‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 15 Recap: Did Jeong-woo Propose To Ha-neul?

In Doctor Slump episode 15, Jeong-woo had been contemplating ways to propose to the love of his life. Now that both of them have managed to help each other out of the mess, they are leading a content life together. They have managed to ward off evil; now, it is time for them to stand by each other for the rest of their lives. Will Jeong-woo be able to propose to Ha-neul? Why did Jeong-woo not want to move out of Jeong-woo’s house? Will Dr. Bin get to be with Hong-Ran? Let’s find out the answers to them!


Spoilers Ahead

Did Jeong-woo give the ring to Ha-neul?

Jeong-woo had bought a ring for Ha-neul but was unable to decide how he should propose to her. While contemplating, Jeong-woo dropped the ring and tried sweeping it from under the cushion. When Ha-neul asked him about what he was looking for, he said it was a coin, and when she tried to help him, cockroaches came out from under the couch. Later, when Jeong-woo told Dr. Bin about the incident, he said that maybe Ha-neul was busy with her work or was still not sure about him, and hence, he should wait till the time was right. Without paying much heed to Dr. Bin, Jeong-woo went to buy another bracelet for Ha-neul. After buying the bracelet, he got to know from Ba-da that Ha-neul didn’t like bracelets. When Jeong-woo heard this, he immediately rushed back to the store to get a necklace for Ha-neul.


Why did Ba-da start sweet-talking Jeong-woo?

When Ba-da came to know that Jeong-woo had received 2.5 million won as compensation after the medical case, he realized that he could impress Jeong-woo to get some pocket money. Later, when Ha-neul came to meet Jeong-woo, Ba-da went up to him as well after some time, offering him breakfast. Ha-neul realized that Ba-da had been trying to pursue Jeong-woo to get some money out of him, and she asked him not to give any money to her brother.

Did the surgery go well?

Many people had been calling the clinic to learn about the compensation that Jeong-woo had received after the surgery. The hospital where he was about to perform the surgery on the child with microtia was also interested in the topic and wanted him to give an interview. Later, Ha-neul had managed to make sure that the management in her hospital didn’t pressurize Jeong-woo for the interview. Ha-neul assisted Jeong-woo during the surgery, but some complications arose during the operation. However, with his tactics, Jeong-woo managed to overcome the obstacles and successfully complete the surgery.


Did Dr. Bin express his feelings to Hong-ran?

When Jeong-woo and Ha-neul went for dinner, Hong-ran joined them, and she said that she was upset. She said that Dr. Bin and Nurse Do had kissed in front of her. Ha-neul and Hong-ran drank a lot, taking their mind off the matter. Jeong-woo was unable to handle the drunk girls and called Dr. Bin for help. As Jeong-woo carried Ha-neul home, Dr. Bin clarified his issues with Hong-ran. She told him that she had developed a soft spot for Dr. Bin even though she had decided to stay single for life after her divorce. Later, Dr. Bin proposed to Hong-ran over text, and when his daughter came home, he started panicking. Seeing her father’s state, she asked him if he liked someone. She further advised him to ask the person out and offer her a bouquet of flowers. As advised by his daughter, Dr. Bin went to meet Hong-ran and proposed to her.

Was Jeong-woo’s relationship with his friends better?

Mu-gyun came to meet Jeong-woo and told him that Ha-neul had called him last night, asking him to mend his relations with Jeong-woo. He apologized to Jeong-woo and asked him to forgive him for all their past rifts. Later, Jeong-woo went to meet his friends with Ha-neul, and they apologized to him, saying that they would pay back the ad revenue that they had secretly taken from him. Chan-yeong told him that at that point, his girlfriend had become pregnant, and his mother’s thyroid cancer had returned, pushing him to steal from Jeong-woo. While they were reminiscing about the old days, Chan-yeong confessed to have had a crush on Ha-neul in school. Mu-gyun said Jeong-woo would often say that Ha-neul was obnoxious (in school), but many guys liked her back then. They were shocked to know that Jeong-woo and Ha-neul (who were arch-enemies in school) were dating each other now. While returning home, Ha-neul said that many guys would often ask her out in school, but she was so engrossed in her studies that she would often tell them off. However, she once dated a guy from her neighborhood during her college years, but they broke up just after a few hours because she was too studious.


Did Jeong-woo Finally Propose?

Jeong-woo told Ha-neul that he loved her family and spending time with them and, hence, did not want to shift elsewhere. Ha-neul told him to stay with them as long as he liked, as he was now a part of her family. However, while conversing, Jeong-woo accidentally cut his finger (as he was chopping up some veggies), which freaked Ha-neul out, and she immediately opened the drawer to find the band-aid. She saw all the jewelry that Jeong-woo had bought for her, and when she asked him about it, he proposed to her for marriage. Upon receiving the proposal, Ha-neul said that she had not prepared anything for Jeong-woo, while on the other hand, he had prepared so much for her. He told her that the way she had been supporting him was enough for him to sustain his life. He was appreciative of how Ha-neul had stood by him through thick and thin and encouraged him to get out of the mess.

What will happen next?

The 16th and final episode of Doctor Slump will focus on Ha-neul’s opportunity abroad for six months. Meanwhile, Jeong-woo will be left in a dilemma about how to cope with her absence and whether his proposal would harm her career. Just like the way the couple has managed to overcome several challenges coming their way, they will also be able to be strong against this challenge together and stand as a solid rock for each other in the long run.


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