see what the characters are up to!


Spoilers Ahead

Do Ha-Neul and Ba-da make their mother proud?

Ha-neul’s aunts had been thinking that she was still unemployed and that her mother would sulk upon meeting them. Later, when Wol-seon came to meet them, they were blown away by the confidence and pride that she carried. She was extremely proud of both her children, who had been doing well in their lives. Ba-da had also learned how to be persistent in his work, making amazing milmyeon. The entire family was extremely proud of him. After Ba-da received his first paycheck from his uncle, he realized the worth of hard-earned money. He gave Ha-neul a treat with the money that he had earned and also wanted to buy his mother an expensive bag. Wol-seon, being the kind, self-sacrificing mother, decided not to get such an expensive gift from her son and instead insisted on buying a less expensive wallet and was happy to get treated to an ice cream. When Ba-da asked Wol-seon if she was as proud of him as she was of Ha-neul (as she was a doctor), she said that both her children were good in their own ways and that she was extremely proud of them.


Did Ha-Neul leave for the US?

Jeong-woo was concerned as Ha-neul had still not replied to his proposal. Later, she told him that she had made a dinner reservation for them because she wanted to give him an answer. Upon reaching the restaurant, Ha-neul told Jeong-woo that she felt the same for Jeong-woo, but she had to leave for the US for 6 months as they were opening a new children’s hospital the next year, and she was to visit other hospitals overseas. She was given the responsibility to check their anesthesiology departments worldwide. Upon learning about the sudden opportunity that Ha-neul had, he asked her not to jeopardize her career for his sake, motivating her to go. However, on the inside, he was extremely anxious and didn’t want to let her go.

Jeong-woo wanted to make sure that he spent a lot of quality time with Ha-neul before she left the country. He came to meet her at work and left work together, and as they discussed how the six months were to fly by, both got extremely emotional. However, later at work, Ha-neul was told that Professor Na Seong-sik wanted to send Prof. Kim Jin-i in the first place, but as she had previously declined the offer, Ha-neul had been selected. Now that she had again agreed to go to the US, Ha-neul no longer needed to relocate.


When Ha-neul finished her work, Jeong-woo came to receive her and took her on a date. They spent time together, playing games at the arcade like old times. Before she could reveal that she was not leaving for the US, her family had already arranged a farewell party for her on the rooftop. Later, when she told Jeong-woo that she was not leaving the country, he was confused. After explaining the entire incident to him, she said that had this incident occurred before, she would have been depressed, but now she had the capability to speak her mind at the workplace. She had told her chief how it was wrong on their part to snatch away the opportunity given to her. She had managed to express her thoughts and move past the event, proving that the strongest of storms could not deter her from moving forward in life.

Did Ha-Neul overcome her depression?

When Ha-neul went to see her therapist for the final time, she took a self-reflection test, proving how much she had changed as a person over time. She was declared completely fit and was congratulated on having battled through her depression. Ha-neul’s therapist told her that getting better didn’t mean becoming happier in life; it was all about accepting one’s misfortunes and gathering greater strength to endure them.


How did Hong-Ran protect Dr. Bin?

When a patient came to meet Dr. Bin, she complained about how his surgery had ruined her face and demanded a refund. As she attacked him, Hong-ran came to his rescue! This incident put Dr. Bin in an awkward position, and he thought that Hong-ran must have judged him for it. Later, when he met Hong-ran, she said that it was not just his duty as a boyfriend to protect her; it was a team effort to protect each other’s reputation. Dr. Bin further told Hong-ran that he was happy for Nurse Do, who was able to resign from her job and pursue her dream of traveling the world. He wanted something similar for Jeong-woo and hence asked him to resign and open up his own clinic.

Could Ha-neul and Jeong-woo overcome their slumps together?

The world had expected Jeong-woo to lead a flashy life after regaining his reputation. However, that was not the case, as he decided to choose a simple life and start again with a very modest clinic. He did not want to drain himself like before and wanted to focus on his own mental health. Jeong-woo did not forget the people who stood by him during his difficulties and hence called Dr. Kim to work with him at his clinic. Both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were finally able to overcome their slumps together! They had cried, endured extreme pain, and overcome their fears together. Both of them had managed to grow hand-in-hand! They decided to make the most of their lives and rebuild their futures. They decided to go to watch the sunrise together as they had missed it the last time. The sunrise is the sign of a new hope in the lives of both the protagonists. It is at the beach that Jeong-woo eventually proposed to Ha-neul for marriage, and she said yes.

What happened in the end?

By the end of Doctor Slump, we see that all the characters have been happily settled. Jeong-woo and Ha-neul get married and vow to be by each other’s side for the rest of their lives, while Tae-son is also reunited with the first love of his life, Dan-bi. Dr. Bin was happy making videos on his Neotube channel with Hong-ran by his side. Ba-da never again went back to Ha-neul or his mother to ask for money, as he had realized the worth of his own hard-earned money. The series has taught us a lot over the course of several events before wrapping up and leaving us wanting more. We are not sure if a second season of Doctor Slump will ever be made, but we would definitely love to watch our loveable characters bond again on screen!

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