‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 11-12 Recap Summary: Why Did Ha-Neul Meet Kyung-Min?

The 11th and 12th episodes of Doctor Slump are replete with new twists. The revelation of some of those twists may bring about some threat to the lives of Jeong-woo and Ha-neul. Finally, the case where Jeong-woo was falsely accused of having killed a patient is about to blow open. The Korean series Doctor Slump has phases where it switches from an all-fluttery love story to an intensely serious topic (all of a sudden). Even though the switches are not very subtle, we are somehow loving the sudden adrenaline punches! Let’s see what the unpredictable drama has in store for us!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Ha-Neul And Jeong-Woo Keep Their Relationship A Secret?

Jeong-woo and Ha-neul had been busy spending the honeymoon phase of their relationship with each other. Ha-neul was very happy to get him by her side, as he was the perfect someone that she had been waiting for all her life. Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were almost inseparable and could hardly stay away from each other. He invited her to his room to have some ramen with him, and just as she was about to sneak up there with some kimchi, her mom caught her. Ha-neul somehow managed the situation, saying that she was craving some kimchi and would go off to sleep after having some.


Eventually, she went to meet Jeong-woo after her mother went back to sleep. The two lovebirds spent the entire night having ramen and spending some quality time together. When Ha-neul’s mother came upstairs the next day, she saw a woman lying beside Jeong-woo (she didn’t see Ha-neul’s face) and thought that he was toying with her daughter’s feelings. Later, she discovered the woman she had seen in his bed was her daughter when she saw the broken plate of kimchi on the terrace. She understood that Ha-neul had snuck up on the terrace that night to spend time with Jeong-woo. When she approached Jeong-woo, he was extremely embarrassed and said that he did not want to let her know that Ha-neul was with him that night, as it could embarrass her in front of her family. Jeong-woo also had the fact going through his mind that Ha-neul had asked him to keep their relationship a secret, as others could be awkward after seeing them together.

Why Was Ha-Neul Mad At Jeong-Woo?

When a colleague asked Jeong-woo whether he was single, he said that he was, and when Ha-neul overheard it, she was furious. Later, when they went to have lunch together, Jeong-woo pointed out that Ha-neul required brow fillers, which made her even angrier. On their way back home, when she confronted him, he said that he had not done anything to embarrass her or put her down. Later, when Ha-neul took her family out for lunch (as it was her mother’s birthday), she was surprised to find out that her mother had called Jeong-woo there. They finally decided to resolve their differences and announced to their family that they were dating. They spent amazing family time together, and Jeong-woo told Ha-neul that he was envious of her for having such a caring family. All his parents cared about was his fame and family reputation. He told her that he had been lonely since his childhood, making him choose bad friends like Kyung-min. Jeong-woo was seen gelling well with Ha-neul’s family, as he wanted to surprise Ha-neul’s mom with his first paycheck after the trial. On his way back home, he was taken to a food joint by Ha-neul’s uncle and brother. They told him to take good care of Ha-neul in the future.


How Did Dr. Bin And Hong-Ran Help Each Other?

Dr. Bin had been spending time with Jin-woo (Hong-ran’s son), resulting in him developing a close bond with Hong-ran. Hong-ran also helped by guiding him to understand his teenage daughter’s issues and guiding him with advice. She even helped him shop for a bra for his daughter, as he was too embarrassed to do it all by himself. A wholesome bond was developing between the two single parents.

Why Did Jeong-Woo Suspect Kyung-Min?

When Jeong-woo got into medical school, Kyung-Min got him a bottle of alcohol to congratulate him. Later, when Jeong-woo passed out, he saw traces of Ambien in his bloodstream. Jeong-woo thought that he once saw Kyung-Min spiking his drink, but as Jeong-woo was already drunk, he thought that he was hallucinating. Later, when he came to his senses, he did not focus much on the matter as he trusted Kyung-min blindly. We learned that Kyung-Min had a bigger plan in mind when a professor from the Daehan Hospital came to meet him. He said that their department needed a new pharmaceutical supplier and gave him the deal. Kyung-Min had great heights to achieve, but the reason why he had tried to drug Jeong-woo earlier was still a mystery.


What Happened During The Field Trip?

When Jeong-woo heard that Ha-neul had never been on a field trip, he arranged for it. The two were seen reliving their old memories after reaching there. They even thought that they had gone back to their school lives and lived in the moment. They based it on their good old memories, looking at their old school pictures together. The fun of the trip was doubled when Hong-Ran and Dr. Bin joined the couple. While all were having a good time together, Dr. Bin said that Jeong-woo was like a younger brother to him. He was the one to have encouraged him to become a doctor, but due to a minor incident, they had been separated for a while. When Dr. Bin had opted to go overseas for medical volunteering, Jeong-woo patted him real hard on the back to congratulate him, but that eventually resulted in him falling down the stairs and breaking his arm. Jeong-woo got the opportunity to go overseas, in Dr. Bin’s place, which resulted in a coldness between them. He further said how that incident resulted in him not becoming as well-rounded as Jeong-woo, causing his in-laws to look down upon him. This factor eventually resulted in his divorce.

Later, while they were all conversing, Dr. Bin brought up the topic of how Kyung-min used to carry around drugs with him. He had bumped into Kyung-min once in his fourth year and saw drugs falling out of his pocket. He had given an excuse, saying that it was just his medicine. When Jeong-woo heard this, he said that all these years he was in doubt as to whether Kyung-min could have spiked his drink, but now he was sure about it. However, Dr. Bin and Jeong-woo couldn’t come to any conclusion as to why he could have done so.

How Did Ha-Neul Realize Kyung-Min Was Involved In Jeong-Woo’s Defamation?

Mr. Kang came to meet Kyung-min and asked him why he did not report to the police about the hidden cameras even after he had seen them. He also accused him of having kept his cameras to himself for two days and not having done anything about it to help Jeong-woo. Meanwhile, when Ha-Neul went to therapy, she saw a picture of Kyung-min on her doctor’s tablet. When she asked him about the picture, he told her that they had worked together in a voluntary service in Myanmar. It had been two years since he joined the organization, which was sponsored by Haesung Pharmaceutical. He further said that Haesung Pharmaceutical sponsored both their association and the one held in Macau. He further said that Kyung-min (the current director of Haesung Pharmaceutical) had strong contacts in Macau, as his wife was from Macau.

What Did Ha-Neul Do To Dig Deeper?

Ha-neul was sure that something fishy was going on with Kyung-Min; therefore, she decided to dig deeper. She met a medical reporter, Kim Do-yun, and questioned him about Haesung Pharmaceutical. She was told that Kyung-min was creating a drug to relieve acute pain that was 2.8 times stronger than the other drugs. When she told him that approval for such drugs was less than 5 percent, he further said that it was rumored that the drug would now move to a third phase. However, a reporter had been writing against the company, claiming that the company is associated with Macau gangsters. He further informed her that Haesung Pharmaceutical had donated $300 million to the children’s ward at Daehan Hospital.


Ha-neul later remembered that the VP of Haesung Pharmaceutical had attended Jeong-woo’s hearing. She tried to connect the dots, and after doing so, she realized that maybe Haesung Pharmaceutical had something to do with Jeong-woo’s defamation and trial. Later, when her mother called her and asked her to go to the police station as the police had taken her brother (Ba-da) there for some interrogation, she went there. The police were showing the footage to Ba-da and asking him to recognize another stalker (besides Mr. Kim) who had been lurking around Jeong-woo’s apartment. When Jeong-woo saw the footage, she immediately recognized the stalker as Kyung-Min.

Why Did Ha-Neul Meet Kyung-Min?

Ha-neul had many questions in her mind and decided to meet Kyung-min to resolve the doubts. After she met him, he asked her to hop into his car, and when she had done so, she bombarded him with questions. She asked him about how his dissertation passed to the second phase when there were many issues with the control group. She further told him that it was rumored that with his fake dissertation, he was just trying to manipulate the stocks. She told him that Haesung Pharmaceutical had something to do with the medical case that Jeong-woo had been caught up in. She also asked him why the VP of Haesung Pharmaceutical had attended Jeong-woo’s hearing. As she was trying to find the answers to her questions, a truck was seen bumping into them. To me, the accident seemed intentional, and it is clear that someone has been trying to kill them.


What Will Happen Next?

It is quite evident that Kyung-min was just another puppet in the hands of someone who was the mastermind. It is evident that someone did not want their plans to be revealed! Probably, it was the chairman of Haesung Pharmaceutical who had been planning to kill both Ha-neul and Kyung-min. He did not like the fact that people were getting to know about his evil intentions. However, this is just a hunch, and the 13th episode of Doctor Slump is likely to reveal who the real culprit is. We will also find Jeong-woo blaming himself for Ha-neul’s plight, which might make him intent on finding out the real culprit.

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